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T.I. - The L.I.B.R.A.
Oct 17, 2020
The Legend Is NOT Back Running Atlanta! I chose to listen to this album because I really enjoyed the two singles that came out before it dropped. The project was filled with a lot of problems making it a really disappointing and inconsistent project that was filled with songs that couldn't grab my attention. The amount of features on this album lead to T.I. increasing the length of each track which lead to the entire album being a boring, long listen.

The vocals from T.I. are above average on the project with him being great at his ability to switch things up often, even though he doesn't really need to because of the amount of features which automatically adds variety. I really hoped that there were more solo T.I. tracks, but there were only two proper songs that were by himself with no feature and I feel like this would've been better with around five more tracks with no collaborations. The features play such a huge part in the album that it doesn't matter if T.I. sounds amazing because the features have to match his energy and if they don't, the quality of the song decreases. Overall, T.I. didn't do anything bad with his vocals and was quite good, but he doesn't create a huge effect on the album.

The production is completely inconsistent in terms of quality, but is completely consistent in following the theme of the album which was to create something that sounds legendary or royal, while sticking to trap. The production had some really good hype instrumentals throughout the album while lacking the spectacular slow, soothing instrumentals a little. Hitmaka is s producer that doesn't get a lot of credit and seems to creep into a lot of projects without any attention and on this project he produced 5/20 tracks which were all amazing beats. My favorite produced track on the project was 'Pardon' which was what I was expecting all the tracks to be based on, but the beats instead sounded like lobby music. Overall, the production had a lot of potential as can be seen with the hype beats, but sadly T.I. chose to go a more chill path which wasn't the best.

The lyrics were below average with almost being uninteresting and very weird. I liked that T.I. chose to touch on many topics that need to be discussed, but on the other hand he chose to talk about trap topics so it mixed together in an awkward and awful way which is why he should've just chose to go one route. I feel like T.I. should move away from the serious topics and stick to storytelling and the regular trap topics as he's really good at rapping about those topics and seems super comfortable. The choruses on the album are extremely catchy but lyric-wise are terrible as can be seen on the track 'Respect The Code'. One example of a catchy chorus is on the track 'Ring' with Young Thug where T.I. raps, "Be careful with your body, put that on ice, I'm not gon' tweet, I'm not gon' type, Whatever you say, okay, alright" which shows that the lyrics lack actual substance, but the delivery and rhyming is quite impressive. Another example of a relaxing chorus is on the laid-back closing track 'Thank God' where T.I. raps, "Have a good time, the whole town show up, Money coming fast, hope it never slow up, I done came a long way to make it here, Gotta thank God that I made it here" which sounds spectacular, but it was so simple and wasn't lyrically fascinating. Overall, the lyrics weren't the best and were all over the place in terms of topics taking away the impact of the songs.

'The L.I.B.R.A.' lacked a lot and was a sloppy comeback. The entire album felt outdated by over a decade and there isn't a lot, if anything, that I'd come back to listen to later. The entire 1 hour plus project felt dragged and was a boring listen with only the production fitting the theme of the album and with everything else being all over the place. Each song was 3-5 minutes which was one of the biggest problems as people aren't going to sit and listen to a long song when they can listen to quick bangers. The amount of features ruined the potential too, as some of the features ruined tracks that started of fantastic, although the singers/R&B artists on the album were amazing and did not come close to failing on any of the tracks. This album is something that I can hear playing at lobbies of public places, probably because of the rich production, as can be seen on '1/2 Ticket' and 'Respect the 'Code'.

Overall, T.I. did not seem to do his best on the project with inconsistent, boring, long album which was had vocals that I needed more of to actually have a chance enjoy it, production that fell apart on some tracks, and a jumble of lyrics on different topics to create 'The L.I.B.R.A' which sounds more like lobby music than legendary, royal music, even though the production did a perfect job at sticking to the theme.

Top 3 Best Songs: Ring (feat. Young Thug), Pardon Me (feat. Lil Baby), and Family Connect (feat. Domani)
Top 3 Disappointing Songs: Hypno (feat. Rahky), Make Amends (feat. Benny the Butcher and Jadakiss), and Respect the Code (feat. Rick Ross)
Oct 20, 2020
Im the only one that liked this....thats awkward lmao
Oct 20, 2020
@Scre4meh lol, I was just expecting a little more after the two bangers that he dropped as singles. Not a terrible project, but wish it had more of the trap bangers cause he was really good at creating them.
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Oct 15, 2020
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