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Lil Mosey - Flu Game
It's been a while since I've written a review but I'm back. I took a break from reviewing to focus on academics as it was becoming difficult to balance both assignments and consistent reviews at a quality I was satisfied with, which is why I ended up stepping back from reviewing entirely. Since it's almost summer, I've decided to return to reviewing and hope to slowly increase my output as we approach summer. Thank you for all the support while I was gone and I hope everyone's doing okay!

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Travis Scott, Bad Bunny & The Weeknd - K-POP
'K-POP' is Travis Scott's lead single to Utopia, coming together with two of the biggest artists in the world, Bad Bunny and The Weeknd to create nothing more than a weak summer banger. The vocals from Travis Scott are hazy yet forgettable, horribly clashing with the beat as his ad-libs fail to hide beneath the layers while Bad Bunny manages to suit the beat the best, finding his groove fantastically as his verse grows, leaving me in shock with what The Weeknd did on a lively summer song as ... read more
Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape
'Pink Tape' is Lil Uzi Vert's third album and it's an album that feels more like a mixtape with how they try to include everything they've experienced and enjoyed over the last three years, living their dream life and attempting to capture it all on this twenty-six song project. After listening to the album, I feel like you can't deny one thing and that's that there isn't a dull moment on it as it's as if Uzi is flying out and hitting you with a different sound on every quarter of the album, ... read more
Olivia Rodrigo - vampire
Olivia Rodrigo returns with a really beautiful ballad, but it is not much of a stylistic change.
'vampire' is the lead single to Olivia Rodrigo's sophomore album, 'GUTS', coming back after over two years with a showstopping ballad, similar to how she started her solo career, showing why she's one of the best upcoming pop artists. Olivia Rodrigo's vocals are not just pretty but powerful as she steps into the track softly, eventually switching up into a jog in the second verse as we witness her ... read more
The Weeknd, Playboi Carti & Madonna - Popular
'Popular' is a single from The Idol Vol. 1 Soundtrack featuring basically three legends in their respective genres and I was pleasantly surprised with the result as I wasn't quite sure how all three artists would work on one track together. The vocals from The Weeknd are nice as I've heard people complain about how basic he sounded on this track but I actually admire the decision to not do anything over the top and just lay back a little, giving the other two artists space to shine as it's what ... read more
Gunna - bread & butter
'bread and butter' is Gunna's comeback single, his first single since being released from jail that discusses how people have been calling him a snitch lately and shows him taking shots at those same people. The vocals from Gunna are above average as he actually manages to inject a little more emotion than usual which works wonders on a track like this where we're actually meant to understand how Gunna feels, fixing a long-time problem in Gunna's music to some degree as he has been classified ... read more


Hey there! I'm dropping my third mixtape in less than 2 hours and was wondering if you could review it? thanks in advance!
Bro, that vespertwat is random after bruv fuck was that about, anyways how you doing? I decided to return to reviewing lmao
Hello Cry, thank you so much for helping me reach 3,000 FOLLOWERS! For this I created a special review, and I’d appreciate it if you had the time if you checked it out! Thank you once again <3
Hey Cry, don't stress over Vespertwink. They are either a really unfunny troll or a really disgusting person. A lot of bigotry and questionable statements in their past.
You've been a positive part of this site since the day you joined.
What's up Cry, I'm making an aoty user aggregate list of the best rappers of all time. For this list, who do you think are the top 10 rappers of all time (preferably in order)?
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