Sep 23, 2017
It is not bad thing to try to use old formulas. Thats what Fergie is trying in "Double Dutchess". Generally good production and nice vocals in tracks like "MILF$", "Love Is Pain" and "Life Goes On". But DD fails to make an impression and its 2 steps back. You need to listen the album enough times cause when you listen it the first time, then you will not remember nothing and you will struggling to do. The tracks are not memorable at all and even ... read more
Sep 16, 2017
The blackstar song is the highlight among the highlights of this masterpiece and genius album
Jul 30, 2017
Their new sound is really amazing and exciting. New Wave and synth pop don't ruin their signature style but they give something extra and more colourfull without being really colourfull thematically.
Jul 29, 2017
Highlights: Run Me Through, Die 4 You, Choir and Alan.
Run Me Through and Alan are simply amazing and memorable. Generally the production and the concept of the album is strong and cathartic.
Jul 17, 2017
The "rrrraaaaah" ended up tiring. Not bad production but nothing special here
Jul 16, 2017
The Power of the Human made this album sick and overshadowed. The production and vocals is the same in all the tracks.. In the end the album is repetitive and boring
Jul 16, 2017
this darkness... the hypnotic production and the power can be recognised easily. Best tracks are Hey Hey Hey, Deja Vu, Swish Swish, Chained To The Rhythm and Roulette. The hooks are replaced with electronic and dance music
Jul 16, 2017
It has its glorious moments with songs like Shape Of You, Galway Girl, Barcelona, Bibia Be Ye Ye and Nancy Mulligan
Jul 16, 2017
This album makes me hit it over and over again. It is amazing. It needs enough times to hear it so you can digest all this magic. The production is pure Art
Jul 16, 2017
Those funky-disco-summer vibes. This album is smooth. Be in the beach and playing these songs. It gives me some DAFT PUNK vibes, too.
Jun 7, 2017
The combination between Arca's monstr-erious falsetto vocals and claustrophobic, electronic production is beyond earth.
Nov 14, 2016
The first half of "We got it from Here..." is ecstatic. Strong production and a wide range of melodies and sounds. Another positive is all the appearances here. The second half has some flaws, and its not so exciting as the first one. Regardless of that, it has his strong moments like "Lost Somebody", "Moving Backwards" (with the amazing Anderson Paak), "Conrad Tokyo" (with the rap god Kendrick Lamar), "Ego" and "The Donald".
Nov 13, 2016
The experimental and electronic sounds, the stories, the calm beats, her positive aura and her smooth vocals give us a stunning triumphant album. After I hear it many times (and I want to gine it more changes) I started loving it, more and more with every shot.
Nov 13, 2016
Amazing production and themes... no surprise cause these are outtakes from TPAB. A powerfull collection that could stand in the original project worthy
Nov 13, 2016
the music here is really something. Dark, aggresive,adventurous. Really good production. For Danny what can I say. He flows with great maestry and has a lot of styles. Atrocity Exhibition wins in all sections. Grim, Raw and atmosphairic simultaneously
Nov 6, 2016
It's a welcome back Britney album after 5 years. This albums has nice "R'n'b" songs, fast & slow jams, some good pop tunes and more "lively" vocals and feelings than her previous 2 works.She is playing with music and she sounds enjoyable. Glory maybe is not a "glorious" album but it has things to show
Highlights: Invitation, Make Me..., Private Show, Slumber Party, What You Need <3
Oct 18, 2016*
Joanne is a bold,mature and honest album from Joanne. A personal punch in everyone's face. She is trying to find herself one more time but in a different way. She is trying to win her fans with her solid vocals, personal lyrics and a really good production. Its not the extravagant Gaga everyone waited (maybe because of mixed reviews from The ARTPOP era)
Apr 16, 2016
Highlights: TiO , PILLOWTALK , wRoNg , BeFoUr, iT's YoU, rEaR vIeW
Mar 24, 2016
I was impressed by "Kaleidoscope". I didn't see that coming! highlights are Hymn for The Weekend , Adventure oF A Lifetime and Up&up
Pros: Smooth relaxing and positive vocals, a musical colorfull album
Cons: Repetitive,very comfortable,uninteresting, boring.
Feb 28, 2016
It's an album that i will hear many times. The dark and mysterious lyrics, the sombre vocals and the mythological concept gives us the ROtting Christ "magnum opus"
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