KSI - All Over the Place
Jul 16, 2021 (updated Jul 16, 2021)
'All Over the Place' is KSI's sophomore album and it's such a disappointment, feeling like a rushed project with a lack of effort from KSI. The singles to the album were solid, teasing at a new direction as KSI had moved more towards the pop genre from the rap genre, a change I wasn't a huge fan of initially but grew on me as the singles dropped. I do have to appreciate the experimentation that KSI attempts on a few songs such as 'Patience' and 'No Time' as those honestly turn out to be the best tracks, but the rest of the album where he tries to create a hits with a much more mainstream and basic mindset end up creating some of KSI's worst songs, with 'YOU' and 'Flash It' being examples. Excess amount of features made the album an exhausting listen, with most of the features essentially ending up adding absolutely nothing while a few features did do decent and saves some tedious tracks. KSI really took a huge step backward with 'All Over The Place', making 'Dissimulation' look like a masterpiece and fluke as he just didn't seem as focused with the music on this album, making me feel like he went back to his 'YouTube' rapper roots.

KSI drops 'All Over The Place' only a little over a year after his debut album, dropping the lead single in the form of 'Really Love' only a few months after 'Dissimulation'. Thought that would just be a random single he was dropping before the holiday season but he continued to drop which really surprised me as I thought he'd take a bit more time before dropping another project, especially with all his other commitments. 'Really Love' was a lovely lead single, just something you'd enjoy on the radio but not something you'd play on repeat, a satisfying single is what I'd say. Backing 'Really Love' up, KSI dropped 'Don't Play' about three months later which felt a little like a clone of 'Really Love' except with a better female singer in the form of Anne-Marie, turning out to be a disappointment personally for me as these pop chorus rap verses was a format that had gotten frustrating at this point as KSI had also used this formula on a feature with Nathan Dawe before 'Really Love', seeming to just drop this songs for the streams. Finally, we got 'Patience', probably one of the best songs on the album and easily the best single as KSI really shocked everyone, actually experimenting an extreme amount with the song, building on a retro influence as he chose to bring out his singing, which he had been working on for months before the album, while additionally using a groovy, gorgeous beat perfect for dancing to, turning out to form a tremendous track as the risk really paid off. 'You' was supposed to be the fourth and final single and it easily would've been the worst single because it's clear that KSI really wants to be The Weeknd on it, singing with passion, but failing to touch my emotions, ending up as an embarrassing, cringe moment on the album. 'Holiday' was the song that replaced 'You' and it's honestly a billion times better, deserving to be placed on the album unlike 'You' which should've just been kept in the vault as KSI's singing on 'Holiday' actually shows that he can be taken seriously while in contrast, 'You' shows that he should be placed in the same level as YBN Nahmir when it comes to singing.

I wouldn't say that KSI improved much on this album as 'Dissimulation' really does almost everything better and that's coming from someone who loved and listened to 'Dissimulation' a lot, with one of the only things that KSI did better on this album being singing. KSI's singing classes has taken KSI's below average singing into something beautiful and maybe even brought it to a level where it's comparable to his rapping as I feel like he's now equally talented vocally when it comes to singing and rapping. KSI not only experimented with the production on this album, he made sure to go above and beyond with his vocals, probably why he chose to take so much time to work on his singing while bringing in different accents on songs like 'Flash It' and reaching such a high pitch on 'No Time' with the use of vocal effects which ended up as terrific to my surprise. I'm actually surprised at how many rap focused tracks are on the album as he was heavily teasing a more melodic project, but again the album was named 'All Over the Place' so it all makes sense. Speaking of the tile of the album, KSI was really all over the place with the album as he has tried to touch as many styles as he could, turning out to be a bit too ambitious as I can't say that he nailed even one style on the album although I guess I do appreciate the effort, but I also do suggest that he masters one style before he moves on to the next, being a huge mistake that new artists often make like ssgkobe did on 'ko'. Like I mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed the beat on 'Patience' as it was close to perfect, having a nice atmosphere that took you back in time, being an excellent experiment. A hard, drill beat is used on 'Madness', with the counter melodies in the background truly being mad although the drums are a bit generic. Additionally to the amazing beat on 'Madness', it's got some great bars such as "I'm at a point where I buy (stuff) now just to rap about it' and 'Saying I need a feature now they feature me', while coming along with what's the best flow on the album in the second verse, sounding so satisfying. KSI doesn't ever disappoint when it comes to rapping on S-X beats, continuing his hot streak on his beats, creating a banger on the intro with 'The Moment' and ending the album off with a slightly emotional song in the form of 'Sleeping With The Enemy' which also came along with an S-X vocal feature. KSI also always sounds comfortable on Mally Mall and Go Diego beats too, creating trap bangers with them each time such as how they did on 'Poppin' and now with 'No Time'. KSI's lyrical ability may have gotten just a bit better but that doesn't really matter when your flows are disastrous, with KSI's lyrics just being able to relate to me more than any other rapper could which is something I've mentioned before as he's basically someone who doesn't usually participate in celebrity activities, putting more time to work. Only a few features were fantastic and that includes Anne-Marie, Bugzy Malone, and Lil Durk as they're the only ones who really added something that without, would've made the song sound incomplete. KSI choosing to experiment on a few songs in terms of styles was what even made this album a lot more enjoyable, probably being the only reason I'd come back to this album.

