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CyberCrasher_TV -
Warning: spoilers for twin fantasy. Yes, I think this album is good enough to listen to blind first. I don't recommend reading this review before your first listen, it spoils a lot of good lines. Also, Will's former significant other uses she/her pronouns, and I'mma use those!

that intro track. OH MY GOD, IT SLAPS SO HARD!! One of the best album openers of all time. The singer tells his "boy" that no matter their distance, they'll survive. And when they make it out, he'll never ... read more

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CyberCrasher_TV -
Ok, I guess the silent treatment worked! So here are my decrees

By the end of July, I will have finished the vampire weekend binge.

In August, I will complete my car seat headrest marathon, I promise, this time.

Windy will keep me on sent for...


Tom bejoy was lying, and isn't going to give me the discord link.

I will just stop checking into this website sometime, you scum act like I don't exist sometimes.

Yesterday, I actually could've not been able to be on this account. ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
Ok guys, I was curious today, and searched up "foreskin less balls" on duckduckgo, and there were no results. I should feel good that I didn't see dick gore today, but I genuinely curious how cum is made. Like, is your balls a solid cum rock, and then when you are in a cum situation, the cum rock dissolves into liquid cum? I mean, I'm pretty sure if your balls had actual cum inside of them, they would be far more squishy. Wait, let me check real quick. Ok, so it is squishy, but there ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
don't be fooled by the rating, contra is the best album of all time. oh wow wee gee willikers! Time to give this thing the biggest job in the blowing department. The first song blasts you into a country, it's culture slamming your face. Hair filled with flora, lips sucking on vegka. The xylophone is not played by death, but it's close. The strings have strung you along it's tale. The second song is more electronic than the last. The lyrics are about a walk somewhere, the drums and bass are ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
"WHY IS THIS SUCH A VIBE?!?", "Bass line?? Why you so groovy??!", "Why is Peter Gabriel unnatural?", "'GLASS!' bro, why is that your last line in this song?", "Oh no, is this jonty tune going to be a teacher romance? Noooooo, Is it?" (It wasn't), "WHY ARE YOU ON THE BALCONY?", "WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING ON THE BALCONY??", "WHY ARE YOU TAKING A NAP IN THE AFTERNOON ON THE BALCONY NEAR A COLLEGE CAMPUS???", "Why have ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
The album where Will really hates Cate Wurtz, like REALLY hates Cate Wurtz

I've been watching a lot of existential videos as of late. It doesn't help with anything. I got a comment on my last review (that would be double dream (mirror to mirror) if I didn't procrastinate all the time). It was kind, super kind. He said that my writing is great. I constantly struggle to keep myself from believing my own hype too much. Thank god ________ is there to tell me I'm not getting the point of quick ... read more


Jul 24, 2021
I got one Riskr
Jul 21, 2021
I’m sorry!!!!! I meant to respond, but got distracted by a few other aoty things. In response, a CSH thing would be cool in my eyes, was just relistening to a lot of their albums and remembered why I love them so much lol. Saw u say you won’t be checking this box, and that’s fine lol - do as you like, and whatever seems best ☺️ We can continue this idea whenever is ideal, or do whatever’s necessary - congrats on ur list too!
Jul 19, 2021
Okay, now that I'm home... I feel like, yeah, I've seen a few collab reviews (not album swaps) out there, but can't remember who made them. I would love to do a collab of some sort, whether that be working together on reviews or otherwise... if you ever wanna do something like that, reach out to me, and I'd be willing to participate! :)
Jul 18, 2021
do you want a link to the discord?
Jul 18, 2021
OHHH im sorry
my pfp is just chuu from loona grabbing her own cheeks LMFAO
Jul 18, 2021
you would what?
what about the pfp, lol :D
Jul 16, 2021
I have seen a few… 😳😳😳😳😳😳 I would absolutely be up to doing a collab review of some sort, I’ll check over the examples u gave! I’m in a place with bad wi-fi right now, and I’ll try to give a more in-depth answer later 😎
Jul 16, 2021
windy was right
Jul 16, 2021
I’m sure people gave done it. It’s definitely been done in formal review for like magazines or YouTube videos, so I’m sure it can be done here, I just have seen any collab reviews on this site. There would have to be some discussion between each user how they’re gonna do it for sure


AOTY's image processor is actually a v-tech innotab

100- Issa classic
99-90- big fav
89-80- great
79-70- good
68-60- fine
59-50- mid
49-40- bleh
39-30- bad
29-20- oh
19-10- OH
9-1- OH GOD
0- ǹ͉̳̗̺̟͙̻̯̰̲̮̟̲̺̎̊͌̓ͤ͌ͬ̍̿ͣ͌̇̀́̚̚o̳̙ ̆̌̎nO̙̪̠̙̰̻̻͙͖͍̳̻͛ͯͣ̈́̔̆̍͑́́̌̍͢͠ ̆N̵̥͇͍̻͎̝̼̜ͭ̉̿͒ͥͪ̍ͦͮ̕͝ͅƠ͕̯̟̳̩̹̓̍̑̅͑̀ͫ͜ͅ!̒ͨ̓ͥͮ͊̄̋ͨ̈̏̇!̺ͭ ͌̔̅̎͂ͦͯͮ̑̃̓͑̃͊͏̭̰̤̖̮̜̘̼̗̖̬̩̞͎

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