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Oct 22
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Oct 22
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Oct 20

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Cry -
'Punk' is Young Thug's sophomore album and it's not only a significant disappointment, but it's also one of the worst albums of the year as the usual crazy, creative Young Thug doesn't allow his ideas to evolve like you'd expected but comes up with a bland execution of something that sounds like folk trap or acoustic trap, with nothing making my ears perk up as even the pretty nature of the album can't make up for how boring Young Thug sounds on the album. You can't say that Young Thug wasn't ... read more

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Cry -
Random Releases #10

Since the Offline Version was what JPEGMAFIA wanted people to listen to, my full review will be based on the Offline Version. JPEGMAFIA isn't no regular artist, he's someone special, a guy who wants to take music further than it's ever gone and it's visible with this album as there's nothing basic about it, with every sound seeming to be crafted from scratch, using familiar sounds we're accustomed to in our regular life and creating music that abandons the boundaries of ... read more
Cry -
'LP!' is JPEGMAFIA's fourth album, being my first time listening to any music from him and I'm left amazed at how many mind-blowing sounds are used on this, with JPEGMAFIA mastering the art of experimenting with this album as every single sound sounds like nothing I've heard before, blowing my mind again and again as I travel across the LP!. Vocally and production-wise, this album is a in worlds of its own and in a league of its own as JPEGMAFIA doesn't stick with one cohesive sound, instead ... read more
Cry -
'Rockland' is a really cool change in direction from Gracie Abrams as it's much more slower paced than her last two singles, feeling more like a ballad as it's nothing like how I expected it to sound. The vocals from Gracie Abrams takes influence from Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift, with the whisper-like vocals on the verses seeming to be Gracie's own take on Billie's whisper-like vocals, having a softness that's so satisfying, while her vocals on the post-chorus/bridge/chorus sounding ... read more
Cry -
'Present' is Khalid's lead single to his upcoming EP, having switched plans from dropping an album to re-gain some of the hype he lost over his music break, with this song seeming to be directed at Tik Tok, being the most disappointing Khalid song since his comeback. Khalid's vocals sound generic at best and annoying at worst, with his melody on the verses being especially irritating as I just can't stand it although the pre-chorus is thankfully a bit better while the chorus has basic R&B ... read more
Cry -
'Not in the Mood' is Lil Tjay's highly-anticipated first single after his last album, with the song definitely being his best drill song ever, with Fivio Foreign and Kay Flock absolutely snapping. Lil Tjay is an artist who I felt like didn't belong in the drill scene but he adjusts decently with this track excluding the chorus where he sounds tedious while Fivio Foreign sounds fine, not bringing in as much energy as I would've liked because of how Kay Flock has a billion times more energy than ... read more


Oct 25, 2021
Add some chopped up @Banana *chop* *chop* and you plop it right on in and boom a great breakfast!
Oct 25, 2021
Oh ok I haven’t heard “Mess It Up” I’ll give it a listen. In terms of a feature LAROI I feel would be a great feature for her and I think they would compliment each other well, but with Olivia I feel they are too similar. I wouldn’t mind Olivia if she for some reason probably still bang lol. My personal pick is a bit strange probably lol but would go with someone like an Ariana Grande or even a Selena Gomez who just offer something really different and could adapt to her style
Oct 24, 2021
I would eat you up then! *Munch* *Munch*
Oct 24, 2021
hey Cry. How are u doing?
Oct 24, 2021
Yeh you're probably right, she should release some type of project soon anyway considering she has two singles out already. Very Excited!
Oct 24, 2021
If you were to be a cereal box what type would you be?
Oct 23, 2021
not that great tbh but i’m trying my best <3
Oct 23, 2021
So true man, do you reckon she will drop and EP or Album this year?
Oct 23, 2021
Tough but probably Under / Over
Oct 22, 2021
Hey @Smile, I listened to your recommendation of Gracie Abrams debut EP and I like it :)

Thanks for telling me about it :)



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