Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die?
Feb 21, 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Thursday: The Day of Classics. From now on, to spice up my feed a little bit, I will be taking a look at some of the albums that contributed to not only the musician I am today, but more importantly the person. And first up on this list, although I could really choose any of their albums, is Why Should the Fire Die? by Nickel Creek.

I found out about Nickel Creek in my adolescence, when I hadn't fully committed to the effort of exposing myself to as much music as possible. Seeing as my mother was a bit more old school, I didn't have access to the Internet or anything along those lines in 2009, so the way I found my music was through the old fashioned way of buying CD's and such. In the month of July, I found their debut self-titled and decided to give it a try. I can't remember why, but I am thankful I did.

I really liked it and I continued through their discography, or at least the discography they had at the time, until I reached this album, the final of their releases at the time. And this was the one that hit me. Everything was so beautiful, the instrumentation provided a sense of escapism, only balanced by the lyrics that were incredibly sobering, yet somehow had a tinge of optimism.

Fast forward five years and I'm seventeen. In the past five years, a lot of things have happened. My father has died after having a multitude of seizures. My mother and I have moved away from all of the family, and have consequently lost connection with them. The only person we did maintain contact with. my grandfather, has died of cancer. I've been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. I had broken many girls hearts and had convinced myself that I was incapable of feeling love in a romantic way. I'm not telling you these things to make you feel bad for me, keep in mind, it's just for context.

One night in my senior year of high school, when I had came home from my final homecoming, where I had actually been on court, I was feeling overwhelmed with nostalgia. Thus, I decided to take a look into my old CD collection. I went through a Kevin Rudolf album and a Lennox Lewis album, respectively, before I came upon my Nickel Creek section. I had completely forgotten about them, but the emotion I had felt listening to them in my adolescence instantly came running back. I decided to start with Why Should the Fire Die? and popped it in to my CD player. 47 minutes later and I was broken down and crying in a ball on the floor.

This was my album. This was an album that encompassed everything I had felt, and still do feel, in my life in a mere 14 tracks. The title track addresses one's parents still being in love, while using the past tense. My mother and father loved each other until the very end, regardless of the issues they went through together. There are multiple tracks addressing the lack of empathy and complications that come with relationships in an incredibly organic way. That's all I had, and have, ever felt in romantic relationships. Jealous of the Moon talks about being afraid to reach for your dreams, Doubting Thomas discusses issues with faith and trust. When In Rome, Eveline, Can't Complain, Helena. Every single song on this project resonated with me in a completely different way than it had previously.

I listen to something off of this album every day. It has influenced me incredibly in not only an artistic manner, but more importantly, in the way I approach life. And if by doing this, this album can reach even one more person than it had before... I will consider my job done.


Colin Andrews
Feb 21, 2019
Thank you for sharing!! I Love this review, and I am happy to see some love for Nickel Creek.
Feb 21, 2019
As I've grown older, I've become more in awe of the technicality of Punch Brothers, but Nickel Creek will always hold that special place in my heart.
Feb 21, 2019
I agree! There is a warm sentimentality that permeates their music that I continue to appreciate. I love most Chris Thile related things; his mandolin playing is sublime.
Feb 21, 2019
Thile is just a damn genius, honestly!
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