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Sep 29
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CiaranHelmink -
The most enigmatic trio within the fantastic Dutch black metal scene return with their third full-length LP, Bloem. Like all previous Fluisteraars albums, Bloem takes a psychedelic and often surprisingly melodic approach to black metal music. The band expands upon these elements on their latest LP by bringing pianos, tambourines, trumpets, trombones and a meriad of other instruments to the mix in order to create one of the most satisfying listens in modern black metal. Every single track here ... read more

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CiaranHelmink -
Over the course of 19 tracks, totaling over one hour in length, Little Simz pulls out all the stops. Multiple styles of hip-hop executed flawlessly, from trap bangers to afrobeat tracks. What is most impressive, is the fact Simz feels 100% at home with everything she does; a rap chameleon if you will. Simz' impeccable talent on the mic serves as a great forefront to this album.

This album's intstrumental palette is breathtaking too. The orchestral instrumentation on the opener, the great ... read more
CiaranHelmink -
I vividly remember being 11 years old, just having gotten my first (by today's standards extremely primitive) smartphone, watching the videos for Oh Bo and Bo Fo Sho about a million times. Ever since then I've enjoyed most of his stuff, especially his 2013 show what. . To see Bo return after so many years piqued my interest but I must say it's just.. not that good?

Now put down your pitchforks. I am not, in any way trying to downplay Bo's problems and I actually resonate with a lot of the ... read more
CiaranHelmink -
My favourite active band is back with a brand new album; Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking. Seeing how 2020's 'Bloem' was my favourite album of that year, I had no reason to not look forward to this LP. The thing I love most about Fluisteraars is just how pretty they can make black metal sound. Over their past few releases the band has gotten concistently mellower with each release. This new album, however, takes things in a much bleaker, rawer direction.

The opener 'Het overvleugelen ... read more
CiaranHelmink -
Deafheaven are back after two years with a new album and a new sound. I'm not going to mince words; this album is boring as fuck. Really, really fucking boring. Granted I'm not the biggest shoegaze fan but I just don't see how people could find this compelling. It is truly the most dime-a-dozen shoegaze I've heard in a long while. The performances are all ok but the intricacies that coloured deafheavens previous albums are all missing. The chord progressions are predictable, the singing is ... read more
CiaranHelmink -
James LaBrie's vocals are as subpar as ever but like in general... this track is quite decent? The main riff and the rest of the instrumentation is great and while the lyrics are quite shit, the majority of the track is instrumental so I can forgive it. Not bad, honestly.


Jul 13, 2021
Ik kom oet Twente :)
Jul 11, 2021
Joowwww! Helmink? is de een achternaam uit 't oosten?
Jun 11, 2021
Thanks! Means a lot to me! I could say the same about yours too!
Jun 9, 2021
ik ben nu heel even inactief van de server aangezien ik het een beetje druk heb met school :( als je nu zou joinen ben ik er helaas niet om je te verwelkomen, je kan me wel alvast toevoegen op discord als je wilt: Mees#2796
Jun 6, 2021
Nice nice, ik ook. lijkt het je toevallig leuk om de aoty community discord te joinen? ik ben moderator daar :)
Jun 3, 2021
do you happen to be dutch? i saw you rated some dutch albums
Feb 20, 2021
I'm really liking your recent reviews. Surprised I only found your account just now, you've got some talent!
Keep up the good work :)
Feb 16, 2021
can't wait to see! glad you also enjoyed it :)
Feb 16, 2021
did you listened The Avalanches - Since I Left you ?
I think this is their best album and definitely worth to give a listen :D
Feb 14, 2021
wow how have only 3 people ever shout you? your reviews are really nice!!! plus you've been at it for years, that's impressive. just know that i appreciate your work!

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