Black Country, New Road - For the first time
“I met her accidentally
It was at the Cambridge Science Fair
And she was so impressed I could make so many things catch on fire.”


The predator that is ever growing and only gets stronger over time if left unkempt. Does it hunt you? Are you the prey?

For the First Time *is* that beast. It *is* the stress. It is the building of the calm until the thunderous storm. You begin in Athens, but there is a flood that knocks you away. Crashing waves of a tsunami flings your body against the withered, decrepit structures. There is no control. There is no escape. There is nothing to silence the water. Just evisceration. Just the environment. Then you awaken from the nightmare. All is real once more as you adjust back into consciousness.

Never in my life have I heard such a record that captures young adult anxiety in such a visceral way. Whether or not your concern lies with embarrassing yourself at the Cambridge science fair, you’ve more than likely experienced something akin to that. A thousand ravenous eyes pierce you with their vision while you are pulverized by pressure. Mistake is inevitable. You’re the Titanic heading directly towards its demise—yet there is no option to steer away from the threat. The impact sinks you to the bottom of the navy sea. What little of you survives is shaken, distraught, and fleeing the scene.

Regardless of your escape, the aura of humiliation clings to you like honey does to hair. Hidden in the anxiousness there is yet another cause for queasiness—the results of such a personally catastrophic event—now weaved tightly into the fabric of their mind. Suddenly, as if you entered another dimension, your feet leave the ground. You are in a yellow tinted room with glowing walls; picture frames litter your surroundings. Eyes glued to each figure that stands within the photographs. Then it hits you. You’re staring directly at the future. Realizing such a thing churns your stomach into a gaping void.

You faint. All is fear. All is uncertain.

Yet, out of nowhere, the slumber is woken.

He’s here. The saint. A hand of velvet on your cheek. The aura dispelled into the air, as if the atmosphere swallowed it whole and replaced it with gentle raindrops pattering against the two of you. Risen to your feet, the moisture of the environment reinvigorates you, whilst he fuels the journey back to your life. Fingers locked; toes soaked in gentle water; shoes squeaking against the pavement. Cars swim past, but your focus on the one who matters is never broken. Time liquifies and warps, causing you to feel almost as if you teleported to your house. Before his departure, lips danced. You rose from the ground once more. However—this time the room is magenta—radiant with warmth.

All is comforting. All is well.

But there it is. You remember. It’s worse than before. Fucking everything smacks you in the face. You bolt into the house. Flashing colors warp your surroundings. Abstract and surrealist landscapes take over the place you had thought of as safety.

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*

You assault the floor with the soles of your feet as you try to escape the hell that cradles your tormented brain. It’s almost intoxicating; time is nearly still as you once again swim through the chaos. The tsunami clawed out of the dream realm.

No ground is below.

There are no walls.
Everything is liquid.

Nothing is stable.

Lungs filled with water but no drowning occurs.

You cannot die, despite your wishes to succumb.

There is no more death.

There is only you.

You are the opus.

After closing and reopening your eyes, you find yourself back in Greece. Nothing is real; nothing is fake.

The loop never ends.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this sort of abstract storytelling style. I wrote it based on the imagery the album conjured up in my brain. As you might be able to presume—I ADORED writing this. I’m probably going to try something like this a little more often in the future since I’m beyond proud of it, even if it isn’t too similar to what I normally write. I’ll never drop my more jokey or analytical stuff, but it’d be nice to shake things up every once in a while.

I love this record, and I hope you have as visceral of a reaction to it as I did.

Also the new versions of Athens, France & Sunglasses > the single versions. Literally do not @ me.

FAVORITES: Athens, France | Science Fair | Sunglasses | Opus

LEAST FAVORITE: Instrumental (still love it though)
Track Ratings
1Instrumental / 96
2Athens, France / 99
3Science Fair / 100
4Sunglasses / 100
5Track X / 86
6Opus / 100
Feb 5, 2021
Feb 5, 2021
💯 gang
Feb 5, 2021
Feb 5, 2021
Feb 5, 2021
Feb 5, 2021
Feb 5, 2021
great review :)
Feb 5, 2021
@Nightwing734 tysm
Feb 5, 2021
Amazing review, you should feel proud of this
Feb 5, 2021
@GreNewl <3
Feb 5, 2021
Also random kinda neat thing i just realized: the photographer that took the picture on the cover has the same name as my dad. Kind of an uncommon name in the west and so I thought it was cool
Feb 5, 2021
Personally, I feel like instrumental just sets a great tone for the rest of the album. It’s a little bit Phil Elverum ish but more anxious than sad.
Feb 6, 2021
Great read :)
Feb 6, 2021
@MickyT tysm
Feb 6, 2021
excellent review
Feb 6, 2021
Great review but when will you give weezer a 0
Feb 6, 2021
@freckledfreako thank you
@LuckLoose giving them a -100 hol up
Feb 6, 2021
@Charlise Seriously a great review!
Feb 6, 2021
@LuckLoose thank you babe
Feb 6, 2021
Charlise flirts with Allen real time
Feb 6, 2021
@LuckLoose you know damn well I only use babe in a not flirty context SIR
Feb 6, 2021
I know LMAO I just wanted to say that PLS
Feb 6, 2021
Feb 6, 2021
Feb 6, 2021
@Cordavision <3
Feb 6, 2021
Yeah we all get that you think it's impressive
But ain't nobody impressed with how much you're bench pressing.
Buying Smirnoff Ice for girls half your age,
Telling all your douche bag friends that you "still got game."
Dear Mr. Douche Bag. We all agree that you are a dumb-ass. Why can't you see that?
Feb 6, 2021
@A4datBoi cracker
Feb 6, 2021
@Charlise don't you mean beaner?
Feb 6, 2021
@A4datBoi sir i cannot say that word
Feb 6, 2021
also 69 likes haha funnee
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