Fall Out Boy - So Much (For) Stardust
This isn't bad it really isn't but I cant help but feel let down.
Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
Yeah its ok less interesting than the debut but mostly enjoyable.
Hole - Live Through This
Unfortunately, Hole are a band that are not looked back upon quite the way they probably should be mostly because of Courtney Love's desperate attempts to make herself as unlikeable as possible (particularly her spats with noted very nice man Dave Grohl) over the subsequent decades but no matter what you think of her this band and her are extremely important for female-fronted rock bands perhaps not as important as she likes to suggest she is but there's still an incredible amount of talent in ... read more
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Despite not really caring for much of any of Soundgarden's other work this record is different the Hard Rock influences are far more dialed back here to add a much more interesting sound palette the Stoner Rock Alt Rock and even some Sludge influences are considerably more prevalent here.

Instrumentally this record shines because of this we get so much more variety here this record is packed full of ideas in its 70 minute runtime. Chris Cornell is also on absolute top form here this record ... read more

Pearl Jam - Vs.
Another mostly solid project from Pearl Jam here but once again I fail to find much special. This band to me very much feel like the old head's choice of grunge band this is the grunge band all the 50 year olds at the time were quite fond of the band just lean a little to hard rock for me and are considerably less interesting than their more aggressive contemporaries.

That being said there are some good bits here like on Ten and I also feel Eddie is a more listenable vocalist here than he was ... read more

TAD - Inhaler
Another Tad record another project I found myself enjoying while going back through these grunge records Tad have been one of the groups I've found the most enjoyment with and that doesn't really change here.

Once again here we get a great metal-tinged grunge record with some really great vocals from Tad Doyle and some really great raw and crunchy riffs. Like all Tad records I can't say I get that much from the lyrics I don't think me and Tad would have very much in common but that's never ... read more

Nirvana - In Utero
Nirvana's 3rd and final album is undoubtedly their best work to me and represents one of the greatest records of all time. This albums biggest strength may just be how different it is from Nevermind after the band released one of the biggest commercial success in rock history this record takes those incredibly catchy pop songs and makes them considerably more abrasive loud and noisy and it works incredibly well. This record is much rawer than Nevermind and is much more in touch with the group's ... read more
Mudhoney - Piece of Cake
Just very average.
Stone Temple Pilots - Core
For a band who get accused of copying Pearl Jam a whole lot I was very surprised I like this as much as I do.

I've never been a big Pearl Jam guy so being told this band sounds a lot like Pearl Jam over the years I just never checked them out because I assumed I would just hate them but there's a whole lot more energy here this album is far livelier and doesn't drag its runtime anywhere near as much as a record like Ten does along with the vocalist having clear similarities to Vedder yes but ... read more

Screaming Trees - Sweet Oblivion
Yeah I just don't really care for the classic rock-leaning side of grunge. This record although better than Uncle Anaesthesia can still find itself quite boring and slow at points but does present a few more highlights in its runtime.

Instrumentally this project is fairly uninteresting to me its just not that engaging same thing can be said for Lanegan as a vocalist I find him just boring. Lyrically the same can be said it's just not interesting. At least production-wise this is a fairly ... read more

Babes in Toyland - Fontanelle
A great blast of punk energy from the band here providing a really varied experience across its track list but this can at points result in mixed levels of quality.

This album has some really great bits it's super raw and aggressive but in the 15 tracks the quality can shake a little bit and not all ideas are fully realised but overall it's worth the variety we get here. We get such great vocal performances on here which are the real highlights for me but instrumentally this album is far from ... read more

Well, I've been looking forward to talking about this one. Alice In Chains' Dirt can hold itself as one of the best Rock/Metal releases of all time this is one of those projects that you don't get very often that is truly a landmark moment.

First, let's start off with Layne Staley he's one of the most captivating frontmen in history and his vocal work here is truly exceptional it's packed with emotion and is fittingly menacing to match with the lyrics and sonics of this record I genuinely do ... read more

Temple Of The Dog - Temple of the Dog
Here we go I finally get to talk about a Chris Cornell project in a positive light. Temple Of The Dog is basically Pearl Jam if you gave Chris Cornell the main Vocal duties and left Eddie Vedder to backing vocals and as my main issue with Pearl jam has always been Eddie Vedder's vocals it's no surprise that I find myself enjoying this project quite a lot. This album sees itself as a tribute album to Andrew Wood most known for Mother Love Bone leading this project to obviously take quite a ... read more
TAD - 8-Way Santa
Another really strong release from Tad a nice evolution from the debut keeping the same more metal and noise-leaning tendencies while becoming a more pure grunge sound than the heavily sludge-influenced debut.

This project sees pretty good steps in every direction from the debut there's a step up in production quality the instrumentals have a lot more variety to them a lot of the songs of the debut could blend together we get a more distinct track-by-track sound here there's a lot more to ... read more

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
Now, this is the album Soundgarden turn the corner for a lot of people who didn't like the first two records and as one of those people I'm sorry to report I also don't really care for this one. Now I know put down those pitchforks but Soundgarden just doesn't work for me before they go more alt-rock this Hard Rock Alt metal crossover sound is just not something I like but even still this album is definitely more enjoyable than the previous two

Now besides my personal dislike for this type of ... read more

You Me At Six - Truth Decay
Here we are another You Me At Six record and another record you come out of going yeah that was ok but will I bother to listen to this again probably not as always we get at least a few strong tracks but find ourselves wading through a bunch of mediocre pop rock/punk for probably 10 of these tracks but this is a really safe record they stick to what they know and don't really try to push out of that and in an era where the more Pop Punk/Emo sound seems to be having a bit of renaissance to very ... read more
Anti Flag are back and bring their usual stuff with them but this time terribly produced I'm not entirely sure what happened here It's not like Anti Flag are a small band they sure could have got something better than this but unfortunately that isn't the only issue here really besides the poor production the entire album is just kind of tepid it feels a bit like a rerun and is far less politically poignant than their highest quality stuff it's not downright bad it's just kind of fine.
Pierce The Veil - The Jaws of Life
Hey you know what when I heard we were getting a Pierce The Veil comeback I was terrified this was going to be an absolute disaster but thankfully this isn't that now is it great I mean no PTV have never made a great album all of them are far to inconsistent for that but like all of their good projects we do get a few highlights in here.

Let's start with the vocals here because it's always the first thing you need to talk about with this band Vic Fuentes is what a lot of people who hate emo ... read more

Paramore - This Is Why
Here we are one of my most anticipated releases of the year I cant lie although I enjoy a lot of Paramore's previous work they never really managed to blow me away I more just enjoyed it the singles for this project however showed a change in a style that I was instantly intrigued by all 3 singles from this record were brilliant the more post-punk stylings were smashed out the park so did the full project live up.

In a short yes Post-Punk when it's done well is perhaps my favourite genre and ... read more

Screaming Trees - Uncle Anesthesia
I have heard a lot about Screaming Trees but until this record, I don't think I've actually ever heard one of their songs I'm not sure how I avoided them for so but disappointingly this record is really quite uninteresting.

The whole record is just exceptionally similar there's very little to actually pick out here and pacing wise it very much ambles along it's really damn slow. Vocally this project also doesn't really work for me much like Eddie Vedder Mark Lanegan's vocal delivery doesn't ... read more

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