Crimson00 -
This song is sexist and he needs to go to jail. FUCK. YOU BRAD MEANIE WEENIE 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Crimson00 -
Madlib did all this shit on his ipad. Thats what I call talent.
Crimson00 -
What a great listen. This album can get overwhelming at first but after a while it grows on you. Everytime I listen to this album I just get some beach vibes from it.

There are some issues to the album like the vocal effects can get pretty annoying at time and some of the instrumental can get repetitive at times but still its such a great listen.

Some of my favorite songs are Ponyboy, Freaks, Heathers, and In My Head Til Im Dead.
Crimson00 -
For a surf rock album this is pretty bad. Sometimes the dude goes offbeat and most of the instrumentals seem uninspired. Yeah pretty bland album overrall
Crimson00 -
death grips do it again with this fucking weird ass album. now for me at least I feel like this is there most challenging album to listen to. I been listening to the boys for a while and this took a couple of listens to like it.

Most of the songs we get the chill mc ride but angry stefan does show up. but I think thats what makes it so challenging because its hard to even understand wtf is going on. especially in little richard where sounds like a robo mc ride teamed up with the chemical ... read more
Crimson00 -
Wow. Just like 90% of people on this review this really grew on me. I still think there are awful ass songs on here but still theres some great ideas and songs.

Yeah for me the intro track is my favorite track. It has this death grips like instrumental with Kanye speaking his shit. I really cant explain why I like it. The song just makes me feel like I'm in a digital village thats being destroyed by demons.

For me sometimes the songs can be hit or miss. I think its kanye you kind of ruin ... read more
Crimson00 -
Pretty decent album but I cant see why its rated so high. Sometimes blood oranges performance really messes up the tracks and I dont know its a little bit overrated.
Crimson00 -
Ehhhh. The Internet really did you because this album is a mixed bag. Dontcha is probably favorite song. The rest of the songs go to ok to bad.
Crimson00 -
What a great piece of music. Kind of gonna be bias because I grew up with Al Green but fuck it.

These collection of songs really show the power of music and how it could be so powerful. A lot of these songs sound like normal soul songs but somehow Al Green brings such a good spin to it. Some of my favorite songs are Lets Stay Together, La-La For You, and Old Time Lovin'.

Yeah I do feel like some of the songs sound basic and thats why I give it this score but man its such a amazing record ... read more
Crimson00 -
Mothafucka this shit is amazing. These 1 hour and 3 minutes where a pretty unique one. Now I'm new to this Sound Collage stuff so yeah I was pleased by how this mixtape was. Theres some moments that make me feel like Im in a beach in the afterlife but instead of water its pink clouds. There some moments of bliss and peace especially when you play it at max volume.

But I do feel like some moments last a little bit to long. I also felt like some parts came across as corny. But still if you ... read more
Crimson00 -
For clams casino this could be better. There are some good songs like blast and All Nite. But still its pretty basic especially for him.

Come on mane...
Crimson00 -
Die list and Playboi Carti self titled album is equally as good. A lot of his beat choices are pretty goddamn good. My favorite songs are location, new choppa, and magnolia.

Yeah man if your not a old head I suggest this album. But if you are then just stay away.
Crimson00 -
This shit was trash not because its dj khaled its because its overproduce as shit. Like Big Sean once said Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass.
Crimson00 -
Its not as bad as some other formula pop shit I heard but its still a below average piece of trash.

If you are a 12 year old white girl I suggest this album for you.
Crimson00 -
Yeah its a bad album. I cant see why anyone likes this shit. This is probably the most fake deep album ever create. I do like Jocelyn Flores even though it is pretty mediocre. But thats it.

Great job jah
Crimson00 -
Yeah this is where I kind of draw the line of experimental. Now I kinda like some of the experimentation but still this album sound pretentious as hell. I tried to listen to it over and over but Scott kind of comes across as cringey. Yeah but still I kind of like some of the instrumentals that go along with it.

This album I would say if you wanna have a weird experience with a album just try this because I did.
Crimson00 -
"Haha guys my dick is small" the album
Crimson00 -
I actually enjoyed this record. And no not because fantano liked it because the fantano effect is quite really. Its because alot of the songs are just catchy and fun. Its almost the most punkish sounding rap album I have heard in a while. Even the nicki minaj feature wasnt bad.

Some of my favorite songs are R.I.P., Shoota, and Foreign. Of course Im not really gonna give it that high of a score because its something that is way to repetitive to hear like everyday.

But still for "mumble ... read more
Crimson00 -
Theres like one good song and the rest are pretty bland plus the songwriting is kinda cringe. Yeah me no like.
Crimson00 -
I actually used to like this album as a kid. But as my brain developed and I became a adult I realized how shit hopsin is. This album is a pure example of his shittiness. Every song just sounds like him crying and rapping "WAAAA NO GIRLS LOVE ME FUCK THESE RAPPERS EVEN THOUGH IM TO SCARED TO DISS THEM IN THERE FACE." Yeah theres nothing I could say there are some groovy beats but thats it.

Pure cheeks
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