Half Alive - Now, Not Yet
Aug 10, 2019 (updated Aug 10, 2019)
These guys are like AJR except with actual heart and charm to them.

A big problem with Christian music has been that it focuses SPECIFICALLY on lyrical content. I can understand people who say they hate it for the fact that it always feels like its themes are being shoved down your throat, but personally, that's never really bothered me. My problem with Christian music, within the last 10 years especially, is that they don't seem like they really care about the music at all. They just try to check all the boxes that equal a pop song, so when all that's there is to take interest in is the lyrics, they really do stand out as preachy and repetitive.

And in comes Half Alive.

I honestly never thought the Indie Pop sound would ever really work for a record like this, but man was I wrong. In an album that deals with both the ups and downs of living a religious life, Half Alive delivers a consistently upbeat and bright record that is just so enjoyable to listen to. Like Kengoji said, there really isn't anything to dislike about these guys. Even in the tracks I wasn't too keen into on this record, they aren't boring by any means, just a little derivative. However, the standouts are very charming and enjoyable.

So I'll say it, like most people have said already. As a Christian who has an affinity for unique and passionate music, records like these are a breath of fresh air, and a sign of hope saying that not all is lost.

Standouts: ok ok?, RUNAWAY, arrow, creature
Aug 11, 2019
No disrespect but this isn’t Christian pop? Unless you’re saying music by Christians.
Aug 11, 2019
@alliestone I never said it was Christian pop?

I made comparisons to Christian pop, sure, and it definitely has Christian influences that are super apparent on specific songs, but as a whole, this is still very much indie pop.
Aug 12, 2019
@cow Ah I understand (also cute pfp)
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