YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Top
Sep 12, 2020
I chose to review this album because of the cover of the album which was similar to Roddy Ricch's 'Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial' cover and I wanted to see if this album matched his album's quality. After listening, I can strongly say that this isn't close to the quality of that album but this album isn't too bad and I actually enjoyed some tracks. Youngboy Never Broke Again is clearly just overhated. 'Top' isn't close to as bad as 'TattleTales'

'Top' has decent vocals from Youngboy Never Broke Again who clearly improved his melodic vocals but his rapping vocals have become horrible. The songs that made me realize Youngboy Never Broke Again was a respectable rapper were the songs 'Make No Sense' and 'Hot Now' which I really enjoyed. I didn't know him before those two songs and the thing that made him standout to me at the time were his clever, catchy lyrics with a high amount of energy. This album completely lacks that part of Youngboy Never Broke Again and I feel like he left that part of him in 2019 as he hasn't had a hit with a hype song this year, maybe because he hasn't made that many songs like that this year. Although, there are a few songs filled with energy on this album, the hype songs are just him yelling (in a horrible way), which is his new way of rapping, sounding extremely offbeat too. The other 3/4 of the album is filled with melodic tracks which sound spectacular but they all sound so similar. His melodic voice sounds extremely pleasant (unlike the melodic vocals he had last year which were terrible) but they all sound the same on this project with not a bit of variety on the melodic vocals. Overall, spectacular melodic vocals which sound the same on all the tracks and rapping that is really bad come together to form an album with boring, but good enough vocals.

'Top' has an obvious increase in quality of production compared to his previous projects so I was extremely satisfied with production even though it could sounds a little cheap at times. Youngboy Never Broke Again has depended on instrument-oriented production for the entire year and it's a quality that makes Youngboy Never Broke Again boring but special at the same time. The production completely depends on Youngboy Never Broke Again to add some variety to the tracks but it's a huge task to do over 21 tracks which is why he sounds so plain at times and seemed to ruin of ideas quickly. All his projects are getting bigger and bigger which is why this can be more easily recognized in every project. The beats on the tracks on this album seem more developed and he chose beats that had a decent amount of variety but because everything was instrument-oriented, everything seemed to sounds the same which was the same problem that the vocals on this album had. I feel like Youngboy Never Broke Again should work with a different group of producers as this is the third album with the same producer tags and the same-sounding beats, so working with different producers would help Youngboy Never Broke Again sound more refreshing. For example, the track 'Peace Hardly' had JetsonMade as one of the producers and the production sounded completely different from the rest of the tracks, which caused the entire song to sound different from the other songs, allowing me to enjoy the track as it was the same, super good melodic vocals but on a type of beat we've never heard him on. Overall, the production is a definitely a more developed than the production in his previous projects but the beats on the project seem to sound more similar, the deeper you go into 'Top'.

'Top' has some spectacular lyrics discussing a lot of his personal problems, ranging from staying safe to drug addiction to money not fixing pain. The stand-out of the album was easily the lyrics as they're what make each song sound a little different as the vocals and production seem to sound the same in almost each song. I feel like this project is some of the deepest stuff that we've gotten from Youngboy Never Broke Again who ran into many issues this year. The flows on this album seem so simple but sound great, making the lyrics really catchy on most of the tracks. The choruses are really, really short in most of the tracks which makes the songs even more catchy as short choruses are easier to remember and vibe to usually. There's a lot of pain expressed in each line and I can really feel it in almost every track. The lyrics on the track, "Devil inside my cup, I let that drink become my friend" show that he understands that what's inside his cup is bad for him but he doesn't know another way to get rid of his pain. The first line in the chorus of the track 'To My Lowest', "You hurt me deep when I was down on my lowest" is a great way to express the magnitude of his pain. Overall, the lyrics help add variety to the tracks on the album along with the simple flows and choruses which increase the song's replay value.

'Top' isn't trash like a lot of people think, but it's instead Youngboy Never Broke filling the album with a majority of melodic songs. I feel like he could've kept some songs in the vault for later as there's too many songs on his problems and not enough songs on anything else. I would've loved to see him go back to hype songs like 'Make No Sense' and 'Hot Now' instead of NLE Choppa (old version) type hype songs that are an exact copy of his style except the difference is that Youngboy Never Broke Again sucks at that style while NLE Choppa doesn't. After taking a listen to the 21 tracks, I really hate his decision to increase the number of tracks now. The similar songs just blend into a huge melodic mess. The best part of this album is that I can listen to this whole album and feel his pain which shows that he has talent as not many people can put their pain in their songs in a way that others can feel it. Even though the songs sound the same, the quality of each song is really high so I could choose any song and really connect to the song.

Overall, Youngboy Never Broke Again's sophomore album, 'Top', contains boring but really good vocals, decent production, and pretty good lyrics but the album has a major problem with the songs sounding so similar. Also, Youngboy Never Broke Again is the opposite of poor because he has released three projects so far this year (which have sold a lot), so I think he's taking the 'Never Broke Again' super serious.
Sep 12, 2020
Great review, I really didn’t understand the absurd hate on this
Sep 13, 2020
Exactly, there's too much unnecessary hate probably because of the album cover. Thank you so much! :)
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