So KSI really messed up with this album as he chose to develop the concept of his last album which was just experiment with as many styles as he can and it seemed to work well with his last album, probably because the project was a lot shorter and KSI just seemed so much more excited, not showing the same focus with 'All Over The Place', with other things such as 'The KSI show' (which is being used to promote this album) being a much more focused on area which annoys me as he's not putting his all into this, trying to create hits and not just make good music, which was actually his intent in his debut album, probably why it ended up being miles better than this album. Maybe being all over the place work-wise made him too busy to actually be able to foucs on this album and actually develop a concept that's fresh, instead of reusing the concept of his last album to try and catch a few new hits, except with the same songs, as KSI literally sounded like he had to go do something else and that he just didn't have enough time to rap/sing. KSI just doesn't put in the same amount of effort and energy into the songs on this album, sounding stale soon because of how he uses the delivery while rapping on almost every song, just tiring me out as a listener with the features frustrating me even more as they don't help in any way, not adding even a bit of variety even though there's plenty of features. The production was pretty bad too as they most of the instrumentals were straight out generic and not even good generic, being bad impressions of poppin' trap type beats. Lots of songs felt like they were worse versions of songs on 'Dissimulation' like 'Flash It' which just sounded like 'Houdini' without the fun and 'Rent Free' being a cluttered version of 'Killa Killa'. KSI's flows really failed on almost every song, sounding like an amateur when it came to flows, stumbling on the most simple of flows and just sounding really awkward in general. Chorus's were more irritating than catchy and a big reason for why I don't see myself returning to this album that much. Sitting through an album with 12 features on 14 songs was tiring, not leaving any room for the listener to breathe as they were always hit in the face with a new feature, just when you thought you could just vibe to some KSI, a feature comes to ruin things up and do something totally random. The features just struggle to put solid performances, seeming so uninterested to put in all their effort, honestly just like KSI, which is probably why he kept all the verses. Even Lil Durk and 21 Savage's usual feature performances completely outshined everyone else, showing you how bad the features were. Mixing was a mess on KSI's vocals om this album as they made him sound completely trash on a few songs such as on the chorus of 'Number 2' which was one of the worst mixed tracks I've ever heard, making me wonder if it was actually an intention experiment that just went wrong. In the search of hits, KSI even ends up ripping off artist such as The Weeknd on 'You' like I mentioned before and basically any trap piano artist on 'Silly' although it felt a more of a bad influence than a rip off. Wish KSI stuck to a twelve track album as this album just felt a bit too long, with the extra few minutes turning this into such a boring listen.

