Aminé - Limbo
Aug 6

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Aug 6, 2020
Claytastic -
I don't have anything bad to say about this. It's just one good track after the next. Tkay is officially my queen.
Aug 6, 2020
Claytastic -
I've always enjoyed Amine's style and approach of just making fun and catchy music, but was happy to hear him switching some things up when Shimmy dropped earlier this year. It seemed like a perfect combination of his traditional style and some more classic hip hop inspiration (especially Wu Tang). While the album that comes from it doesn't have a whole lot of other tracks like it, it still sees Amine stepping somewhat out of his comfort zone and writing closer to home, and still managing to ... read more
Jul 18, 2020
Claytastic -
I guess the long wait for this release does affect the criticism more than it should, but regardless of wait time Joey was hyping this project up on Twitter more than he probably should've. There's nothing on The Light Pack that screams "best project" to me. The opening the track is shit, and the other two are just okay. There's no strong sense of singular style like on 1999, there's no reinvention of said style like on B4DA$$, and there's no powerful statement like on All Amerikkkan ... read more
Jul 14, 2020
Claytastic -
The title makes sense. Listening to The Dreaming feels like one of those once in a while dreams you have where nothing in or about it makes any remote sense, yet you are completely invested and are of the fullest belief that it's all real. Kate Bush channels all of her chaotic energy into every track as she writes about robbing a bank and throwing around every single piece of Australian slang in the goofiest stereotypical accent. As bewildering as some of that sounds, her over the top delivery ... read more
Jul 14, 2020
Claytastic -
I was never the biggest fan of Juice WRLD's music while he was alive making it. Perhaps my gripes were just with the emo rap genre in general, but Juice never seemed like a special force within it, bringing the same whiney vocals and bland instrumentals soundtracking the diary of a teenage boy who's donation wasn't read out by his favourite female streamer that I came to expect from the genre, except in his case with extremely bloated projects. As expected, his posthumous album doesn't reinvent ... read more
Jul 2, 2020
Jun 11, 2020
added your pick, thank u :)
Jun 7, 2020
In your opinion, what is the most overrated album of all time
May 20, 2020
Hey, Making a List of Peoples Lockdown Albums, what 2 or 3 albums have you listened to most during the lock down? Thanks!
May 1, 2020
Hello fellow man/woman/pronoun, what’s your favorite album to exercise to? I’m gonna put all the submissions into a list and listen to pick the most uplifting tracks and organize them into the AOTY Workout Playlist 2020.
Apr 20, 2020
Yo, you may not know who I am but I just put out my first project of 3 I'm releasing this year. I tried 8 different styles and really tried to keep the whole thing engaging throughout, it has mainly elements of hiphop and you'll see me try my best to follow in the steps of new artists like Slowthai and Joey Bada$$. I got it properly mixed and mastered and I hope I can win you over with at least one track. Give it a try and review it, I would love and appreciate some feedback. All love <3
-Sol (Soundcloud) (Spotify) (Apple Music) (Youtube)
Nov 26, 2019
This is oddly specific, but can you listen to Richard D. James Album by Aphex Twin? Not for a list or anything, just a request.
Oct 6, 2019
Hey. What's your favorite album from an LGBTQ artist? It's for a list.
Sep 29, 2019
pick literally any song (for a list obv)
I like good music, I dislike bad music. My opinion on which is which is 100% factual. Don’t question me.

Also, I change my ratings a lot. This does not make me wrong, in fact only makes me more correct when I come to the realisation of the slight inaccuracies of my previous statements of facts.
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