Danny Towers - What To Do
Dec 1, 2020
'What To Do' was a tremendous single that surprised me with a decent Danny Towers performance which was different to anything that he had done before. Danny Towers had vocals which showed off his stunning singing as I've only known him from a few DJ Scheme tracks were he seemed to be a super good hype rapper. The production on the track was was pleasant throughout the song sounding retro with its really laid-back instrumentals that worked in a lovely way along with the vocals from Danny Towers. The lyrics are not very detailed with a repeating chorus which wasn't very creative and a short verse which was really average and used awkward ad-libs, although the bridge was beautiful. The entire track reminded me of 'EARFQUAKE' maybe because of how the styles were similar and as both were excellent songs. The promotion behind Danny Towers is tremendous using a Lyrical Lemonade video to boost his listeners just one week before DJ Scheme's album where he's featured a couple of times and will bring a decent amount of listeners to this track and the Lyrical Lemonade video that comes along with it. Overall, 'What To Do' was a little shorter than I would've liked, but was a super sweet journey which included a pleasant surprise in the form of a Danny Towers performance that I didn't expect.
Dec 2, 2020
danny towers? more like *@meh! whole lotta red december 11th please!!!! +++ i need the slattness++! <<33**
Dec 2, 2020
@RemisReviews lol how do you know that Danny Towers won't become the future Playboi Carti?
Dec 2, 2020
Good review. Yeah this track really blew me away too, I really wasn't expecting what I heard lol.
Dec 3, 2020
@LyricalMiracleS Glad we agree, it really amazed me in almost all aspects lol. Thank you! :)
4d ago
Great review ! I didn't expect Danny Towers to blow me away either with this different soulful sound
4d ago
@horse Thank you so much, glad to see that you've stumbled on one of my old reviews!! I really enjoyed this too, still waiting for new music from him though! :)
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