Silk Sonic - An Evening with Silk Sonic
Nov 13, 2021
Silk Sonic, the duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, drop their debut album after dropping a few singles which were met with positive reception from the mainstream and critics and as most expected, 'An Evening with Silk Sonic' is an excellent collaboration album, a future classic. The duo didn't take this album lightly as they certainly seemed to have done a decent amount of research, seeming to take an era of soul music and influence their music around it, with the peanut butter and jelly chemistry between Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak only taking the album to a whole new level. Both artists automatically slide into their roles in the old-school funk atmosphere, effortlessly singing their heart out on each song while adding a bit of sass that instantly attracts you to the songs. Haven't heard an album that feels alive in a while, with each and every song breathing out magical melodies that keep you coming back as both, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, put in their personality in their performances to truly make this something special. 'An Evening With Silk Sonic' is certainly a silky, spectacular collaboration album that I'll be spending my evenings listening to as both artists bring out a retro soul era from the drawer while showcasing their charismatic chemistry as it's impossible to deny that this will not only be a collaboration album that'll be played through the rest of the decade but century.

The vocals from both artists were gorgeous and greater than I could've ever imagined as they seemed to have put plenty of work to make sure that they suited the style of the album, with the amount of charisma breathed out through their vocals stunning me the most. Their vocals were sleek throughout, with Bruno Mars having the ability to stretch his vocals a significant amount and keep his voice smooth while Anderson Paak on the other hand having slightly rougher vocals than Bruno in general and it happened to subtly contrast Bruno Mars' vocals creatively. Feel like they both understand each others' strengths and weaknesses perfectly which is always important on a collaboration project, probably why Bruno Mars took the lead on most of the singing-focused songs while Anderson Paak took the lead on the rapping-oriented songs, but even then, both of their performances are almost equally excellent regardless of the song as they always find the best way to use themselves. Something you might've not noticed is that there's surprisingly a bunch of subtle back and forth which makes you enjoy the songs way more than you would've without it as each song flows significantly smoother because of it. For example, if Bruno Mars takes the first verse, Anderson Paak is likely to take the pre-chorus, allowing Bruno Mars to return on the chorus, with the songs hiding the frequent back and forth through this method while there are additionally a few songs where the artist appears in the ad-libs of the other artist's verse which adds extra layers to the songs. Overall, the vocals from both artists complimented each other beautifully, fantastically flowing together on each song using back and forth as the amount of personality put into their performances only made them sound even better.

The production was pretty good as they managed to incorporate the old-school soul production style nicely as you'd probably not be able to tell the difference between a beat from that era compared to a beat on this album, while the producers additionally make sure not to stay down only one lane as they explore the whole neighborhood in terms of soul sounds from that era. Bruno Mars and D'Mile handled the production on the album, with Bruno Mars impressing me as I never knew he was this talented at making beats, while Anderson Paak helps out with the drums throughout the album. With how magical the beats sound, I weirdly feel reminded of the soundtracks on Disney movies as they usually take a ton of old-school influences in their music to make everything seem so much more royal which is what this album achieves too, making you feel special throughout the album, setting an atmosphere that's sure to help you settle down and relax. Anderson Paak's drums sound contemporary, only adding to the lovely, lively feel of the album, giving you the image of Silk Sonic performing live in your living room which I really liked. Instrumentals on the album aren't too flashy as it's Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak stealing the show for most of the album, while the beats usually gently guide both of them in the background, with the melodies being inviting and almost familiar. Overall, the production on the album does an almost perfect job at matching the music from the past as the beats are also dynamic, switching over different soul styles, but the instrumentals certainly could've been a bit more powerful as the drums set the tone for each track.

The lyrics were really good as both artists have fairly similar lyrical styles, bouncing of each others' lines beautifully and adding a significant amount of humor into them which is a huge bonus to the album as it only makes it more entertaining. Most of the lyrics are playful rather than personal, something that's become slightly scarce in the pop industry in recent times which I really liked. They made sure to think about situations while writing the songs such as 'Skate' where they were thinking about music at a skate rink, incorporating love into the theme of skating which was quite interesting. What might the most important part of the album, the catchiness of the songs, was nailed as there were a number of not only catchy choruses but lines in general which needs to be complimented as their vocals which were on point already basically guaranteed the catchiness as they came up with constant wonderful melodies. Staying flirty and fun, both artists keep us entertained with their lyrics, allowing us to really relax as we never have to pay our full attention to the lyrics. Was worried about the lyrical content when I initially took a look at the track-list as some of the names looked a little corny but they actually made the content quite creative, being cheeky and teasing. Overall, the lyrics on the album were nothing special but they were still solid on every song as Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak brought bars full of charisma and humor, creating catchy choruses with the help of their many magical melodies, and even made things a bit relatable by using common old-school scenarios that we still come across today to sing about their love, being creative with their perspectives.

Silk Sonic have made evenings all around the world better for people with this album, coming out with one of the most unexpected collaboration projects that turned out to be unbelievably great. Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars stepped up to occasion and proved that they could come out of nowhere and provide a concept collaboration project that's consistent and unlike anything we've heard in a while. Feel like this is almost near the level of the retro sound that The Weeknd introduced with 'After Horus' and maybe already better than the old-school sound on Dua Lipa's 'Future Nostalgia', with the fact that this is a collaboration album being even more impressive as it's been a while since artists teamed up to do something fresh and never done before. The smooth and silky soul sound on the album is perfect for evenings where you want to wind-down and not worry about anything, being thirty minutes of entertaining music as the duo's charisma carries the project to new heights as it makes the project even more unique and unlike anything we've heard before, allowing us to hear their passion and drown into the pleasant, silky atmosphere. I am already hoping that we receive a follow-up album from Silk Sonic later down the decade as both artists certainly have proven that they are going to remain dominating the radios, this time using a retro soul sound that still connects with us generations later.

Overall, 'An Evening With Silk Sonic' is a potential future classic where Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars achieve making funk music accessible for all, not being stringent with the amount of fun they added into the album as they go all out and inject charisma into their music, playing a vital role in making the project entertaining, with the album having charming vocals, cheerful production, and imaginative lyrics that feel antique.

Awesome job on the review! Very interesting and well-expressed :)
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@Donlord Thank you so much!! :)
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Great job on the review!
Best review you’ve ever written :)
Amazing review! :D
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