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Chance The Rapper - The Big Day
Jul 26, 2019 (updated Jul 31, 2019)
EDIT 2 (original score 48): Holy fucking shit dude. This gets worse with every listen. Literally the only thing keeping me from deleting the first review and just writing a new one is that it’s my most liked review to date by a baker’s mile. So I guess I’ll just write it here to block it out and give you the revised version.

At first, I thought this album had ups and downs. Then I thought it was flat out boring. Now I think it’s one of the biggest drops in quality from one project to next from an artist to the point where it’s insulting. Tracks that I once thought were awesome are now unlistenable to me. Maybe it was because my first listen through I was helping my dad fix the garage door and distracted myself from most of its Even then I could hardly bring myself to listen to it again, and now three times through I utterly dread the idea of going back for a fourth.

And that’s because every idea presented on here is not only bad to begin with, but then amplified by how horribly it’s executed. I’ve legit never listened to an album that has relied on its guest appearances being its saving graces. Even fucking P’ierre Bourne’s production on Slide Around is better than any verse or chorus Chance drops. Seriously, this dude’s flow is embarrassing throughout this whole project. Every bar sounds like he ran one line he wrote through RhymeZone and made sure the whole verse rhymed to look more impressive. Not only that, but he also throws a bunch of awful similes in pretty much every line to the point where you can’t stop and focus on a particularly horrible one, otherwise you’d extend your listening session by at least 3 hours. And whenever he’s not obliterating his flow with some of the most painstakingly forced writing ever, Chance is sing-rapping with a voice that is some of the worst I’ve ever heard. I know Chance can do better than this. I’VE HEARD HIM DO IT THREE TIMES BEFORE!

And from all musical standpoints and aspects, everything on here sounds like something someone else has already done infinitely better. Hot Shower sounds like a Kenny Beats lost episode of The Cave, Lets Go On The Run sounds like a d-side from Vampire Weekend’s last album, Get a Bag is Chance doing his best Trippie Redd impression, Town on the Hill sounds like a poor man’s Bon Iver. Fuck, dude, even Ballin Flossin sounds like a demo version of the first song on this album. It’s all other things. And even when it’s in the slightest bit original, it’s boring as fuck. The title track is hardly even a song, all of the trap cuts are generic as hell, and Found a Good One is one of the worst songs of the year so far. This whole album ranges from bad to fucking abysmal.

Ultimately, The Big Gay is a bloated, scattered mess. I hate when people use the term “the Revival of 20(insert number here)” because it’s used so often for so many different albums that it doesn’t even apply or mean anything to any of them. But it couldn’t feel more applicable than it does now. I was really looking forward to this album, but now I’m at the point where I question whether or not we’ll ever get another great release from Chance.

EDIT (original score 55): Zoinks. This really did get worse the second time through.

OG REVIEW: Look, guys. Yandhi dropped.

Honestly I find it really funny how Chance’s debut album plays more like a mixtape than any of his actual mixtapes. It’s so long and it feels like no quality control was done on it. There are some awesome cuts, some really shitty cuts, and some very average cuts across The Big Day. It doesn’t feel too inconsistent because it starts to flatline as it goes on, but there are some very noticeable spikes and dips in quality throughout. The only thing that really makes this feel like a proper album is the concept of Chance’s wedding and speaking on how he remembers life before it and imagines life afterwards. It’s a neat idea that isn’t fleshed out or structured terribly well. It feels more like a rough draft of what could’ve been great.

I don’t really have much else to say other than that The Big Day suffers from a big case of long-album syndrome. It starts off amazing, then never reaches the height of any of the first two tracks throughout its entire run time.

Also, please list your features next time because I don’t know who a majority of these people are, but I’d like to know some of them.

Best Tracks: All Day Long, Do You Remember, Eternal, 5 Year Plan

Worst Tracks: Hot Shower, Ballin Flossin (literally just a worse version of All Day Long)

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