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Pearl Jam - Ten
Pearl Jam
Jan 24

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MÃ¥neskin - RUSH!
Ugh, Måneskin it depresses me to know this is what rock has to sound like to find mainstream success right now at it's best its mostly inoffensive pop rock at its worst it's whatever the fuck BLA BLA BLA is meant to be. I want to give this band a chance I really do they are one of the biggest rock bands in the world they unfortunately represent a genre and do it so poorly I can only hope the return of the 2000s pop punk bands to actually being good shifts mainstream rock a bit more in ... read more
Pearl Jam - Ten
So here we are Pearl Jam's Ten one of the most popular records from this era and one I was kind of terrified to go into mostly because out of all the Pearl Jam I've heard I'm very aware Eddie Vedder's vocal style just rubs me the wrong way he kind of over acts it which can really harm the track at points but even still I was interested to see the reason this band made it so big so I went in cautiously optimistic.

So, the verdict, well I still very much come out of this disliking Eddie Vedder ... read more

The Murder Capital - Gigi's Recovery
I came into this record expecting big things as a fan of their really eerie dark and tense debut record I was really looking forward to this project and I wasn't quite expecting the change up this record is. A lot of the heavier qualities of the debut aren't here but that tension the first record was so great at building is still really there we also see a bit of a production bump here but the record still remains skeletal at points to allow the vocals and words to take the centre stage.

This ... read more

Billy Nomates - CACTI
Billy Nomates second full-length release gives us a bit more of a Dance-Punk edge here which does create a little more of an interesting sound palette for this record than her debut but it doesn't feel fully realised here.

What we end up with is a really nicely produced post-punk record with a lot of dance elements and heavy use of synths which does in general work I just feel it could have been pushed a little more but that sort of eerie darkness in the sound from her debut is very much kept ... read more

Nirvana - Nevermind
And here we are the album that truly killed every single 80s rock band this is the smash hit record that would change rock forever the importance of this album can't be understated it marked a huge shift in what people wanted in rock it was no longer about the over the top cock rock stars it's now about the uncomfortably real and emotional musician every single successful rock band that came after this project probably wouldn't exist the way they do without it it's not hyperbolic to say this is ... read more


I like rock music if I add it to my library I own the project on Vinyl

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