Temporex - Care
Feb 11

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CyberCrasher_TV -
When we last left off, Cyber had just finished CSH's first album. A massive, uncombed mess, with danger aloof. They barely got out alive. Now, more prepared than ever for Will's treacherous ways, will cyber survive 2?

1-10 minutes in- OH MY GOD, this is actually really good! this one time I went to a coffee house because some guy I knew was playing and I just sat there for an hour and didn't talk to anyone and then I came home and wrote this song was mixed like trash, but this is going really ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
Welcome to the Car seat headrest marathon, in celebration of 22 followers (why are there so many of you?) Our protagonist, Cyber, is now listening to the first car seat headrest album. Little do they know what is in store for them…

1-22 minutes in- scums, it isn't THAT bad! It sounds pretty nice, and l love the beat switch-ups. David Lynch is starting, and it sounds really nice!

24-28- oh my god, the riff was all it had. His shotty customer is so close to being pleasant, but the ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
See? I told you scums that the queens would return. AND WITH A VENGEANCE!! Dang, this album is really good! This is one of those transition albums, where they might be experimenting with their sound. Despite the peace sign being broken, the peace sign sound is still mostly there. The writing is still amazing as always. It's the instrumentals that are messy for me. Most of these songs are really good, except for bulldozer. Some sound like PAH B-sides, some sound like guillotine by death grips ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
Since the only paragraph long review is in Spanish, I'll be cornering the market.

*clears neck straw* V I B E S

But seriously though, straight vibes. The production on this is glimmering. it's an awesome sounding record. Beautiful singing galore. This album sounds immaculate. Is this peak dreampop? I enjoyed this a ot what a wonderful record it's so nice it's so good it's beautiful could you close your eyes? what a nice record what a pretty record so pleasant sounding so cute so rich ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
Scum, you can't just review the cover! The review guidelines explicitly says you can't do that! Some of y'all are funny about it, others aren't. But they aren't reviews, they should be comments under the album! Now, onto my actual review....

I think this album can be best described in blunt terms. The only instrument in the album is a piano, and the singer has a very noticeable British accent. The album is very focused on the artist's attempts to get any sense of love in her darkest spots of ... read more
Feb 21, 2021
WHAT? Oh I meant where i'm currently at.
Feb 21, 2021
I'd love to join you, the problem is the only form of contact I have with people at the moment is google meets,,,,,,, god I hate being here but what can ya do!
Feb 20, 2021
I think this might've changed my opinion on it a little bit BUTTTTTTTTTTT I am glad to talk about this: I personally feel that the opener for PAH was boring as hell! Like damn it's what made me not listen to them but I am glad I listened to the album fully, because it's just all around amazing except the opener......
Bulldozer and Heaven are so different which is why I love them, Dev and Rook took their chances and I personally feel it was executed amazingly.

Any w a y s, how are you :-0
Feb 20, 2021
I did indeed, if you are interested I found myself heavily agreeing with Riskr's review of it. I suppose the album has a chance to grow on me though
Feb 19, 2021
May I ask why you don't like Forever in your Heart more than Peaceful as hell >:(((((((((!!!!!!!!
Feb 11, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Feb 8, 2021
I wonder what a friendly rivalry would look like on AOTY
Feb 8, 2021
Bad news- I deleted my teens of denial review

Good news- at the start of March, I'm reviewing every Car Seat Headrest album! One review per day. Who knows, I might experiment with my reviewing style? Stay tuned for that!
I review albums, & am a mess!

Also don't have donar status, I take that as a compliment
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