Beach Bunny - Blame Game
Jan 20, 2021
Random Releases #2

'Blame Game' is my first time listening to anything by Beach Bunny, being Beach Bunny's fifth EP. The EP is excellent, not specifically for its sounds, but because of how beautiful the lyrics in the EP are as each line seems to be carefully written to send a spectacular message. Each message is magnificent and carefully crafted to form a fantastic, fun EP that I'll be going back to often.

Good Girls (Don't Get Used)
'Good Girls (Don't Get Used)' is a great start to the EP as it's easily my personal favorite, being super easy to connect to with some super creative lyrics and sounding similar to the MGK sound that he tried on 'Tickets To My Downfall', although a lot more amazing. The vocals are seem a little stale but significantly pick up pace as the track progresses, with an addition of emotion kicking in and adding to the amazing experience. The production goes through many stages, being hard hitting and energetic through most of the track but then transferring for a little acoustic vibe that allows emotion and lyrics to shine brighter compared to any other part of the track, leading back up to the lovely loud instruments to come back strong. The lyrics are so soothing and promote people to stand up in a toxic relationship, addressing a ton such as ghosting, self blame, and most importantly, being used. Overall, 'Good Girls (Don't Get Used)' is a gorgeous way to address some common modern relationship problems, being probably my favorite track on the EP.

Lovely Lyrics:
'Stop saying, "It's my bad"
You're acting like your deadbeat dad
I know, you know you're better than that
But you can't respond when you react'

'You're not a ghost, I'm not afraid of you
I started letting go'

Love Sick
'Love Sick' uses themes from some of the best mainstream music in this genre at the moment while the quality of lyrics don't come close to reducing in quality as they're still really good with layers that create this song and make it extremely creative. The vocals are a little awkward on the song for the most part, but lead to a steady, strong chorus, with the awkwardness of the chorus providing the unique factor of the track and fitting along with the common feelings of love. The production is pretty similar to the last track, although it sadly does sound a lot cheaper and less unique from other music that I've heard that uses this style as the drums are decent but so generic while the instrumental don't go great with the bells and counter melodies. The lyrics are really interesting and actually touch a topic that I find tremendous, the not wanting of love because of getting too fed up with past relationships. Overall, 'Love Sick' is is super satisfying song about failed love that reminds me a little of LAROI's 'SO DONE' in terms of the theme of the song.

Lovely Lyrics:
'Normally, I start to panic
Get too close, I cut apart the strings'

'Fed up with subtracting names
Need someone that isn't an equation
Only adding up to pain'

Nice Guys
'Nice Guys' is a nice track that describes the listener to realize their self-worth and re-evaluate their relationship, especially seeming to be targeting women who are used by their partner only for sex. The vocals are stern as it feels full of emotion, probably from getting tired of being used with the effects being clear as she sings out the lyrics in a weary manner. The production is above average but has some big holes that need to be filled, although the rock elements on this track are really good along with the wonderful tension created by the vocals. The drums on the track are so satisfying as they sound chill and smooth, something that really helps loosen the tension created by the vocals, which I mentioned before. The problem with the production is when half the production disappears during the second verse which I find very weird as it makes everything sound off and lowers the effect of the lyrics. The lyrics on the track are tremendous as I absolutely dislike people that use women just for sex or torture them with their dirty minds as it doesn't feel right, with women not being objects to use or play with, something that I'll discuss a bit more on the next track as this message is built much more on it. Overall, 'Nice Guys' may not seem like a lot and a little generic compared to the other track on first glance but the message grows a ton on every listen and hits harder.

