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cloudyx4 -
The long awaited follow up to Feet Of Clay is finally here, and this project did match my expectations of catchiness, deep lyrics, and wonderful production, that Earl has been getting us used to ever since he reincarnated his figure and approach to Hip Hop in 2018 with the widely acclaimed 'Some Rap Songs'.

Ever since, while immensively unique and creative (also popularizing a whole movement of what people now like to label as 'Drumless Hip Hop'), Earl has set a steady and linear imagery and ... read more

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cloudyx4 -
While the production and lyrical substance of this album seem to make it up for a good project. I can't lie and say i enjoyed it, because the language barrier prevents you from getting the full experience, unless you understand german.
cloudyx4 -
After having an unlikely breakthrough following the success of his label partner YBN Nahmir, Cordae followed a different path, trying to distance himself from Trap music, and following a wiser, more conscious path, which resulted pretty well on his last album The Lost Boy.

This time around, the delivery isn't too far from what we got previously, but this time having a bigger share of R&B and more melodic takes that for the most part, ruin the progression of the project, but not totally, ... read more
cloudyx4 -
A serious nominee for artwork of the year.

I've never been fully mindblown by FKA Twigs, even in her most ambitious concept albums, i find her to be very cryptic and creative in comparison to other R&B/Art Pop acts, but i've never been truly blown away by her projects, considering that's the way alot of people feel about her music generally.

In all of her career, she's made an image for herself, usually mixing alot of different influences under the Alt R&B umbrella, showing off ... read more
cloudyx4 -
The new Wilderum album, shows the band recycle the trimphant and glorious sound of their previous record, making an album that while being enjoyable, doesn't show anything too groundbreaking or substancially new coming from the band.
cloudyx4 -
After exploring Burial's acclaimed catalog over the years, an assimilation of his sound into a less focused sound on Dubstep and into a more sparse and one-toned sound became more and more apparent, with his project Chemz / Dolphinz being the epitome of that, fusing 2 Step with Ambient and involving droney rhythms and an abstract look to the album, but when this album come out, it seemed more and more obvious that this is the point Burial has been willing to reach for the last 5-10 years, a ... read more


Jan 8, 2022
Thanks for the follow, I appreciate it!
Jan 8, 2022
Thank’s ! 🙏
Jan 5, 2022
Thanks for the follow! :)
Jan 2, 2022
Ty :)
Jan 2, 2022
sounds great. I love ariana sm so I'd love to see what you think <33
Jan 2, 2022
I expected ur ratings to have a lot of pop and stuff, but u dont even have any Ari albums rated and its very rate your music core LMAO
Jan 1, 2022
Thank u sm! Love the Ariana community here <3 your avi is great too!


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