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Muncie, Indiana
Aspiring music critic, avid music listener. Currently listening to the discography of a different artist each week. Current artist: Led Zeppelin Check out my music podcast. Notes: 100-96 = A masterpiece album 95-86 = A classic album 85-81 = A great album 80-76 = A good album 75-71 = An above-average album 70-66 = An average album 65-61 = A below-average album 60-51 = A poor album 50-41 = A bad album 40-0 = A stinker
ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu baby
Ratings subject to change 100 - (Masterpiece) 90-95 - (Amazing) 80-85 - (Great) 70-75 - (Good) 60-65 - (Worth a listen) 50-55 - (Average) 40-45 - (Bad) 30-35 - (Very Bad) 20-25 - (Awful) 10-15 - (so god damn bad) 0-5 - (physically painful, auditory torture)
Vancouver, Canada
a fun and interesting fact about me is that im a fucking idiot
I don't *really* know anything about music, but we're gonna pretend like I do. Most of my reviews are gonna be within an hour of listening. Opinions change sometimes, so I'll probably change a lot of things. Also down for music recommendations. Can guarantee I'll listen within at least 6 months. p.s. I make music you should check it out and let me know!
we shoudn't rate albuns with numbers, we don't know how to do it properly and please.. they don't deserve to be treated like that sometimes i like to write reviews in portugayse
Some of my fav albums: * Pet Sounds * The Age of Adz * Whatever People Say I Am T W I N * Fleet Foxes ST * Twin Fantasy * The Queen is Dead * Currents * The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place * 22, A Million * In Rainbows * Abbey Road * American Football LP1 Rating System: 0-29 – Horrible 30-39 – Very Bad 40-49 – Bad 50-59 – Mixed Feelings 60-69 – Reasonable 70-79 – Good 80-89 – Very Good 90-100 - Excellent
100: Masterpiece 90-99: Amazing 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Okay 50-59: Mediocre 40-49: Bad 30-39: Awful 20-29: Unbearable 10-19:Disaster 0-9: Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz
wrecking the avengers
*snaps fingers* Suggest me stuff in these genres: ambient/dark ambient post-rock post-industrial/industrial wonky modern classical darkwave/ethereal wave uk bass deconstructed club blackgaze Rating System is a school 10 pt grading scale not a 1-100 pct based rating. Rating System: 100: masterpiece 95: amazing 90: loved it 85: really liked it 80: very good 75: good 70: average 65: meh 60: slightly boring 50: pretty boring 40: not good 30: bad 20: terrible 10: horrific 0: belongs in dumpster
Random guy who can't even read music notes but thinks he has valid opinions on artists and their work. Down below you see my ranking system because I don't know what else to put into my description: 100: The perfect album (not yet found) 90-99: Masterpiece, one of my favorites 80-89: Very good 70-79: Good, definately worth a listen 60-69: Decent, maybe a bit disappointing 50-59: Average, neither bad nor good 40-49: Pretty bad, might have some enjoyable songs 30-39: Bad 0-29: I regret listening
Virginia Beach, VA

I’m still searching … 100: masterpiece 95: personal classic’s: reference material 90: my aoty pretender’s 85: great: 4 favs and more 80: very good: 3 favs 75: nice, 2 favs min 70: ok, u got me but I don’t now why 60: boring, 65: if 1 favs 50: nothing special for me: 0 fav 40: never again 30: something go really wrong! 20: please stop… 10: turn it off
I'm going to start doing more in depth reviews and (maybe) more specific scores starting in 2019, mostly with 2019 releases. Favorite artists: Radiohead, Frank Ocean, The Beatles, Kendrick Lamar, Carly Rae Jepsen, Paramore, Lady Gaga, King Princess, Queen
The Singles Ward
Banger? I hardly know her! I am still working through previous music! 100: An album I never tire of hearing 99 - 90: Amazing, nearly perfect, transcends beyond the year! 89 - 80: Yay! Great album!! 80 - 70: Good music, but underdeveloped. 70 - 60: Criticisms become more interesting than the music, still some good nuggets 50 - 30: Dislike, would not go back, maybe one song is good. 30 - 0: Yikes ThrowBackGmac's 69th follower Pronouns: GroupHer, GroupHers, GroupShe
highly opinionated and armed pigeon
If you are going to stalk me and see all of my ratings, THE OLDER ONES ARE PROPABLY WRONG AS HELL BUT I'M TOO LAZY TO FIX THEM Have a nice day <3
Big Money Salvia
I review music on youtube 100 = Masterpiece 90 = Amazing 80 = Great 70 = Good 60 = Decent 50 = Mediocre 40 = Bad 30 = Shit 20 = Awful 10 = Unbearable 0 = Corey Feldman
South Korea
00,10,20,25,29 30,35,39,40,45 49,50,54,55,59 60,61,62,63,64 65,66,67,68,69 70,71,72,73,74 75,76,77,78,79 80,81,82,83,84 85,86,87,88,89 90,91,92,93,94 95,96,97,98 99,100
Villavicencio, Colombia
I'm an Artist, Photographer, Musician and I love to listen and analyze music. I like Pop, Rock, Electronic and my favorite one it's R&B If someone has any recommendations of an album that I might like, or that you would like to read my review about it, just tell me!!! Follow me if you like my taste. I'm here just to share my opinion and always looking for music I might enjoy :^)
Toronto, Canada
"Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything?"
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me!

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