This is fucking torture 47% Done My Scores: 10/10: 0 ⠀9/10: 0 ⠀8/10: 3 ⠀7/10: 6 ⠀6/10: 4 ⠀5/10: 5 ⠀4/10: 7 ⠀3/10: 20 ⠀2/10: 10 ⠀1/10: 5 ⠀0/10: 0
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ranking music i listen 2021 I update this weekly, adding every album I listen to in 2021 and ranking them by the week. List idea was invented by @Toasterqueen12 and I just stole it. She has a better ...
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A list of albums that went under a lot of people's radars in 2021. These albums deserve more attention and are the most underrated gems on this site. Please go check them out. (List is comprised of ...
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things i added to this stupid-ass website (I'll eventually listen to most stuff here, just give me time)
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76% Done (60/79) Probably won't be finished until early 2021 My Scores: 10/10: 3 9/10: 28 8/10: 16 7/10: 6 6/10: 3 5/10: 1 4/10: 1 3/10: 1 2/10: 0 1/10: 0 0/10: 0
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I didn't want to clog up my lists with "Artist: Ranked" lists, so I made this to include all of the artists' discographies I've heard. To make it onto the list, the artist has to have at ...
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Writing blurbs for my Top 16, everything else gets included but no blurb. I may do blurbs for all them next year, but for now, 50 blurbs is too much to do in like 2 days. My 3 favorite tracks are ...
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I asked a bunch of users about their favorite Kanye songs. Here's the result: Some stats from this list: According to users, Kanye's best songs are: Runaway- 25 votes Devil in a New Dress- 12 ...
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I realized that there are so many classic albums that I have yet to hear, so this is going to be my outlet to hear them. My goal is to find a 100, which is extremely plausible seeing how many of ...
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The best songs of da year as the title would suggest.
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If you want to be included just comment below and I'll add you. Critic Scores usually suck so check out the user scores if you wanna see the popular opinion on the album.
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All of the greatest MGK album
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A list of some of my all time favorites!
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January 2021 Playlist