Three Days Grace - One-X
Sep 14, 2020

**@spicyb's 100**

I love metal. I really, truly do. Metal, post-hardcore, and noise rock are a huge chunk of my regular listening experience. I know for a fact I'm not an elitist with the genre and its sub-sectors. Throw on Architects or even fucking Every Time I Die's latest album (except the song with Brendon Urie, that track was a mistake) and I'll gleefully scream along to it. So why is it that I have this at a 35? Well...there's quite a few reasons:

1.) One-X is beyond over produced. It is compressed to hell and back. The guitars, drums, bass, and even the vocals have essentially no room to breathe, which strips away the impact that any of them could have. Not to mention that this album is way too clean. There isn't an ounce of grit, which is kind of important if you're gonna try an make chugging barn-burners for hits. Nobody is going to start a riot when your instrumentals have about as much force to them as an AJR release.

Okay but, so what? Production isn't everything, and I like Doppelganger which is super clean. Maybe the compression can be forgiven if the composition is good enough? Well, here's the thing:

2.) This songwriting is sugar. "Cupcake compositions" as I like to call them. Generic pop song writing. If you held a gun to my head and told me I needed to point out a memorable moment in the songwriting on this record, I would instantly tell you to pull the trigger. Don't act all macho and hyper-masculine in your vocal delivery when your band has no teeth and is utterly unmemorable except when they're embarrassing themselves.

Oh yeah, speaking of embarrassing:

3.) This album tries WAY too hard to be edgy. You aren't going to start a riot because of [insert non-specific thing]. You don't like masochism. You aren't a fucking beast. You're a rich white man pandering to a bunch of hot topic dwelling teens in the 2000s in hopes of getting radio hits and succeeding for some unknown reason. If you're gonna be edgy, at least have the conviction to back it up. I may not be a Marilyn Manson fan, but he at least SOUNDS as twisted as he's trying to portray himself as, and he was putting music out during the same time period. This sounds about as convincing as when Taylor Swift tried to play bad girl on Reputation.

This last point is a little more of a personal gripe with the band overall, but I think it's important to mention:

4.) Three Days Grace represents exactly why rock/metal is being completely neglected in the mainstream. Too many of the acts leading in popularity put out nothing but cupcake composition, over produced, radio-pandering fluff that had little to no effort or passion put into it. It's difficult to form a career in that sphere of music because shit like this record and Nickelback stunk up the place. I'm really not trying to sound pretentious when I say any of this, but I don't think there's really any other way to explain rock's absence in the general consciousness.

If I sound frustrated in this review, it's because I am. I've had this strong disliking for this band brewing for years, and this is basically been my way of unloading my years irritation. Spicy, this has nothing to do with you, and the last thing I'd want to do is make you enjoy this album any less. You gave this album a high score, and I'm sure that's for a number of reasons. I don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but I just cannot stand this brand of alt metal, and the only thing that kept me from giving it a lower score is because the album isn't really offensive in any way. It's not an affront to anything.

If you want better mainstream alt metal from the 2000s, just go listen to Deftones or System of a Down. There's way more enjoyment to be had there.

MOST TOLERABLE: Get Out Alive | One-X

WORST: Animal I have Become | Riot | Let It Die | Over and Over
Sep 14, 2020
Sep 14, 2020
Sep 14, 2020
Sep 14, 2020
Sep 14, 2020
Sep 14, 2020
@AZEEZUS OUT NOW! im sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sep 14, 2020
Guys this isn’t My10 lol I didn’t recommend any albums for the list. I see how giving it a 100/100 could cause some confusion though
Sep 14, 2020
@spicyb amy just added some random people's albums to the list so thats why it was added
Sep 14, 2020
Oooooohhhh my bad. Then yes I think this is a 10 because middle-school me refuses to let this album go
Sep 15, 2020
@spicyb fair enoughhhhhhhhhhhh
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