Lil Tecca - Virgo World
Sep 22, 2020
I love Tecca but this album isn't the album that I was expecting. 'Virgo World' is basically Tecca telling everyone that he isn't a virgin, probably because haters have been harassing Tecca about this so I don't blame him. I listened to this album because I've always liked his personality and his unique style of rapping which was why I was extremely hyped for his debut studio album, but sadly the singles for the album and 'Virgo World' weren't the songs that I waited a year for. I know Tecca has the ability to be one of the top rappers of the future generation and hopefully he learns from his mistakes on this album.

'Virgo World' has vocals that are extremely average as the vocals were very bland and had no variety on the vocals throughout the album. Tecca seems to stay in his comfortable zone with his vocals and not try anything new which was one of the main disappointments on the album. The lack of variety caused his voice to go stale at around mid-way of the album and everything started to sound super similar. Lil Tecca seemed to choose a melodic path and it was quite impressive as the quality of his vocals were equal or better than his rapping vocals, maybe because there isn't really a major difference in how his melodic and rapping vocals sound. The mixing of his vocals on the project were also extremely inconsistent which adds to the many problems. Overall, the album has vocals that lack a lot of variety which is why the vocals aren't exciting.

'Virgo World' has production that is above average but is a huge improvement from Tecca's previous music. The production still sounded very cheap, lacking anything special in the beats that made the production stand-out., which was the second main disappointment on the album. Young artists like Lil Mosey and The Kid LAROI have something in the production that makes their songs stand-out from others. Lil Mosey has a spacey vibe in all his beats which make his songs special while The Kid LAROI has a melodic feeling and outstanding outros in the production which make his songs stand-out. I was surprised to see that Internet Money only had produced six songs as they have had tremendous success working with Tecca before, and I think the production quality would've increased if Internet Money had produced a few more tracks. The beats on this album were a huge improvement from the horrible instrumentals on his previous project to some pretty good produced tracks which don't ruin the entire song. Overall, I feel like the production is better than Tecca's previous projects and it's good enough to produce a hit but it's still no where near to the quality of the production of his peers as it is lacking a key factor that can make the production in his songs distinctive.

'Virgo World' has lyrics/flows which are way below average as they didn't have a huge effect on the songs. I feel like Tecca chose to fill the choruses with repetition and showed how lazy he could be with his lyrics, which was the third main disappointment on the album. Songs like 'Royal Rumble', 'True to the Game', and 'Our Time' are examples of songs with a ton of repetition, which are additionally not catchy too and are instead irritating. On the song 'Somebody', he shows how he can make a song with a repetitive chorus really catchy which shows that he has the ability to make repetition catchy but he was just too lazy on this project. An example of how annoying the repetition can get is when Tecca repeats, "Back it up and work it' for 10 times per chorus on the track 'Back it Up'. The flows on this album are similar to flows I've heard other artists like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Tic Toc) and Lil Mosey (Chemistry) use in their songs and Tecca makes the similar flows as good or better than the flows I've heard before. When he chooses to use his own, unique flows. it's horrible probably because he chooses not to stress on words as much as other artists which makes it sound so bad. The ability that makes Tecca very special is his ability to combine his lyrics and flows to create songs which are extremely catchy but sadly this album was lacking that and this was my fourth main disappointment. As the songs weren't catchy like previous Tecca songs, the replay value of this project went down by a lot which adds to the disappointment. Overall, Tecca fails to have lyrics and flows that don't stick to you after listening to the album as they're just plain with nothing that makes them stand-out.

'Virgo World' had one of the most anticipated Uzi leaks, 'Dolly', and fans were hyped when Tecca announced that the song would make it on his tracklist. The song dropped along with a Lyrical Lemonade video but fans were super disappointed with the song as it the version that made the album had a different verse from Uzi and different production. Lil Tecca got blasted with hate comments telling him that the album was trash because the album was didn't have the version of Dolly that leaked. My thoughts on 'Dolly', without listening to the leak, was that the song was an above average song but nothing that would become chart-topping like people predicted it to be. After the listening to the album version, I decided to listen to the leak, and I understood why people were disappointed with the album version as Uzi's verse on the leak was one of the best Uzi verses, filled with tons of emotion. The album version still had a good verse from Uzi but it couldn't come close to matching the quality of the leaked verse. I don't think that Tecca should be blamed for this because Uzi is probably the one who's responsible for losing the producer of the leaked version which probably also meant that they couldn't separate the vocals from the beat of the leaked version. Overall, Dolly is a decent song and it might've had the chance to turn to a hit if it had the leaked Uzi verse.

'Virgo World' is one of the most underwhelming albums of the year and I completely agree with anyone who claims that it is. On the other hand, I think 'Virgo World' is one of the most underappreciated albums of the year as the hate from Dolly is overshadowing the entire album. Tecca made some mistakes that you should never make like on the track 'When You Down', Tecca and the features are rapping about a complete different topic. Tecca was also missing the catchiness of his songs which was a key feature of his music like I mentioned so it was very disappointing to see that gone. I liked that Tecca chose to go down a melodic path as the future seems to be going towards that direction and doing that brings him more success. People have been complaining about the quality of the album and calling it a flop but people have to understand that he only recently turned 18 and he has a bunch of time to evolve as an artist. Earning anything above 25k album sales is spectacular for anyone that age and we have to appreciate the amount of talent he has at such a young age. I feel like Mosey and Tecca had a similar problem in failing to some extent with their debut album but I feel like they're the type of people to learn from their mistakes and come back with some bangers. Overall, I feel like Tecca doesn't have to worry about the quality of this album a lot because he has plenty of time to get better as this is just the beginning of his career.

Overall, Tecca's debut studio album is definitely disappointing as it contains boring, bland vocals, improved but not close to perfect production, and lazy, frustrating lyrics/flows but I completely expect him to improve on his next project, even though he took a step back with his debut album.

Top 3 Best Songs: Chemistry, Foreign (feat. NAV), No Answers
Top 3 Disappointing Songs: Dolly (Disappointing, not bad), Our Time, Take 10
Sep 22, 2020
Sorry for the late review (might be a decrease in quality of the review). I had to re-do almost the entire review as my original review got deleted as soon as I published it.
Sep 22, 2020
@Cry AOTY is hella weird. Great review mate!
Sep 22, 2020
Wait, I forget, but have you heard We Love You Tecca? Somehow I like that project more than this one
Sep 22, 2020
@Fieryley thank you! :)
Sep 22, 2020
@Basic_Garci I haven't listened to the entire We Love You Tecca but I've listened to most of the tracks and got a picture of what was wrong with it, and I agree that WLYT was greater from the tracks I've heard. I'm going to take a listen of the entire mixtape soon.
Sep 22, 2020
To sum it up, first song is ransom, last song is ransom and everything in between is a slightly altered ransom. There were some songs I liked from there, like Weatherman, Left’Right, and Shots, but there were just too many songs there and not enough features or anything different. Around a 4.5-6 for me, I did expect him to be a bit better on this tho :/
Sep 23, 2020
I liked Weatherman and Shots out of the songs that I listened to and obviously Ransom and Ransom (Remix) are amazing songs. Yeah, there was only that one Juice WRLD feature for the remix of Ransom, he should do more features as that would improve him as an artist. I was extremely disappointed too, I thought this album would be amazing but it was just average at most. Hope he improves in WLYT2 or whatever he chooses to do next. :(
Sep 27, 2020
good review bro im gonna keep commenting so you look famous
Sep 27, 2020
@TomBejoy Thank you so much lol!! :)
Sep 27, 2020
@Cry fr
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