Abel Selaocoe - Where Is Home (Hae Ke Kae)
Oct 22, 2022
I love some of the solo work on here, particularly On the Sharp Side, but find it a little jarring when it's put next to Bach and Platti. Really hard to give a rating because of that. The solo stuff is bursting full of life in parts and even when it's more sombre it is very noticably not either of those two. Even as someone who doesn't love overly baroque classical music you can tell when theres one of these pieces are not his. They're blended as well as I think you could actually but, particularly the platti, feels like a big halt in the middle of this that is performed beautifully but doesn't fit the tone. I enjoy both parts of this album, but I far more enjoy Selacoe's tunes, especially his throat singing.

When the two sides of this album are forced together it can sometimes feel like a nice interlude in the case of the Bach, but the chunk of Platti just feels like a distraction that drags down the whole thing.

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