Weezer - Van Weezer
May 13, 2021
Random Releases #5

'Van Weezer' is the second album I've listened from Weezer after 'OK Human' which dropped earlier this year and I surprisingly don't find a significant difference in quality between both albums. I thought that I wouldn't enjoy this album at all because I haven't been a huge fan of anything from the Rock genre in the past and I knew that this had a huge Rock influence, but the execution from Weezer was excellent as they made the album easy to listen to.

The vocals on the album are pretty good as they surprisingly suit the high energy production almost perfectly, hiding any awkwardness they showed on their last album behind the production. Rivers Cuomo's really good singing didn't have time to shine because of how the production took the center stage on the album, requiring much less work from him. I didn't think that Rivers Cuomo could adjust to this significantly different style but he surprisingly seemed so much more comfortable on this album than the last album like I mentioned before. He puts in a perfect amount of energy, allowing me to enjoy the exciting production in the process and not boring with bland vocals like I thought he would. On the rare moments where Rivers Cuomo is given the center stage on the album, he does disappoint and sounds quite dead which is weird because of how he sounds completely opposite when the production takes the center stage, having the ability to put in an amazing performance, but sadly not performing when it matters most. As the album progresses, Rivers Cuomo does get kinda annoying as it makes me realize that some of these songs would song a lot more better without him on the track. Overall, Rivers Cuomo's vocals start off strong, serving as solid support for the production but as the album goes on, he starts to sound a little old and also fails to put in outstanding performances when he's put in the spotlight

The production on the album was exciting and almost excellent, although some generic moments brought the beats in the back half of the album down. Suzy Shinn handled the production for the album this time, having produced for Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and even Dua Lipa in the past. Unlike their last album, Weezer left behind the spectacular strings and replaced it with some really good guitars, which only occasionally got generic like I mentioned. 'I Need Some of That' is a perfect example of a beat being executed in an excellent way, with the main guitar instrumental being gorgeous as it's filled with fantastic energy, while the drums get ready for the drums and destroy my headphones when they do drop as they're amazing. I never imagined liking an album with a Rock theme to it, but then this album blew me away with some surprisingly solid beats, not trying anything crazy or creative which I was fine with as everything still sounded wonderful and unique enough to not get to an underwhelming stage. 'Precious Metal Girl' stands out as the only acoustic track on the album and I thought that it was an amazing move to use it as the outro as it provides a calm ending to the album, allowing everything to settle down. Overall, the production on the album was satisfying for Weezer to make some above average pop rock with, not working with anything extremely experimental but maintaining the magnificent exciting energy which was important.

The lyrics on the album were bad, although I was kinda expecting it to be bad because of how Weezer got away with some awkward topics on 'OK Human', by making some average lyrics out of it, but even then I honestly was kinda kind with my analysis on the lyrics last time. The topics on this album are either awful or are just random, containing no content as they don't develop on what they're taking about, not making their message clear. The only two tracks that I thought had some spectacular ideas were 'Hero' and 'Precious Metal Girl', coincidentally the intro and outro to the album. 'Hero' talks about him not needing a hero and how he walks (works) alone which I actually thought worked out quite well, even if it does sound like something that would end up disappointing as Weezer's execution was wonderful, coming up with a catchy chorus that's stuck in my head every time I listen to it and having some really good references. Almost every other song contains this awkward energy which I'm sadly just not a fan of, such as on 'All the Good Ones', where he questions how this girl who blew him away is still single as he though that all the good ones were 'gone'. This awkward energy is taken to a whole different level on '1 More Hit' as I had no idea what Rivers was taking about, but he sounded very weird and unusual. 'Blue Dream' was basic but was a really nice compared to the other tracks lyrically, talking about being in a blue dream, which is a state of sadness, being an idea used plenty of times but was tremendous compared to any other topics on the album. Overall, the lyrics on the album were often awful, especially when talking about romance, but they did discuss some refreshing stuff so it wasn't all bad.

My second experience of Weezer wasn't bad, staying at around the same level of their last album in terms of quality which I thought was impressive cause they completely changed production styles and still managed to come up with a solid album. The vocals had much less work which helped as Rivers sounded more comfortable (excluding the times when he was singing something that made no sense), production remained at a really high quality, and with the lyrics being more weird but not being all bad like I said before as there were surprisingly a few cool ideas from Weezer. The album gradually got worse which I thought was interesting, not suddenly leaving us with a huge disappointment or a gorgeous track but going from great to generic.

Overall, 'Van Weezer' was Weezer's second album of this year and I thought that it was nice of them to give us these two albums with completely different styles as it gives every Weezer fan something to enjoy, either the soothing strings or the energetic guitars, with this album having vocals that took a step back but slightly improved, production with a great guitar theme that I never thought I'd enjoy, and lyrics that were just empty and unexciting unlike the rest of the album.

Great review, and unlike with your Ok Human review I completely agree with this one, underwhelming album
@TomBejoy Thank you so much, glad that we agree! Both albums have some beautiful songs that I'd return to, but I wasn't blown away that much on both albums! :)
@Cry Ok human really grew on me lmfao, I dont know
@TomBejoy Yeah, I'm one of the few who it didn't grow on, but still think that the album is close to great, returned to the album last week and it was a really nice experience! :)
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