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Cry -
'Slime Language 2' is the second album from Young Thug's label, Young Stoner Life, and it's significantly better than the first album as the YSL family has grown a lot bigger over the past three years, with big names such as Drake, Travis Scott, and Future joining the family. The growth of the YSL members is quite clear and I don't think I can say that anyone, who was present on the previous album, got worse as all I observed was improvement from the initial members. I think that this album is ... read more

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Cry -
‘What You Need’ is Don Toliver’s first single to his upcoming album and it’s just short of tremendous. Don Toliver’s vocals are very good like usual as he sounds so comfortable and cool. The production from Hit-Boy is pretty bad as it sounds like a half-baked Gunna beat, having some garbage counter melodies. The lyrics are not magnificent, but they’re still great as they serve their purpose which is to compliment Don Toliver’s nice melodies. I feel like ... read more
Cry -
Random Releases #4

'Cry Forever' is Amy Shark's second album and I chose to give it a listen because of how the title caught my attention. My username is @Cry so I just knew that I had to give the album a listen and review it which is what I did and it ended up being an extremely underwhelming experience. 'Cry Forever' achieved what Amy Shark wanted it to, which is to capture all her extreme emotions over the last few years in one project, surprisingly succeeding and making me wonder how a ... read more
Cry -
'Not in Chronological Order' is Julia Michaels' debut album as she tries to not just focus on creating music for the mainstream and to create hits with this album surprisingly as she's known for writing some major hits in the past few years, ever since she entered the music industry. Julia Michaels started her music career by writing various songs for major artists and it worked well for her as she succeeded in writing many hits in the process. Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, Hailee Steinfeld, ... read more
Cry -
‘Your Power’ is my favorite single from all of her recent singles since ‘No Time To Die’ as I feel like she’s slightly moved back to the creative route that she was travelling on before ‘my future’ and ‘Therefore I Am’. Billie Eilish’s vocals are beautiful, easily being some of her best even though they do get drowned out by the beat at times. The production by FINNEAS is fantastic, especially because I haven’t heard him produce ... read more
Cry -
‘durag activity’ is the first collaboration between former XXL Freshmen, Baby Keem, and Travis Scott, who come together to create a cool single. The vocals from Baby Keem are lifeless but threatening at the same time while Travis Scott’s use of autotune is tremendous for the second feature in a row, making me wonder if he’s evolving. The production is pretty good as even though it’s not complex, the cheap instrumental is saved by the great drums. The lyrics are ... read more


May 5, 2021
what'd you think
May 5, 2021
listen to lady brown and luv sic pt.3 (the one with a red cover) if your not on spotify
May 5, 2021
its a very minimalist and beautiful song, but i think you might prefer this one more because of the guitar, so heres another nujabes song (one of my personal favorite songs ever)
May 4, 2021
do you have any idea how long the soundtrack is
May 4, 2021
what'd you think of them? if you liked them tell ka1 too lmao they are his favs
May 4, 2021
21 savage is a solid artist now, not the best but definitely solid
May 4, 2021
try listning to luv sic 03 by Nujabes you might like it, also maybe try black balloons reprise by flying lotus. both singles
May 3, 2021
yeah, no matter what the spiral ST is gonna be atleast a 70 because 21 is very consistent as of late..
May 3, 2021
cry youve probably also observed that flying lotus and nujabes are among my personal favorites as wlel, if you need study music they are the go to.



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