ChrisCross -
Thought I should give some credibility to Saint Cloud before it's overwhelmed by Fantano Stans.

And holy moly, this is a very big change from the stifling madness of Out in the Storm.

In Saint Cloud, Katie envelops a mellower tone in order to fluctuate her lyricism and make her story-telling a more central focus point. Rather than rely on raw sound for emotional eccentricity like with her last two albums, Katie utilizes Saint Cloud to represent how she's matured along with her music in ... read more
ChrisCross -
Another cringey, lo-fi, emo rap song.

I was really hoping the genre would have a turn-around with 070 Shake's last album, Modus Vivendi, a fresh collection of ethereal, synth-heavy tracks that perpetuated emotion not only through Shake's raw vocals, but also through the incredible production. However, Powfu isn't showing as much promise in this new single of his. His lyricism is placid, his voice sounds like sober Lil Xan, and even the beat is a stone's throw away from being a discount ... read more
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