Jan 17, 2020
I figured since nobody is ever going to give a shit about valid reviews on this single, I thought I'd dump my best and worst films of the year here!


1. Pain and Glory (10)
2. The Last Black Man In San Francisco (10)
3. The Lighthouse (10)
4. Portrait of a Lady On Fire (10)
5. Starfish (9)
6. The Mountain (9)
7. I Lost My Body (9)
8. Little Women (9)
9. The Farewell (9)
10. Climax (8)


1. Playing With Fire (1)
2. Overcomer (1)
3. Airplane Mode (1)
4. Arctic Dogs (1)
5. A Madea ... read more
Jan 17, 2020
I never, in my entire life, would have thought I would be so open and susceptible to this alt-country and indie rock mixture as I am, but gosh dang it, I loved this album! It has such a wholesome and intellectual vibe to it that makes me almost giddy, even though the subject matter that they are touching upon can be pretty serious. It's a wave of nostalgia where I don't think I can locate where the origin of the feeling is coming from, but what I do know is that I want more of the smooth ... read more
Jan 17, 2020
I've come to the conclusion that if The Jonas Brothers continue going down this path, they will fully evolve into the new Train. They just take a melody that is a staple in American culture and then make a song where they use said melody over and over again. And they also say the same words over and over to the point where the song shouldn't have the right of being called a song, but instead should be called a chorus.

Complete mainstream pop trash that should, but obviously won't, put The Jo ... read more
Jan 17, 2020
Honestly, I'm kind of impressed by this, despite what you may think by the score. I was expecting this to be abhorrent, and it was actually palatable! I really enjoyed Clementine, but didn't enjoy any of the singles, and I think that falls in line with my major conflict I have with this album. There will be certain songs where Halsey shows a true level of introspection and her vocals and tone sound as genuine as a mainstream pop singer can sound and I become confused on who I'm listening to. ... read more
Jan 17, 2020*
This is a hard one to review, as with all posthumous albums, I always try to separate the implications that the lyrics have in accordance with the artist's death, and solely focus on the project as if it were just another album. So, after listening to this, I have come to the conclusion that I will split this review into two sections. The first being a relatively objective review of the technicalities, just like every other review I would write. With the second, I will delve into my personal ... read more
Jan 16, 2020
Funny how ever since this released, Pusha T, Nas, Drake, 50 Cent and all the other famous people who have partaken in diss tracks have been really quiet, huh?
Jan 13, 2020
As someone who has never listened to him before... you're telling me that this is BETTER than his previous efforts?
Jan 10, 2020
EDEN is so good. I know that makes me sound like a fanboy, and that would be because I basically am. He was in my Spotify Wrapped for 2017, 2018 and 2019 for completely different projects. This is the pinnacle of what mainstream pop should be sounding like. It has elements that the masses can flock too, but it also has somewhat of an indie artpop vibe to it that will attract critics and indie heads.

Aside from the lagging behind vocals towards the end that are incredibly annoying and ... read more
Jan 10, 2020
It's fine! Meg is incredibly infectious and the lyrics will fit in well with Birds of Prey. They could have utilized Nornani so much more than they did and the three second sample of an infinitely better song doesn't make a lick of sense.

Better than anything on the Suicide Squad soundtrack.
Jan 10, 2020
Holy vocals! There's a presence about Alexandra Savior that has a wonderful mysticism. It makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud and looking over my hometown. The themes she tackles here are personal and relatable, a perfect merger between artist and human. The feeling of distance in the vocals and the constant vibrato compliment each other, as well as the themes of the album, very well.

There were a couple of songs that seemed rather dry compared to the rest of the project, but Soft ... read more
Jan 10, 2020
I liked Clementine.

I still like Clementine.

I feel ashamed for liking Clementine.

I wish that this was Clementine.

I'm glad that I've at least come down to Earth from my brief spurt of Halsey enjoyment!
Jan 10, 2020
What a weirdly awful song.

I've said this from the very beginning, I have NEVER liked Drake and Future as a duo. They bring the worst out of each other, that drowsy and boring monotonous flow and lyrics that are either super generic or close to nonsensical.

The beat switch doesn't work at all and most of all, it just doesn't make any sense. At least in Jumpman, their last big single together, they somewhat played off of each other. This is just two different songs and I'm so confused.

This ... read more
Jan 10, 2020
Don't ever get it twisted, Mick Jenkins still is and will forever be GOATed. I think the issue that I have with this project is that usually Mick explores topics that are much more expensive than what he goes into here, thus it seems a little bit shallow when he narrows in on smaller and more boring topics. That being said, his flow is incredibly impeccable and very clearly still top ten. He definitely has a couple of great songs here, which are The Light, with a fantastic contribution from ... read more
Jan 10, 2020
I think I'm still a bit conflicted with my feelings for this. All of the singles are incredibly strong in their own right, and leading the album off with them to hook the listener is a really smart move. The rest of the album is still solid, but it doesn't match up to the unbridled energy that the first four songs have, along with the seamlessly woven and brilliant lyrics. I don't think that Nothing I Need even remotely fit in with the rest of the project and definitely derailed my experience. ... read more
Jan 10, 2020
God, I hope this doesn't get lost in the absolutely massive sea of bots.

What an absolute hypocritical trash can. Listen, I'm aware that Selena has gone through an incredibly difficult time, and I definitely feel for that. Plus, she seems like a genuinely sweet and down to earth person in interviews. But god, this album makes zero sense. 75% of the tracks are her talking about how she's not going to let anyone walk all over her and learn from her mistakes. And then, the other 25% is her ... read more
Jan 9, 2020
Did anyone actually doubt that Mac would have good music put out after his tragic passing? X and Peep were nowhere near as talented as Mac is, so I cant say this wasnt even remotely surprising. What i can say is surprising is the different sound Mac goes for here. It has almost a lofi punk vibe to it, which if this is what we will be getting for the whole album, really makes me happy.

Other than the fact that the track is far too spacey and sometimes lost my interest, I gotta say that this got ... read more
Jan 9, 2020
I'm so done with Khalid. He always mumble sings over uninspired beats and goes, well, that's good enough for a single! I think homeboy is incredibly talented and loved Young, Dumb and Broke and Love Lies. Yet, I dunno, ever since Talk, he's seemed super uninspired to me. If this was the only song you heard from him, you wouldn't even be able to tell how vocally talented he is. The reason this isn't lower is because his tonality meshes really well with the beat and the lyrics are okay, I ... read more
Jan 8, 2020
Oh yes. I've been so excited for the new Moses Sumney project single by single and I gotta say, this might be the best I've heard. The sentiment of loneliness and the desperation of grabbing onto the feeling of anything to keep you company for the future is so impactful and when displayed right can lead to a powerhouse of a song, which I would argue that this is. The vocals being otherworldly also adds to the idea of the emotion this song transcending time and space.

I will say, I don't think ... read more
Jan 8, 2020
This man is actually fucking psychotic and needs major institutional help and I hope that he gets it. As long as he doesn't go back to the Steelers.

Leave the music to Damian Lillard and Victor Oladipo.
Jan 8, 2020
I'm not reviewing this, not because it doesn't deserve the praise, but because I lack the words to.
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