AOTY 2023
Aphex Twin - drukQs
Aphex Twin is my background music, the soundtrack to the more mundane tasks in my life. “drukQs” is Richard’s big ambitious transition into the 21st century. It’s a difficult album to try and digest, he’s not new to having longer albums, but clocking in at nearly 2 hours it's one of his longer outputs. A lot of it is that textbook Aphex Twin IDM sound, fast paced breaks and wonky sounds that take pride in their clunkiness taking up most of its runtime. Where you ... read more
black midi - Hellfire
black midi’s 3rd studio album “Hellfire” has been my most anticipated release of the year since its announcement. Following their 2019 debut “Schlagenheim”, an album so confident and dense that it led to so much hype for the (at the time) quartet as one of the lead groups in the new era experimental rock bands, but also led to questioning of the future of the band. WIth the announcement of their sophomore record 2021’s “Cavalcade” also came with ... read more
Did he really say “I fucked her in her ass made her peepee” or am I tripping
Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura & Otomo Yoshihide - Good Morning Good Night
Good Morning Good Night is something I only find anything good about conceptually, the idea of the genre of Onkyo is super intense and interesting, but just doesn't do anything for me personally, and as someone who rates music off their enjoyment of it mainly, this album does less than nothing for me. It's a pain to listen to, with me constantly having to adjust the volume so it wouldn't damage my ears more than they already are, I found certain parts to be intriguing I suppose, but still not ... read more
Charli XCX, one of the most interesting pop artists of the modern day, having released some great projects including 2020's "how i'm feeling now", a fantastic project that fully represented the state of the world at the time. Charli was on a pretty big win streak with her having 3 very well received albums in a row, but the rollout of this new album had me worried. First of all the albums announcement date seemed like forever ago, and since then Charli 6 whole singles, half of the ... read more
Yard Act - The Overload
Squid from Wish

I guess Yard Act are a new Post Punk band with the current golden era of Post-Punk going on. Im just gonna get this outta the way, I went into this with open ears and an open mind, but all I can say is that I really don’t like this. Yard Act are what happen if you take a band like Squid, strip them of the things that make them unique, and force them to make an album. I find the vocals to be obnoxious as hell, the singer lacks charisma, the instrumentals are ... read more

The Weeknd - Dawn FM
Just gonna put a short thing out for now cause I wanna go to sleep, but this feels like a more thorough version of After Hours. I love how it does the whole radio thing, Jim Carrey being the announcer is fucking amazing, Tyler does great, Wayne does… well not as good. I loved a lot of the songs, some could've been cut, but all in all probably my favorite Weeknd album.
Daniel Son & Futurewave - Son Tzu & the Wav.God
Alright, this is the first project and review of the new year baybeeeeee!!! Im tryna make a lil bit of a comeback okay, I wanna get back to writing actual reviews again, so im gonna try and get back into a regular reviewing schedule.

“Son Tzu & the Wav.God” is the new record from Daniel Son and Futurewav. First of all, I just wanna day that my fav thing about this album is the production, Futurewav does a great job with these jazzy instrumentals and it really brings out ... read more

Oliver Tree & Little Big - Welcome To The Internet
Holy shit, this is so doodoo!

I actually do like Oliver Tree's music usually, I really liked his album from last year, but this is genuinely impossible to defend. The single released before this, "Turn it Up" really gave me an image of where Oliver Tree was going with his career, but this solidifies it. When I first heard "Turn it Up", I was appalled by how awful it was, it sounded like shit with its terrible beat, the awful performance from Little Big, and the average ... read more

Kanye West - Donda
Waking up to seeing Donda released this morning was like waking up on Christmas morning.

I, and many others have been waiting for Donda for a looooooooooong time with it being announced over a month ago, but after a long time of getting hyped then being disappointed, and one of the sloppiest album rollouts in recent memory. After 3 live shows, controversy, and multiple changes to the albums, Kanye (or should I say UMG) dropped the album randomly dropped earlier as an hour and 48 minute and 27 ... read more

I'm so glad that I randomly decided to listen to this.

This is a key example of why it's important to have a good cover art, I would have never checked this out if it weren't for the art, bu time so glad I did. I had no idea what I was getting myself into on this project cause I went in completely blind and was pleasantly surprised. Indigo De Souza is an artist I've never heard of, and "Any Shape You Take" is her sophmore record, and indie rock album with beautiful vocals, themes, ... read more

Trippie Redd - Trip At Knight
Repetitive but fun, can't really ask for more from Trippie.

Trippie Redd has had a... well an eventful few years, starting his run of really mediocre projects bashed by critics and users with "!" in 2019 as Trippie dropped everything that made him interesting and just kinda became a mediocre rapper. Followed by "Pegasus", a long winded project padded with filler, and then "Neon Shark" Trippie's take on a rock album. He then begun to hype this project up with the ... read more

Radiohead - Kid A
Guys Thom saying "woke up sucking on lemons" is actually a metaphor for sucking dick :0000

Radiohead, the band of creeps and/or weirdo's, British art rock Gods, and lemon suckers. Consisting of many members (of which I can only remember Thom and the Greenwood brother's), Radiohead have been prominent in the rock scene for nearly 3 decade's now. Starting out in 1993, Radiohead broke out with their debut, "Pablo Honey", an average alt rock/grunge album with some interesting ... read more

Kid Cudi - Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven
Too little Beavis and Butthead interludes.

Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven, for the most feels like a cry for help from Cudi. This album is Cudi’s take on a rock album and not his usual psychedelic, melodic rap, but instead a dreary, depressive, and obnoxious experiment of a rock album. This album is absolutely hated, with it being bashed by users and critics alike, and I don’t get it. Yeah, it sounds like shit, its too long, and the Beavis and Butthead skits go on for way too long, ... read more

WILLOW - lately i feel EVERYTHING
Cool to see that Will Smith is back making music.

Actress turned Art Pop artist now turned Pop Punk superstar, Willow Smith, daughter of famous actor Will Smith, Willow debut in music with her debut “Ardipithecus” a not very well received record, but of course I wouldn’t know because I didn’t listen. This is really my first time interacting with her music other than hearing “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l” hundreds of time due to the fact that it was a huge ... read more

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
One of the main things I look for in music is fun. Sure the artistic merit, vocals, and production are also huge when it comes to judging music, but a main thing I look for is fun. Of course there are projects that being fun isn't a necessity for me, i'm not going to judge an album like "A Crow Looked at Me" off how fun it is because that isn't the artists intention, but for a genre like Dance-Punk, I almost expect the album to have to have some sort of level of fun to it. That's ... read more
Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST
To say that i’m happy is a understatement!

I feel like Tyler is such a huge artist at this point that he needs no introduction. Getting lots of buzz in the early years of his career with his very offensive, hardcore, and dark mixtape and albums. After the release of Tyler’s 2nd album “Wolf” seemed like the end of an era, with his bext album “Cherry Bomb” having a lot of RnB flavors to it mixed in with it. His following albums were sweet, sorrowful, and ... read more

Radiohead - The Bends
It's a lot better than I thought it would be.

Following the rather mediocre "Pablo Honey", Radiohead followed it up with "The Bends", which is basically better in every way. What "Pablo Honey" lacked in songwriting, memorability, and vocals doesn't show up on here, with the majority of the songs here connecting with me on first listen. Thom's vocals are rough every now and then, but for the most part the vocals are much better than the one''s showing up on ... read more

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