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CyberCrasher_TV -
6:00 PM, MST

If you told me a year ago, I'd be fooled into oversharing again. I would have told you, a year ago: You seem cool, can we be friends? Sorry I read so damn depressed, I'd be in therapy, but that's virtual. Lynn's broken up, she needs some rest. I'll try my best to be all made up for a show. Woah, go… though my memories, cherished things, finding gold. It might be breaking me, but it's been sold. Key hit, pre slipped syllables. Sorry my crysis have been Hindenblurs. But hey, ... read more

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CyberCrasher_TV -
Look, I'm a simple girl. I see two of my favorite creators liking an album, and it being described by Patricia as "a f___ing concept album about being ghosted by your discord daddy dom", I listen. I mean, wouldn't you? Out of morbid curiosity (and Ms. Taxxon being a God tier producer), why wouldn't you? These feelings were so important to her, she spent a full year mulling over this. And, if I'm quick enough, I'll be able to be the first full review of this album. And that'd be dope! ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
I will write a review of whatever you want me too. I will take requests. I got a few slots open, I'll tell you when they are full. I know that I will be disappointed by the outcome of this, that being more people will be yelling at me for saying "Travis Scott bad", than have something they'd think I'd like to request. I passed my anniversary for starting this account 19 days ago. I guess this is my gift. I will tell you if I can't review your request, I don't want a half a_____ review ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
A brief inquiry into online friendship

An essay by ******** ******* ****

When it comes to friendship in the internet age, many of our older companions in life will accept a belief long standing. There isn't any. The guy you met on a message board could be lying! Your "best friend" on this site may be a sex pest whos actually 48. They may be asking for login information, looking for ways to hack credit cards, and don't trust those you met on the internet. Ever wondered why I never ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
Ok, was I the only one who thought the cover was a rag doll at first? I just never looked at it up close. So the closest thing to a friend I got on this site really likes this album. I hear rumors he's reading this in Porter's house. There was a whole chatroom for it even.

Anyway, I guess I should listen to the album now, huh. So, here's my experience trying to listen to nurture. I'm doing it like my 1, 2, 3, and 4 reviews, so I expect three likes or less. Also a comment, I expect one. ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
Aight, quick lil (oh, my pure summer child) review before I go back to working on my actual big reviews. I've been interested in her music, especially how much I love green eyes! it's my igor, windy. I want to make out with cute girls every time I listen, ITSSOGOOD. The album starts with a nice poem. It sounds pleasant. Weird connection incoming, but it feels like something the vocal character in Oh Klamoro would say. It's very pretty. I feel like it's the summer again, I'm back to putting my ... read more


Dec 3, 2021
Hello !!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 3, 2021
There are a lot of parts of your reviews that are a little vague or complex- I seem to end up interpreting them one way, although I suppose I may be seeing things differently than how they’re appearing. I am interested in how you write like this!
Also to answer your question, my family has Netflix but I can’t really use it by myself (why I’m pirating Jojo). There is a target tho :)
Dec 3, 2021
honestly, i can't really put my fingers in terms of thought/reaction on the individual parts of the review. it was mostly a mix of worry, astounded, and confusion.

i'll check those out when i can!
Dec 2, 2021
I like the new pfp!! I’ll read your review soon, I look forward to it 🤍
Dec 2, 2021
As stated in my review, I'll be taking a bit of a break of publishing reviews, but will not stop writing reviews. About fifteen. They will be released about when they're done. Anyway, hi windy! Did you like the review? It will probably be the longest review I'll ever do here, considering I hit the goddamn character limit. But, I hope you enjoyed it! Anyway, bye!
Dec 2, 2021
I'm on a swing at a park, listening to pinkerton, while kids with better social lives leave their school bus to go back home. Life is bad, but the weather and music is good. The new review is probably happening tonight. It'll be a review of
Dec 2, 2021
I am awake 😎 but I’m school
Dec 2, 2021
oo alright!
Dec 2, 2021
😘 (jetzt schlafe ich - I always sleep at the most inopportune moments)
Dec 1, 2021


On hiatus after posting my longest review to date. I hope you enjoyed it, it took a while (obviously)

Oh, I'm also bi and transfem (she/her, obvs), so I'm allowed to reclaim the slurs in that review. Ok, got it? Good. Now onto making some reviews!

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