Earl Sweatshirt - FEET OF CLAY
Nov 3, 2019 (updated Nov 4, 2019)
After Some Rap Songs, I wasn’t anticipating another Earl project for at least three more years. Former Odd Future members do have a tendency to hold off on releases for awhile. So when I heard he was dropping a surprise EP on Halloween night, my initial reaction was shock, but I thought perhaps we might be getting a return of horrorcore Earl. Sweet! We haven’t heard that in a minute! Don’t get me wrong, I love his new style, but variety is always good, even if it means going back to old ideas.

I wasn’t disappointed when it was more of his new self because ultimately the music still sounds great. I mean the dude made a decent song out of Chef Boyarde’s theme, obviously he has talent. I can’t write much of a review about the project because a lot of what I liked about SRS is repeated on this album, which is my biggest problem with it. There’s not a whole lot of new ideas brought to the table, and even some of the things that made SRS the album it was (flow from track-to-track, Sonic consistency, claustrophobic and messy mixing to match the feeling of anxiety and depression that Earl writes about, etc) aren’t present. It’s more of a collection of more songs than anything else.

I’ve also noticed that Earl has a bit of an issue with collaborations nowadays. The contributions artists had in some of his earlier works were usually really good and well balanced. Now it’s either the artists in question barely appear or take up a large majority of the song, specifically the two on this album.

It’s an admittedly inconsistent project, but Feet of Clay might just work as an extension of Some Rap Songs to hold fans over until Earl releases his next masterpiece. Perhaps we were spoiled by how good that last record was, or perhaps our expectations were too high for something different, but I would at least say that I’m happy with the quality of the music and how every track is at least passable (sounds more like a diss than it actually is).

Best Tracks: 74, El Toro Combo Meal, Tisk Tisk/Cookies

Weakest: 4N
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Nov 3, 2019
you are idiot east sucks big dick
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