Concrete Castles - The Densest Fog
Nov 20, 2021
For the past 8 Concrete Castles albums, I decided to create fictional "concepts" for them, simply because I had nothing else to write them about. Nah, this album is just piano instrumentals, and that's it!

The Densest Fog is an ambient album, constructed using piano with layers of effects. All of the songs were improvised on one take. (I did a bunch of takes during the past months, some from 2020 as well, and picked the best ones) Hope you like it, and let me know what you think. Thanks!

All I want to say is, thank you so much to everyone on this website who has continued to support me and my music for the past year. It means a lot and provides motivation to know that what I make doesn't fall to deaf ears. :D And thanks to elitimesfour, because they are the main reason this album got released fully.

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Nov 23, 2021
You should deffo do a deluxe edition or some sorta compilation album with all the takes !!! Or at least a lot of them
Nov 23, 2021
@nerko Cool idea, i might have to release some more "takes". I also def need to record some more!
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