The Twilight Sad - It Won/T Be Like This All the Time
Jan 19, 2019 (updated 21h ago)
You heard one post punk, gothic, industrial, Shoegaze, 80's throwback instrumental you heard them all. However, though the general sound is boring, the front mans vocals work well with the limited variation with his dark heart broken lyrics and vocals. Not to say there is bad songs, but goddam this is so overrated, repetitive, and critic bait. I was so bored, jesus. I could see this quite appealing though, just needs to be less redundant and repetitive and start doing more with this powerful sound. I can see the potential

Edit: since there are idiots that did not understand what I said, I mean the instrumentals of this album (which is just a mixture of industrial, post punk, shoegaze, gothic, essentially 80’s throwback instrumentals) sound the same. I am not suggesting that these genres sound the same, if so I wouldn’t be giving albums like “Unkown Pleasures”, “The Downward Spiral”, or even “Loveless” a 10/10. I would think that these genres would be boring if they sounded the same. Again these instrumentals TO THIS ALBUM SOUND THE SAME!!!!!
Jan 21, 2019
Thank you. I feel like I’m drowning in the hype and over-inflated perceptions of this album. There’s nothing “inventive” or “original” about it, whatsoever! Except for some unusual punctuation in the written titles. I feel like everyone reviewing this so ecstatically is under a haze of delusion. It is nowhere close to being the best or most amazing thing they’ve ever done. I really want to like it more, because as truly sound humans, they deserve love and success, but it is SO boring.
Jan 24, 2019
I can understand not caring for it, everyone has their own taste, but saying "you heard one, you heard them all" is like saying there is no need to listen to 'DAMN' because if you've heard one rap album you've heard them all.
Feb 2, 2019
So hear one instrumental that spans four distinct genres and you've heard them all? Right then. And which instrumental are we talking about? There isn't one on the album. As for FVR, you need to learn that in life, people have different opinions to you. Claiming that "everyone" who doesn't share your opinion is deluded marks you as the deluded one.
Feb 10, 2019
Since there are idiots that did not understand what I said

Or maybe you can better express your point of view or re-write it ? And I don't see the comparison to loveless, etc cause these are specific to 1-2 genres haha
I think the problem that people can face with this album is that it suffers from comparison of older bands (the principal is the Cure, who participated to the elaboration of this album). I find the previous album more balanced (if you are curious)
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