DC The Don - Come as You Are
Sep 3, 2020
I chose to review 'Come as You Are' because @Scre4meh and @Dlaz2005 suggested it to me and told me that DC the Don was extremely versatile. After taking a listen, I'm glad they suggested this project as it's completely different compared to the type of music that I usually listen to and I had a lot of fun listening to it.

'Come as You Are' had spectacular aggressive vocals while it also had unsatisfying melodic vocals, leading to inconsistent vocals on the project. The aggressive vocals are a bit similar to other artists but whnt makes his aggressive vocals special is that his vocals are a hundred times more aggressive than other artists, creating a lasting effect. The melodic vocals are quite impressive but what ruins the vocals are the unnecessary, excessive autotune smeared over all the melodic vocals ruining the vocals. The autotune sounds so unpleasant and has the feeling of toothpaste on your tongue, except the difference is you feel this in your ears. I noticed that DC the Don's vocals have a lot of inspiration from Trippie Redd and Lil Uzi Vert. On the track 'Paranoid', you can clearly hear the Trippie Redd influence in his vocals. You can hear the obvious Uzi influence in the vocals on the track 'NEXT WEEK!'. Overall, the vocals in the project show that DC the Don is very diverse like people mentioned and he has the ability to rap in many different styles, being on of the best in rapping in an aggressive way but being below average in his melodic style of rapping because of the amount of autotune used.

'Come as You Are' had a lot of hard-hitting production and some spacy production which was a unique combo that surprisingly went really well together. The hard-hitting production complimented DC The Don's main style of making sure every single line comes out in strong, powerful way. On the other hand, the secondary spacy production was used for DC The Don's melodic style. The production was handled by Supah Mario and Trademark for most of the project. Supah Mario, who is also a major Lil Uzi Vert producer, seemed to be in charge of creating the spacy beats in this project and they sounds super similar to his Lil Uzi Vert beats which brings in the the 'Lil Uzi Vert influence' in this project. I could imagine Lil Uzi Vert on all the songs in this project which were produced by Supah Mario but I don't think that he would've done a better job than DC the Don, and at best he would match the quality. The production depended a lot on the 808s which had to hit hard to have a hard-hitting effect that DC the Don needed. Overall, the production was satisfying but wasn't super special, with Trademark doing an amazing job in his first major placement in a project while Supah Mario was underwhelming as all the tracks that he produced could've been beats that Uzi chose not to use.

'Come as You Are' had a lot of fantastic flows but above average lyrics which are not very satisfying but are really catchy. DC the Don has lyrics that are similar to NLE Choppa on the topic of killing and shooting people. Two lines that stood out on the track 'Mr. Not Nice' were 'She gave me super head, call her concussion' and 'We can't leave no witness, period, no sentence'. The first line was just a fun way of expressing what he wanted to while the second line was a clever way to structure the lyrics. The lyrics continued to be pretty aggressive even on the melodic tracks which was quite interesting. An example of aggressive melodic lyrics on the track 'Emotions Pour' is 'Like, give your heart or you're dead, it's extortion, And I ain't tryna see your corpse in the Lord's den'. I really loved how catchy the melodic tracks were like the track 'Nascar Racer' which had one of the most catchy choruses I've heard in a while and it would be spectacular to see DC the Don perform that track live. Overall, the lyrics weren't the best because of how basic the lyrics could get in the project but there were some stand-out lyrics which caught my attention.

'Come as You Are' shows that the aggressive rap genre has tons of potential. I usually choose not to listen to anything super aggressive as it can get quite annoying fast. and the artists in this genre usually don't have much talent (example: 6ix9ine). DC the Don completely surprised me with how exciting and full of energy his music was and I had a blast listening to it. I've been listening to this project for a few days, and it shows no signs of becoming annoying any time soon. My main problem with 'Come as You Are' is the amount of autotune they chose to use on some tracks which ruined potential bangers, completely disappointing me. I'm excited to see what DC the Don can bring to this genre in the future and how big he can get as an artist as he's really just started his career and has less than 1 million monthly listeners currently. I feel like he should do more than just aggressive rap as he has the potential as shown in the track, 'Campfire Story'. This would help expand his listening audience and get him more fans, and later he can return back to his roots of aggressive rap, as it's what he's best at.

Overall, 'Come as You Are' is an amazing first official full-length studio album from DC the Don which has decent vocals, catchy lyrics, and powerful production and is a huge step forward for the aggressive rap genre.

Top 3 Best Tracks: Nascar Racer, Mr. NOT NICE, Hellraiser
Top 3 Disappointing Tracks: Outlaw, REST IN PEACE, Ball Player
Sep 3, 2020
I've been giving to many '81's so I promise that this is my last one that I'm giving this rating for a while. The only reason for why I'm giving all these projects an '81' is because of how equally great they are but I'm gonna make sure that I don't continue to give the same rating consistently in the future. :)
Sep 3, 2020
I usually give 60s and 90s.
Sep 3, 2020
I give a LOT of 70s and 80s. I wonder if I have to start making it harder to get a positive review...
Sep 3, 2020
@Cry my review of entrepreneur is something I'm proud of. Especially the edit today
Sep 3, 2020
@Cry i think you should definitely be more strict with your ratings
Sep 3, 2020
I know, I really need to lollllll,
Sep 15, 2020
Hey that's me :). Great review
Sep 16, 2020
@Dlaz2005 Thank you for suggesting this spectacular project! :)
Nov 21, 2020
I can't believe i missed this review. Awesome one. I discovered him this year and loved him,i feel bad fir missing this review lol.
Nov 22, 2020
@Scre4meh Thank you so much!! This was one of my favorite projects that someone on this site has suggested to me. I haven't stopped listening to his music since you helped me discover him so thank you!! :)
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