Everything Everything - Re-Animator
Sep 11, 2020
The boys are back in town, and they haven't lost a shred of their greatness.

Following up the masterpiece that was Get to Heaven and the underrated A Fever Dream is a bit of a daunting task. Everything Everything had high expectations to meet; the pressure was turned up to the max. The singles had me hyped, but I had never expected the boys to drop a project *this* strong. Re-Animator is (dare I say) everything I wanted from a new EE album and more.

This record has their classic bright sound laced with a melancholic touch, but here they have a sort of other-worldly quality to them. Particularly, the song "Planets" has a very fitting title, because the twinkling synths have a terrestrial, spacey vibe to them. I always envision myself as a floating being orbiting around the sun when I hear it. The song is peaceful, but has the tension of space mixed within.

"Arch Enemy" is a great representation of the 'bangers' on the album. The beat is thumping; you just want to get up then start jumping (yes I know that rhymes fuck you). It's brimming with so much personality and force that you can't help but get lost within the happiness that radiates from it. That aspect mixed with the sort of spacey sound present throughout the entirety of the runtime makes this song seem like a sci-fi blast. Very few albums have made me spring out of my chair and start dancing, yet this one did exactly that on several occasions.

The only big critique I have is that sometime the tracks can become a little boring. "Lord of the Trapdoor" suffers from this the most. Whilst being a beautiful song, it isn't the most interesting compositionally and doesn't radiate the same personality that some of the best tracks do. As you can infer by my score, this doesn't bother me too terribly much, but I still thought it was noticeable enough to mention.

All in all, this is a fantastic addition to the Everything Everything discography. This stands above a lot of their catalog, which is pretty damn impressive considering what this band has put out. I've got nothing but optimism for EE's future, and nothing but love for this release. Easily in my top 5 for the year.

FAVORITES: Big Climb | It Was Monstering | Planets | Arch Enemy | Black Hyena | The Actor | Violent Sun

LEAST FAVORITES: Moonlight | Lord of the Trapdoor
Sep 11, 2020
you spelled lest wrong
Sep 11, 2020
@Pipe I will tear your throat out
Sep 11, 2020
aw, a lover's quarrel
Sep 11, 2020
@dominic shut
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