Billie Eilish - Guitar Songs
Jul 21, 2022 (updated Jul 21, 2022)
Billie Eilish is back, around a year after 'Happier Than Ever', with two new folk tracks packaged as 'Guitar Songs', and to put it plainly, they're pretty. I admire how peaceful yet powerful the songs are, spreading strong messages that'll run through your mind as the guitar gently strokes your soul, calming you down. Both songs are opposites in how much depth they dive into lyrically, but they both bring out something that's natural and beautiful as guilt's a common theme that's echoed throughout both songs, as we witness Billie blaming herself constantly. Although a bit basic sonically compared to some of her recent work, Billie blows me away with her writing, gently singing over guitar instrumentals for eight minutes to build something beautiful.

'TV' feels like a song written by Billie while she was watching TV, not thinking too deeply, using what was running on the TV to fuel her thoughts, relaxing her mind otherwise, but makes an important warning related to relationships. The vocals from Billie Eilish are so good, swirling softly as they intertwine with the guitar as she sounds like she's realized that she's made a mistake that's too big to fix, a mistake that's left her alone, drowning in regret. The production doesn't have much going on instrumental wise as it's just generic, but the addition of drums softened the tension in the air to some extent, giving the song more room to build an atmosphere. The lyrics are about Billie breaking up, only realizing that there's no one left for her anymore as she's invested all her time at one place, her past partner, in the name of love, backfiring as now that she's broken up with him, there's no one left for her anymore, the rest of her friends have already packed their bags and left. Other issues that are briefly discussed are the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial along with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, with Billie taking this time to call out people everywhere for paying more attention to celebrities when there was something as serious as the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Billie wonders whether she's the problem, coming to the conclusion that she is when it was not her that really did anything wrong, it was just her making the mistake of not caring enough about her other friends, just because she had a boyfriend as at the end of the day, people will disappear if you aren't there for them when they're there for you. She uses the vocals of the crowd from the very first time she performed the song live and it comes together with the rest of the track to form a stunning outro. Overall, 'TV' is a reminder to people all over the world to stop talking for a second and instead take a moment to watch, observe your surroundings as you'll always learn something out of them, while additionally including the message of needing to show everyone you love that you love them, not just your partner, using drums and the crowd recording to get the generic guitar to sound interesting.

The 30th
'The 30th' was the first song Billie had written since 'Happier Than Ever', based on events that occurred November 30th, drawing a portrait of her past or current partner getting drunk in thought of Billie, consequently ending up in an accident that luckily wasn't fatal. The vocals from Billie sound relieved and exhausted, really taking a long breath to process what she's just experienced as you can detect a hint of annoyance and anger at her partner's careless mistake which ends in thankfulness that her partner ended up okay and is alive as at the end of the day, that's all that matters and not what could've happened. The production is nice, maybe not matching Billie's performance the best as I can't help but lose track of the great guitar instrumental in order to keep track of Billie's story. The lyrics are fantastic as Billie connected the pieces of the puzzle to figure out that her partner had gotten drunk because of her and ended up drunk driving after, having received a phone call from him, ending up in an accident which Billie believes could've been a lot worse if even one variable was different. The bridge is breathtaking as you can feel Billie's tiredness with her partner's foolishness but even then, Billie can't help but calm down as she's just thankful that he's okay. Overall, 'The 30th' gets your heart pacing, warning listeners to never drink and drive as it can be extremely dangerous, even if this time around Billie's partner comes out alive this time around as she reminds listeners that if even one thing was different, everything could've been over, being a bit of a mess when it came to the guitar as it sounded more like something for Ed Sheeran than Billie Eilish.

Overall, 'Guitar Songs' are great songs that give Billie the chance to speak up on what she wants to, spreading messages by singing over guitar instrumentals as I've definitely learnt at least one important lesson while additionally having lost myself in all of the context as Billie knew how to keep me paying attention, but FINNEAS frustrated me for the first time in a while as these guitar beats just aren't gorgeous, relying on Billie to take control as both songs have really good vocals, basic production, and writing that I can't stop thinking about.

Track Ratings
1TV / 70
2The 30th / 90
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