AOTY 2023
PcPowerUp - Yipee
Apr 15, 2019
This song is beyond rating. It is far too masterful to explain with a simple number. Old Town Road does not hold a candle to this truly wondrous, ambitious, brave, standout, experimental, and incredible masterpiece.

The lyrics are simply emotional and outstanding. I have never seen a more personal tale told within a song. Not even Phil Everlum can reach this level of personal writing. Conor OBerst cannot pour his heart out more than PcPowerUp and Smallie Biggs did on this track. I question my own philosophies on life because of such tales: “gonna make her cum with my horse dick.” I cannot fathom this. Absolute perfection.

The trap instrumental is flawless. The high hats are perfectly timed, and hold the tempo. The guitar loop is perfectly placed within the thumping and pulsating beat. They compliment Pc & SB’s soft deliveries very, very well. The instrumental sells the dire mood of the lyrics.

The vocal performance is phenomenal. So much passion and soul is packed into the singing and rapping on this great track. The lyrics are fantastic on their own, but the emotional performance truly sells them like no other. These are two incredibly talented vocalists.

The mixing on this song is crisp and clean, but at the same time, lo-fi in a perfect and artistic way. The vocals are placed perfectly within the instrumental, and are perfectly on beat and tempo. The beat is mastered with perfection; the high hats are layered crisply. The percussion is not too powerful, and the guitar loop is of a reasonable volume. Neither the vocals or the instrumental ever fight for focus/overpower each other.

There is lots of small details within this album. It is full of treats and influences. Whether it be the guitar loop calling back to a traditional country sound, or the simple trap beat that respects the song’s clear influences from Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Nas X, and more intelligent artists that shan't be understood by plebs.

This song experimentals as well. With it’s ambitious fusion of country, folk, rock, hip hop, and trap, it repaves the musical landscape for future generations. Music will never be the same after PcPowerUp & Smallie Biggs’ contributions.

Many plebeians may not understand the sheer importance of this song, and to that I say, they simply are not intelligent enough to see the light that radiates from this incredible track. It is so experimental that they cannot fathom its masterful craft. They can suffer the wrath of their insulting ignorance of true art.

Lastly, I want to bring up an EXTREMELY insulting and appalling argument I have seen from a few naysayers: “Yipee sounds like Old Town Road by Lil Nas X.” This is simply a disgusting, and frankly slanderous statement. While influence has clearly been taken from the song, it has experimented far more than that track, and is way better. It is simply vile to say that Yipee is a ripoff track.

In conclusion, Yipee is the greatest song ever created. The lyrics are perfection, the vocal performance sells those wonderful lyrics. The instrumentation fits and mood of the track and experiments. The genre blending is phenomenal. Any haters of this track simply do not understand it’s sheer excellence.

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