Concrete Castles - Cerulean Echoes
Apr 18, 2021
The album is out!!!

Listen here (bandcamp):
or here (streaming):

I am very excited to release this. It's probably the wierdest change in my music you'll ever see (actually maybe not but I'll get to that in a second). I went from making whatever kinda icy electronic post-rock-ish thing you call Onanon to this: a folk and indie rock inspired album where I actually use my VOICE. And theres this whole thing about ghosts which probably sounds dumb. Maybe you ask why I never made this type of music before. Basically I was too lazy to buy a new microphone after my old one broke, and I didn't think I was able to make such acoustic stuff haha. My plan for this album at the start was a spoken word-based album with lots of guitar, and I think I sorta accomplished that.

FIRSTLY though I wanna thank the contributors to the album. Isabella James provided some amazing electric guitar on track 2 and MickyT played some awesome bass on track 3. Seriously thank you guys so much, I've never contributed with anyone before but this came out great. Also, thanks so much to Alkaline Pink for all the constructive feedback and listening to demos he did. In the same vein, everyone in insocaf is so great and you guys are motivations to make music. Honestly just basically everyone in the AOTY community is so amazing and--I'm sorry for rambling but--I'm just so glad to be a part of the community.

I've done this for the past few albums so why not again. I'll take some time to talk about the concept of the album because it's pretty fledged out compared to others. If you just don't care please feel free to skip this. (TL:DR: This is a concept album about boredom and ghosts. Our protagonist decides to follow the ghost he meets and becomes one, which leads to the sequel album which is in the works.)


Just letting you know, this stuff might sound a mixture between stupid and pretentious or both. I think reaireaiweasel is the wisest: "Thankfully, this story is sort of DLC to the actual project, and is just a cherry on top of this delicious cake. A pretty stale and chewy cherry, but you can just take it off."

Alright so. The album is focused around this one character, an unnamed protagonist. I've been thinking of him as a VERY exaggerated version of myself. I've taken experiences and thoughts I have and used them to fuel themes and lyrics under a certain motive. So basically this album starts with the idea of "The Extreme Blur". It's about being bored. But not specifically that, also like how the days blur together and how it feels like you can barely remember things that happen on a certain day. If you haven't already guessed, this stuff is from COVID. The album starts with "Prologue: Ocean (parts 1 and 2)". Y'all didn't like it as a single which makes me nervous cuz I love this track. Since i made it a prologue, its not really part of the "main" storyline. It's kinda just an introspective moment chillin by the water. Not really happy but not sad.

"The Extreme Blur" is like the thesis of this section. It talks about the abundance of time and stuff.
"Ice" i kinda think of as feeling depressed or angry, from the previous "blur". Also cuz the weather (I hate the cold haha). Crosseyed is kinda just a transition track, the crosseyed thing tying into the "blur" thing. Dreams (in the Uncanny Valley) is a bit of a turning point track. He recognizes that the boredom isn't managable anymore, and feels a disassociation from reality (What's the point of doing any thing if nothing feels like its real anymore.) Then after that, a "dream" occurs, and the lyrics become 3rd person. They talk of the extreme blur again, and a shipwreck (tying into the ocean thing).

Shade is another transition track, transitioning deeper into the disassociation from reality and metaphorical darkness. Shadows Ricochetting is the first introduction to what some will probably think of as a gimmick. A ghost. It's been done before but I like the concept. Shadows is just a long buildup, setting the vibe. It talks of waking up at night and eventually seeing something "glimmery distinctly catch your eye." Plasma / Phasma is an overhaul of the sound. Life is completely different so the sound changes. He sees and interacts with this ghosts. It climacticly ends with "will you let me come with you" and a wall of noise. He is so upset with his world and mind that he wants to leave this dimension and enter a new life.

Hopefully that transition from stuff-that-exists-in-real-life to pure-chaotic-fantasy was jarring but made sense. The whole point was the album changes by the end but wasnt utter garbage. Anyways. Cerulean Echoes 2 (or whatever I decide to call it) will be mostly a noisy album, with much more abstract atmospheres showing the difference of life "away". And this isn't a book y'all so i don't got much else to explain but this. I know it might not make much sense but for a musical experience I think it's fitting. Anyways thanks for reading. Let me know what you think!
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Apr 18, 2021
Apr 18, 2021
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