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PinkPantheress - Heaven knows
Just had a truly garbage shift at work that will definitely have my manager yelling at me in two days, so I've come home and decided to try my best to relax. And relaxing right now involves two things: this album and celebrating my 400 follower milestone. Can't express enough how elated I am and how weird it feels to have reached what feels like a really high number, and if you are one of the people who follows me then I can't thank you enough. I'm not super engaged with the community or ... read more

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Chance the Rapper - The Big Day
Chance the Rapper's The Big Day is a very strange bad album. I feel like in the pantheon of hot garbage, most genuinely terrible projects will be generally mediocre and then have a few -1/10s. The Big Day, on the other hand, is a pretty consistent 2/10 piece of crap that had me wondering whether it was even that bad before I realised I didn't even come close to liking a song on here.

I mean, there were occasionally aspects of songs that I liked. Some of the features were cool, the vocal melody ... read more

Drake - Comeback Season
Drake the type of guy to keep this photo framed
Drake - Scorpion
Wow, this was... not as bad as I expected.

I mean, I know Drake's latest average ratings are automatically pretty low anyway, but the comments and reviews led me to believe this was gonna have even less to like than Views. And I'm gonna relisten to Views to make sure, but particularly on the first disc here this was actually a pretty solid project. Disc 2 does mostly suck and is quite boring, and god is this thing hella bloated, but I legitimately have a lot of fun with like eight of the first ... read more

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
You know, the fact that this is the most popular Sonic Youth album is surprising to me, and yet deeply intriguing. It's a long and ambitious work that feels super abstract a lot of the time, and I do wonder what some of their other more experimental and less revered works will sound like once I get to them. But hey, this is still a pretty great start; truly immersive noise rock that easily stands the test of time, despite occasional weird moments that left me scratching my head. The guitar work ... read more
Eve - bunka
Listening to one random J-pop project every month or so is my undefeated strategy

I was already a big fan of Eve's biggest song, Kaikai Kitan, the opening theme of Jujutsu Kaisen. It's a banger OP for a banger anime, and based on that I really wanted to see what else Eve had in his catalogue.

Bunka is a pretty fun project, with songs that are mostly in some shape or form slightly worse versions of Kaikai Kitan. That is, except for Okinimesumama, which is actually a slightly better version. ... read more


No problem man.
No problem. I love ur taste.
np g
Hello Crazynumnums,

At 400 followers (congrats on your similar achievement btw), I wanted to end the imaginable series as a trilogy. It's some lists that I created pretty much exploring wild and sad lyrics. For the last one, I wanted to focus on production. Let me ask you an important question: What is the greatest banger of all time?
Hi! The list is out now if you want to check it out! Either way, thanks for participating and have a good day :)
np :p
No problem, I appreciate the follow back homie!
Ofc dude!!
Thank you. I’ll check it out when I can
Hello. Thank you so much for the following. I think Hellmode is an amazing album. Do you have any review recommendations?


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