Bo Burnham - Inside (The Songs)
Jun 10, 2021

LEAST FAVORITE TRACK: Facetime with my Mom (Tonight)

“Look who’s inside again.”

I know I said I wasn’t going to review this but now that it’s been released as an album, I thought, “why not”? I also work a seven hour desk job so I need to occupy myself somehow.

This whole album is really well performed. Tracks like Content, All Eyes On Me and 30 are all incredibly catchy. The vocals on this are really great, too. Bo Burnham may not be the best singer but he puts his whole self into every song he performs. This shows on Goodbye and Comedy, two completely different tracks, because they both have a solid performance from the comedian. The lyrics on this are hilarious but also very in-touch with the world, like on How the World Works. Burnham has never really been known for having “political humor” so for him to get into it-and for it to work- just shows him growing as a performer and a songwriter.

Not only is it funny, the instrumentals are great. The use of synth and electronics on this whole album is really fun, making songs like Comedy and Problematic extremely lively and fun. The fact that all of these songs sound different form one another and each take on their own genre show a talented side to Burnham. From an R&B track like Sexting to an 80s pop hit like Problematic and an acoustic track on That Funny Feeling, it shows a talent from Burnham as he experiments with his sound. And that change in sound is what makes Inside so enjoyable. Not just in the context of the film, the music is really well-made and engaging.

A very timely piece that’s also very timeless. Todd in the Shadows posted a video once and stated that “being a comedy musician is one of the hardest things you can be”. Not only do you have to be a damn good comedian, you have to be a talented musician too. I feel Burnham lives up to that and also matured with the release of this. It’s an extremely well-crafted and wonderfully creative album.
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