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Jack White - Fear of the Dawn
Innovative and dynamic both in guitar sounds and production, Taking Me Back gives the whammy pedal and drum samples a slamming workout and the title track keeps that momentum hot as it crashes in without taking a breath.
The White Raven pulses with electro guitar EQ and punches out with fuzzy and spooky moments and four-to-the floor energy before fading away gently underneath the surface of Hi-De-Ho in all of it’s world music glory, this ... read more
Lil Yachty - Michigan Boy Boat
Offbeat: The Album

It’s not like I’ve ever really enjoyed a Yachty project, and I’ve hated more of his projects than liked, but at least on Lil Boat he had a unique and refreshing approach and personality. On this, there is not much that is listenable, but even the parts that are have nothing to do with Yachty. This album is literally the same offbeat song copied and pasted 14 times with Yachty terribly rapping on them. It’s like he stripped himself of everything that ... read more

EZRI - Be Right Back
Cleveland rapper Ezzy / Ezri blew up because of his single from The Land Soundtrack, "goodbye". Here he delivers trap-tinged bangers above expectations. It's pretty fucking catchy shit; even if it sounds like a lot of others, it isn't overly derivative.
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