Lil Baby - Detox
Sep 9, 2022
'Detox', likely to be the lead single to 'It's Only Me', isn't as disastrous as people paint it to be, being a decent song that's more melodic than many were expecting from Lil Baby. The vocals from Lil Baby suck as the auto-tune almost destroys the entire song on its own because of how buttery they turn Lil Baby's vocals which leads to an awkward shakiness in his voice along with a subtle slur between his words, reminding me of how trash his auto-tune was on 'Staying Alive' by DJ Khaled. The production is just so boring as Lil Baby's beats has been on a steady decline ever since 'My Turn', an album where I thought the beats were actually dragging him down so to have gotten nothing but worse from that is a scary thought especially when you've got an album releasing in under a month, with this beat being just another choir being sampled as the instrumental and trap drums being added on to it, no effort put into it other than how much they did to suck the life out of Lil Baby's vocals and make him sound drugged up. The lyrics are easily the best part about the track as the chorus comes off cleanly, would've been quite catchy if it weren't for the auto-tune and the verses flow coolly, with the number line at the start of the second verse standing out. 'Detox' doesn't lower my hype at all for Lil Baby's upcoming album as although playing with the auto-tune in hopes of making Lil Baby more melodic and in turn attract a larger audience was a misstep, not something you can blame them for trying as they were just experimenting, but it was a bold decision to release the track as the lead single as I've seen so many people claim that if this is going to be on the album, the album will be trash too which is weird to me as this is just one song that went wrong in the lab, we don't know about the rest yet, so why not go into the album with an open mind. Overall, 'Detox' doesn't deserve all the hate it gets as it's a decent song that can play in the background as you work out, but then again, this isn't close to a 'Whoa' or 'Sum 2 Prove', two of the best trap singles in this decade while the production has shown zero sign of getting better as Lil Baby continues to cycle through producers, having not found the right one yet.
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On God he needs a new producer he can do better
The song is alright imo but it can't compare to the goated album promo My Turn had. WHOA?! Fucking Banger. SUM 2 PROVE?! AMAZING ass song!

Great review like always dude
@beetlebat exactly, could at least try to bring in one of the best trap producers in the industry with the amount of resources he has, especially with being so close to Young Thug and Gunna, I'm sure he could try to bring in Wheezy or Taurus as they might be more free while Young Thug and Gunna are in jail!
@Reviewsic Yupp exactly, My Turn is a classic for a reason but I still will have hope for this album as after all, it's just one single, maybe nothing close to the highs of My Turn but it's not the worst song in the world and believe in Baby to come up with not just bangers, but to evolve with It's Just Me! Whoa and Sum 2 Prove are some of my favorite trap songs ever! Thank you so much!! :)
@Cry Yeah, I agree, the song is quite catchy and I start liking it a bit currently, it's in my rotation for sure. It's disappointing for a single, because he has the potential to do way better, but it ain't as bad as the user score shows. :D
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