Lovely Lyrics:
'I'm sick of nice guys
I want someone who actually wears hearts inside their eyes
And isn't only interеsted in what's between my thighs
You win me likе a trophy, not a consolation prize'

'You're inconsistent
Claiming I'm your everything, but also not your type'

Blame Game
'Blame Game' serves as the title track to this EP and is easily the most powerful song I've heard in a while talking about how women are perceived by the public. The vocals are very good, sounding fantastic while frustrating, going along in a great way with the not-sorry attitude that just makes the song amazing. The production is pretty using an a gorgeous, shiny instrumental that I wish was present a lot more on the track, but were completely overshadowed by some cool, outstanding hard drums that do a thundering job at making sure that that the message of the track is heard and understood. The lyrics are lovely on this song, being the most memorable moment on the EP as the message is excellent and makes me feel glad that someone is addressing it as Beach Bunny does not shy away from getting into details throughout the track, providing perfect examples to the topic being discussed. The topic of the girls always being viewed sexually is super valid and it's honestly disgusting that we've got to still address this situation as it should've reduced or even been solved by now. Girls are much more than their bodies and this is a beautiful track to address all the sexism put behind women around the world, having line after line of meaningful magnificent words. Overall, 'Blame Game' is breath-taking and tremendous in every sense, using a gorgeous combination of vocals and production to make the effect of this song more powerful.

Lovely Lyrics:
'"You look prettiest when you smile, babe"
But I don't want to smile for anyone'

'Guess it's my fault my body's fun to stare at
Sorry my clothes can't keep your hands from grabbing
Yeah, it's my problem, I'm asking for it
Guess you're the victim and I'm the suspect

'Tell me my body is for others' satisfaction
Get a sexual reaction
We're taught we're only meant to act holy
Cover up your shoulders or you might tempt somebody'

Summary: 'Blame Game' uses music to promote positivity as many messages get sent through the lyrics on the EP. People may assume that this EP is only for women and they are completely incorrect with there being something here for everyone to learn. Just because the EP focuses more on the lyrics/messages doesn't mean the music is bad because the music is beautiful too, with the vocals meaning every single word and adding emphasis at exactly the right moments, along with the emotion from the artist evoking me even more than I expected. The songs aren't so serious always as they make sure to add a hilarious line here and there to remind you that the EP isn't only supposed to be so serious and that anything that you learn from it is just an added bonus. I'm surely going to apply what I learnt from the EP into my life as I've learnt a lot of amazing things from it that seem to mean a lot to me personally and my friends who also feel like that there are some valuable lessons that I should take from the EP. The short EP makes me excited for any future releases from them as they've seemed to master the effect of gaining attention from audiences, allowing them to spread some positive messages to make the most of their power.

Hits: 4/4
Misses: 0/4
Songs Ranked From Best to Worst: Good Girls (Don't Get Used), Blame Game, Love Sick, Nice Guys

Overall, 'Blame Game' is a cute EP that can be beneficial to your life as lessons can be learnt with the music moving me in a positive way for the most part and helping me realize mistakes I've made using pretty good vocals, great pop punk production, and lovely lyrics.
Jan 20, 2021
absolutely loved this EP, thanks for the recommendation. great review as always.
Jan 20, 2021
@cold no problem, thank you for all the help in forming this review! Loved hiding some hidden messages along the review too! :)
Jan 20, 2021
@Cry another good review cry, glad to see you're continuing with this series!
Jan 20, 2021
@Rater Thank you so much!! Having fun with the series so far! :)
Jan 20, 2021
I loved this too, will get to reviewing it today or tommorow. Very adorable EP and another solid review
Jan 20, 2021
I was reminded of Hayley WIlliams from paramore a little more than MGK, because she seems to have some over-the-top and animated vocal lines at times.
Jan 20, 2021
I'd also earmark that this isn't exactly pop punk mate
Jan 21, 2021
@TomBejoy Glad you loved it too! Would love to read your review! :)
Jan 21, 2021
@TomBejoy Yeah, I think I can understand a Hayley Williams comparison too
Jan 21, 2021
@TomBejoy lol not good at classifying which genre something belongs too. :)
Jan 21, 2021
@TomBejoy Thank you!! :)
Jan 21, 2021
@Cry Idk I classify any energetic female vocalist as Hayley williams so im bad at that

Jan 21, 2021
@Cry I will relisten a few more times and then review it
Jan 21, 2021
@Cry this is power pop/indie pop or soft rock i guess
Jan 21, 2021
@TomBejoy Indie Pop/Power Pop sounds good, guess that's the genre. Looking forward for the release of your review!! :)
Jan 23, 2021
I bet it took longer to write this review than to actually listen to the EP lol
Jan 24, 2021
@Blyizz lol it probably did! :)
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