girl in red - if i could make it go quiet
May 1, 2021
FAVORITE TRACK: I’ll Call You Mine


bro.... i’m so disappointed.

girl in red makes music that is in the genre of “indie pop for teenagers about love”. Similar to artists like Conan Gray, Clairo and Wallows- girl in red has always been able to stand out because she’s proved to be quite talented with tracks like i wanna be your girlfriend and bad idea. if i could make it all go quiet feels like a soulless indie pop album capitalizing on what’s popular now.

The lyrics on this are terrible. They’re so embarrassing and lame. And not in the way modern baseball or any midwest emo band is lame I mean this is PATHETIC. The writing on this, especially on tracks like Serotonin and hornylovesickmess, are some of the worst writing i’ve heard in years.

girl in red can’t expand on anything she introduces on this album. Her “edgy” songs aren’t edgy at all like stupid bitch and Did You Come?. And if they don’t fit into being a slow, romantic song or an upbeat, edgy track- they’re just invisible. Body and Mind just completely fades because the lyrics aren’t memorable and the production is just non-existent. But I will give her credit and say her slower songs are better than anything else on the record- like ., Rue and midnight love.

I’m being hard on this record because girl in red has proved before she’s talented. Her past EPs were not bad and she just stepped 50 steps down from that level. I feel I’ll Call You Mine that’s able to really encapsulate girl in red’s talent lyrics and singing wise

Also this album cover is fucking awful.
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