Mura Masa - demon time
Sep 17, 2022
it’s demon time, i guess!

mura masa is a huge hit or miss situation for me. he has produced some of my favorite songs ever (1 night with charli xcx, i don’t think i can do this again with clairo, oklou’s entertnmnt…) but he has never been an album type of artist for me. there’s people that when they announce an album, i collectively lose my shit. mura is not one of them and that’s fine with me because i always tend to gravitate more towards the singles that lead towards the album!

demon time (embrace the cringe!) is a short but sweet collection of bangers that pulls from many different genres and types of artists to make an internet culture phenomenon of some sorts. we can find many rappers, a couple of really lovely pop girlies and even some r&b influences in here. however, it is the incredibly short runtime of some of the songs in here that takes this project from potentially being a 2020’s online culture defining statement to a perfectly fine collaborative album.

the singles are absolutely stunning, there’s not a single miss in them. bbycakes might be one of the most lighthearted and cute songs from this year with its cheeky lyricism and shygirl’s and pinkpanthress’ airy vocals. i really love it and uzi goes really hard in it too. the heavier and more acoustic feel of 2gether (which btw, i’ve just found out that mura is not the one singing in here and it made me feel so dumb) is a welcomed switch from all the diabetes inducing instrumentals that are all over this album. gretel hänlyn’s dramatic vocalization in the chorus brings this entire tune to life. hollaback bitch and blessing me make for the best combo in the album due to their extremely catchy hooks and interesting features. and last, but certainly not least, e-motions with erika de casier is the most bittersweet moment in this album because i see myself in many of these lyrics (“i'd cross the ocean, you wouldn't even jump puddles for me” ouch) but at the same time, i can’t help but da “da da da-da da-da da” along with erika’s velvety voice. it’s so incredibly catchy.

now if we move onto the brand new tracks, tonto with isabella lovestory is easily the one that stands out from the rest. the instrumental can be a bit goofy at time, especially in the verses, but it works exceptionally well. up all week and prada (i like it) suffer from being too short however, and mida the jagaban’s sluggish delivery in slomo takes the song down a notch.

i can confidently say that this is my favorite mura masa album so far and even if i wish that he fleshed out a little bit more some of the cuts in demon time, the bangers and banging and we can’t ask for more than that.

faves: bbycakes (with lil uzi vert, pinkpanthress and shygirl), 2gether, hollaback bitch (with shygirl and channel tres), blessing me (with pa salieu and skillibeng), tonto (with isabella lovestory) and e-motions (with erika de casier).
least fave: slomo (with tohji and midas the jagaban).

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