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Cock Music #2

Father of Few

Let The Bad Times Roll- One of the absolute most limp-dick, pitiful “pop-punk/rock” albums I’ve heard in recent memory. You would be forgiven if you couldn’t discern who The Offspring was before this review, though to say they haven’t had any prominence within the pop-punk/rock sphere would be a falsehood. While The Offspring was never necessarily among genre titans Green Day and blink-182 in terms of relevance and stature, two of ... read more
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Cock Music #1

As a bit of a 1,500 followers special (Thanks for that BTW), I thought I’d start a new series; and I thought that there was no better way to start off a series like this than with the ultimate cock-rock album; Green Day’s Father of All, an album that, despite only being released for merely a year, has already cemented itself in the history books as Father of All maybe one of the most painfully evident ... read more
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What an EP!

Just like I do for all my EP reviews, I’ll keep this as brief as this album’s material is. Groovy, catchy, and infectious post-punk seems to be the sound of the year, with Shame’s Drunk Tank Pink kicking the year off as its first truly “great” album and Squid dropping in less than a month, so it’s fitting that a band like Courting is debuting with what may go down as the greatest EP of 2021. Bubbling up with buzz garnered from a myriad of singles ... read more
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The best boyband since One Direction is finally back.

Watching a band that is as unfaltering in their constant knack for creativity and vision as Brockhampton is in action is a truly mesmerizing sight to behold. I honestly feel bad for anyone who won’t be able to get into Brockhampton’s music before their supposed disbandment at the end of the year as following around the artistic metamorphosis Brockhampton has foregone since the days of the Saturation trilogy has been like ... read more
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A bit of a belated return to form for Godspeed You!, but a welcome one all the same.

From the soaring crescendos of Lift Your Skinny Fists to the brooding, pensive atmosphere of F#A#∞, Godspeed You! Black Emperor made their name known by constructing long-winded and elaborate medleys, with field-recordings intertwined between each monolithic musical apex to help drive the album’s narrative. However, the Canadian collective, following their return after a decade-long hiatus, with ... read more
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A legendary pair of hip-hop’s greatest visionaries, Billy Woods and Elucid have spent the last decade molding a platform for themselves built upon meticulous repartee and rhyme-labyrinths, of sorts, that will leave you entangled in confusion as you attempt to decipher what two near-poets have just said. Both artists having incredibly extensive and prolific solo catalogs under their belts, it only makes sense that they would gel so well when put in the same room. It almost feels as if ... read more
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Rapture is coming. God will punish you.
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Lets goooooooooo
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Lana Del Rey’s music has always felt rather monotonous to me. Albums such as Ultraviolence and Lust For Love felt tedious to get through, insipidly written, filled with unimpressive and stiff singing, superficial, and, worst of all, boring from nearly front to back. She is decent at creating a dense atmosphere, but there is not much more of interest going on below the surface layer. However, even as a routine Lana Del Rey hater, I had to admit that Normal Fucking Rockwell was a major ... read more
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This is a certified hood classic
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Yet another up-and-coming British punk band that’s impressing the hell out of me right off the bat! They just don't stop!

I’ll keep this review short since this is such a short project, running at a meager five tracks and seventeen minutes. Embracing a dance-punk sound, circa the likes Franz Ferdinand Parquet Courts, Do Nothing have come through with a more melodic yet just as chockablock with groovy magnetism follow-up to 2020’s Zero Dollar Bill EP. For anyone who is ... read more
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Woaahh… this came out of nowhere

In the seemingly always-changing music scene, versatility seems like a necessity in music for an artist to retain longevity now more than ever. For a debut album to be successful, I feel as if the artist should provide both a welcoming introduction to who they are, oozing charisma and personality out every pore, along with showcasing what they have to offer in the larger scope of musical culture. Whether that’s through staying in one specific lane ... read more
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By remaining just as unruly, buoyant, and frenzied as the classic death metal bands that so obviously influenced them, Imperative Imperceptible Impulse makes a strong case for Ad Nauseam to be one of the faces to look out for in the forthcoming metal scene.

There was once a man who was walking on the suburb streets, as he would any normal day. Then, out of nowhere, he is knocked unconscious, only to wake up in a jet-black, dusky cave. As he searches the cave for an answer to where he is, the ... read more
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When Nick Cave drops, you drop everything to listen.

Through his 90s and 2000s output, Nick Cave famously became one of the most thespian names in music. While rough around the edges, his earliest fortes into post-punk were made so exceptional by Cave’s one-of-a-kind and dramatically bombastic vocal performances alongside the idiosyncratic and ceaselessly creative instrumentation. Delightful and sumptuous piano ballads were prominent in The Boatman’s Call, Let Love In was by far ... read more
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King Midzard and the Lizzard Wizard

No matter your opinion on the band, you must admit that King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard are one of the most untamable and musically fluctuating bands of the past decade, never settling into staleness. Through their prolific release schedule, the band has never seemed to run low on unorthodox album concepts. This was even the case with their run of albums in 2017, releasing 5 within the span of 11 months, yet having each feel unique in their own way. ... read more
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(29 -> 70)

I'm a changed man.
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The phrase “No rose is without a thorn” rings true for fewer artists more than Black Dresses; and typical for Black Dresses fashion, emotionally distressed lyrics and awkwardly lovable vocals meet explosive, visceral, and ear-splitting noise on what is possibly their most well-rounded release yet.

Regularly branded in the same wheelhouse as artists in the vein of 100 gecs and Dorian Electra, Black Dresses have made a name for themself as misfits in the music industry. As you follow ... read more
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Amazing, i love track by track, so perfect 🥺✨ sia is art, sia is love, sia is amazing!!!!Amazing, i love track by track, so perfect 🥺✨ sia is art, sia is love, sia is amazing!!!!Amazing, i love track by track, so perfect 🥺✨ sia is art, sia is love, sia is amazing!!!!Amazing, i love track by track, so perfect 🥺✨ sia is art, sia is love, sia is amazing!!!!Amazing, i love track by track, so perfect 🥺✨ sia is art, sia is love, sia is amazing!!!!Amazing, i love track by ... read more
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The latest release in Slowthai’s ever-growing discography focuses more on self-reflection rather than political deprecation, the main topic of discussion sparked on his entrance into the world of hip-hop, Nothing Great About Britain. That album was a sharp political commentary on societal issues rooted within Britain and served as an introduction to the polarizing figure known as Slowthai. On Tyron, Slowthai seems to have gone through a metamorphosis, abandoning his British politics ... read more
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A one-hour black metal odyssey from one of the most promising and eclectic underground metal acts. Don’t let this one slip by you folks; it’s goooooood.

The Ruins of Beverast caught many keen eyes, including mine, through their 2017 album “Exuvia”. One of the 2010s’ best and most ambitious black metal offerings, “Exuvia” showcased the band taking black/doom metal fundamentals and integrating a few extra nuts and bolts. Electronic undertones, tribal ... read more
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