KSI didn't show any artistic growth with 'All Over The Place', walking backwards as he failed to even come close to the quality of his last album, with this just being a much worse project as he relied way too much on the features, didn't seem interested in the music he was making which lead to a lack of effort, and with the production just missing the experts who knew what KSI wanted and had the same connection that the producers on the last album had with KSI. KSI just rushed this project and made the goal sales, not seeming to take music seriously as soon as he got his first huge song in the form of 'Lighter' as a feature, seeming to want to continue that commercial success as KSI knew it would be easy to get those high numbers, not caring if it would lead to a lack of quality in his music as he seemed to tempted to get those chartings, which may be for the sales or just for personal satisfaction, but either way, it just lead to an album lost in various genres and an album that wasn't well put. Wish KSI the best for future music but as a KSI fan, this just wasn't it as it didn't have anything I wanted or even one song that I absolutely loved unlike on 'Dissimulation' where all of KSI's hits actually lie. Overall, 'All Over the Place' is a poorly made project that shows KSI going down a generic road, lost in the various moods on this album, leaving a mess behind and calling it a day, with the album having decent vocals with bad mixing, below average basic beats, and lyrics that were not bad but didn't ever flow well.

Best Tracks: No Time, Patience, Sleeping With The Enemy
Worst Tracks: Rent Free, Silly, You, Gang Gang, Flash It

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Track Ratings
1The Moment / 70
2Number 2 / 75
3Patience / 80
4You / 50
5Don't Play / 70
6Really Love / 75
7Gang Gang / 50
8Rent Free / 25
9Madness / 50
10Silly / 30
11Flash It / 50
12No Time / 100
13No Pressure / 60
14Sleeping With the Enemy / 80
Jul 16, 2021
@Cry have got to agree with you there. The singles showed that this album had so much to promise, but bland tracks ruined it. Though I do have to disagree with you on "Flash It," because that track's a bop. Waste of 40 minutes.
Jul 16, 2021
Agreed, I was super disappointed by the release. Great review!
Jul 16, 2021
@MissingFable Glad you agree!! Fax, the singles really hyped me up, especially Patience and Holiday but this album was just filled with boring, basic tracks. Glad you enjoyed 'Flash It', just didn't have as much fun as I wanted!! :)
Jul 16, 2021
@jcbal97 Glad to hear that you agree, I was super disappointed too! Thank you so much!! :)
Jul 18, 2021
Great review! It felt weird for me that an artist that in the past has tried to portray themselves as a decent lyricist, had such lacklustre features in that department, other than Bugzy.
Jul 18, 2021
I adore this review! Love seeing you gave my favorite track a 100, we have, like so often, the same favorite tracks, lol! :) I also really liked 'Really Love', 'Madness', and 'Number 2', but have to agree that this was pretty disappointing, even if it's growing on me.
Jul 19, 2021
@PersonalOpinion Thank you! :) Fax, it felt a little weird for me too, KSI didn't get any decent lyrical features to my disappointment other than Bugzy Malone!! :(
Jul 19, 2021
@Reviewsic Thank you so much!! 'No Time' 100% deserves it, such a vibe and Durk's verse slaps!! lollll I know, we often do have similar favorite tracks lol, I really liked 'Really Love' and thought 'Number 2' was nice, although I did feel like the second verse on 'Madness' carried while everything else was mediocre!! :)
Jul 19, 2021
@Cry Yeah, I know what you mean, I also liked the second 'Madness' verse a lot! :D And love to hear you also like 'Really Love' and the rest of my favorite songs. :)
Jul 19, 2021
@Reviewsic Glad to hear that you liked the second verse of 'Madness' too, the flow was fantastic!! :)
Jul 20, 2021
@Cry Agreed! :D
Jul 22, 2021
@Cry I think this album was well reviewed, but i have to disagree with you on the track Silly , as much as jj verse may have been a bit lackluster , bugzy malone killed the beat. I personally think this song was well produced and would say that its one of the better songs on the album. Your selection of best tracks is still bang on
Jul 22, 2021
@Sam108 Thank you so much, I can see why you disagree with me on 'Silly'. I just felt like the track is something that we could've expected from KSI five years back, but with this track being way worse than the version he would've made in the past, with his verse lacking like you mentioned, but I do have to admit that Bugzy Malone's verse slapped, being one of the best on the album but I did feel like the verse still didn't save the song as the energy shown by KSI was just off and 'silly'. Glad to hear that you agree with my best track list!!! :)
1d ago
1d ago
@GetBeaned Poorly made doesn't have to equal a negative score but I guess I'm lenient with my scores, score may drop though!! :)
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