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CyberCrasher_TV -
So, here's an update/review! Since doing it anywhere else is ✨pointless✨. So, a few questions, I'll answer yours if you give it to me at the end of this word pile.

πš†πš‘πšŽπš›πšŽ πš‘πšŠπšŸπšŽ 𝚒𝚘𝚞 πš‹πšŽπšŽπš—?
Procrastinating on the monomania review! So I'm at track 5/9. Yeah, it'll be a while until it happens. My guess is sometime before the end of April, when it happens, and what else drops then is my secret, the past person's guess, and the future person's fact! ... read more

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CyberCrasher_TV -
Warning: spoilers for twin fantasy. Yes, I think this album is good enough to listen to blind first. I don't recommend reading this review before your first listen, it spoils a lot of good lines. Also, Will's former significant other uses she/her pronouns, and I'mma use those!

that intro track. OH MY GOD, IT SLAPS SO HARD!! One of the best album openers of all time. The singer tells his "boy" that no matter their distance, they'll survive. And when they make it out, he'll never ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
I've heard stories of this horrific beast taking the backs of all the deceased. Replacing spinal fluid, fusing dead spine still killing him, didn't take the dead's peace. Heard he puts the victims thru comatose. The verbose shoulders of the gross creature put victims in a trace. He then eats the skin, closely tastes like fructose. eats your muscles and organs, taste like glucose. Then takes your chord to revive his. But most is still killer, so he'll take your kid's. But that's the last time ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
I am the only actual review w/ a rating on this site for this EP. with a band like this, it’s a little weird that this would only have (as of writing this) 7 ratings. i guess that unless your EP is named “how to leave town”, most Car Seat Headrest fans won’t care about you. I guess the reason most write this album off, is likely because of the fact that it was killed for parts. Of the five songs on this record, 3 of them were stolen as a sacrifice so that the aching back ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
When we last left cyber, they had finished the best two numbered releases. Now, they venture into the worst reviewed car seat headrest album EVER. Will cyber survive these Pieces of paper?

0:00-2:39 Ok, this is a little cute quite riff, and Will sounds so WHY DID IT GET SO LOUD ok, now it's fine WHY WILL, IT GOT SO NICE! IT'S ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD RIGHT NOW. I CAN'T HEAR ANY VOCALS IN THIS MESS!

2:40-5:59 Now this is my jam! Dum dum dum dum, the riff sounds nice. I still can't hear the ... read more
CyberCrasher_TV -
When we last left off, cyber was listening to 3, and really enjoyed it. Now, will Will continue this getting better streak, or could Will collapse into complete trash once again?

0-12 minutes in- O H M Y G O D, THE OPENER IS GREAT, I LOVE IT!! A good bridge… is a great opener, if it keeps going like this, it could get a ten. It even slaps hard! Issa classic! Doesn't feel aimless, it feels deadset. Who even knows, while not as great, is still really good. Love the chorus and ... read more


Apr 28, 2021
Haha, if you are referring to the sudden large amount of negative ratings, it is due to me transferring some over from RYM and making my scale the same here. I'm starting with negatives and working my way up!
Apr 10, 2021
Thank you for the offer but honestly idk if that would work with a picture of my dog haha
Apr 8, 2021
Your pfp is beautiful and mesmerizing!!
Apr 8, 2021
i mostly just think BH makes good music honestly,,, i don't like really know the members of the group or anything i just listen to their stuff.
i saw your shout @ landlalt and apparently there are sexual misconduct allegations?? wait what happened with that i've never heard about that other than ameer

also thank you so much for the offer!! i'm away from my ig account right now but i'll check out the app when i get back on
Apr 7, 2021
your peaceful as hell rating is so incredibly unbelievably based i don't even know how to put it into words
also i love your pfp
Apr 3, 2021
also really based feels score
Apr 3, 2021
what's wrong with brockhampton
Mar 16, 2021
Well quality wise, its the weakest of my 100's, but its my most streamed album of all time (3000+ plays) so I owe it something
Mar 15, 2021
Feb 21, 2021
WHAT? Oh I meant where i'm currently at.


I review albums, & am a mess!

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