AOTY 2023
Coldplay - Music of the Spheres
Coldplay's ninth album, "Music of the Spheres" is quite the ride. The tracks effortlessly transition into one another on what might be the band's poppiest album to date. It's not a very consistently great project, but when it gets good it shines. Coloratura might just be in my top 50 songs of all-time.

First, the tracklist names. Yeah, we're doing this. I have to say I LOVE how the tracklist was handled in terms of naming, but I don't like a lot of placements. The 5 emoji ... read more

GOM - Bullfighting in Brooklyn
It's a really fun project. There's not a ton lyrically but the production slaps. Outside of "Killing Time" each song is amazing and easy to get lost in. "Killing Time" just brings me out of it with the whole "shut the fuck up!" in the chorus where they go British for some reason, and it doesn't sound natural and has always irked me. The glitchy production on each track goes crazy and it's an awesome project I would recommend.
Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams
The band's worst parts.

'Parachutes' & 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' have quite neat soundscapes and usually some hard-hitting lyrics, and I'm one of the few who enjoyed 'Music of the Spheres', but this album is just all of the band's worst parts. Some of the band's most boring tracks slapped into one project, with one standout song I love. Each song being four minutes or longer sucks too, it makes the problems with the project a lot more apparent and drawn out. The bloat on each track is ... read more

blackbear - misery lake
Radio pop rap does not mesh well with lyrical music.

It's quite the accomplishment when he consistently makes 3-minute tracks sound like they're 8 and a half minutes long. He wastes all of his potential on melodramatic and boring pop-rap tracks that drag on and on. This project is just painfully average, with each track sounding like he's trying to use a formulaic approach to his music which just doesn't work or come across as especially genuine. When he's trying to talk about his struggles ... read more

wishlane - string theory

Wishlane returned with this song nearly 2 weeks ago, and I've only now been able to articulate my thoughts. It's like PERFECTION. The way the song progresses is INSANE, it's cinematic but not to a point where it's overwhelming, and it's got some incredible vocals from Wishlane. I don't know how this mf does it BUT GOD DAMN, the instrumental on this track is AWESOME!!! One of the best things I've heard all year. Everything comes together so nicely.

​polearm - III
An album that would be amazing if it weren't for a few flaws.

Polearm returns with his 3rd album aptly titled III. This album sounds like his usual fast-paced hyperpop with more emotional lyrics. It sounds really good like usual, Polearm's strong suit has always been his production, but on this album, there are some tracks that sound a bit boring compared to the rest. WEIGHT for example uses his usual production style, but his flow over the beat feels somewhat awkward and the lyrics feel quite ... read more

Coldplay - Parachutes
Parachutes is quite the emotional album.

Each track follows a similar format, reverby guitars played under Chris Martin's singing that gradually builds. It works quite well on every song, only two tracks are 7s for me. Spies because it's not that interesting lyrically and it's not as well crafted as the rest of the tracklist, and High Speed because it drags on quite a lot. There are some of Coldplay's highest highs on this album, that being Sparks, Yellow, Parachutes, and Everything's Not ... read more

Trippie Redd - Saint Michael V2
A few decent songs stuck between over half an hour of dogshit.

Trippie Redd decides it's time to release again, 2 weeks after the release of the EP version of this album. He at least brings a couple decent songs here that weren't on the EP, but out of the 10 new ones only 2 are good, and another 2 are at least decent. His lyrics are AWFUL, the way he talks about sex is a huge turn off from his music and the only times I actually enjoy the music is when I can't understand the lyrics. The ... read more


Each of these songs are absolute masterpieces, my favorite being EASIER which reminds me a bit of BCNR and Khai Dreams. It's a very beautiful song. GUESS WHO? is the only one we've heard, he performed it live and released a snippet of it earlier this year, and the song is an absolute banger with a Nokia/alarm clock ass beat. EVEN IF I TRIED is a bit weird but incredibly fire and quite the awesome song. Quadeca prevails as the best artist ever!!!!!!

Wisp (46b) - Brumal

I found this through squadeca recommendations and holy shit I am impressed. The production on here is INSANE, some of the coolest shit from this year, and ends with one of the best album closers I've ever heard. The singles from this project are some of my favorite songs of the year, and it's just all around one of the best projects I have heard. It feels like laying in the snow and feeling a cold breeze on your face while trying not to cry. It's so so so good.

Starting with ... read more

funeral - brokenhearted
Wow, this was boring. Interesting to see how Funeral started but none of these 3 songs are intriguing and do pretty much nothing. The lyrics aren't very bad or good, but the majority of the time it's repetitive like the chorus on "bulletproof". The production is just incredibly mediocre and is too much of nothing. I don't like his vocals very much on "selfish" either, but the other two have fine performances from him. Good thing there isn't more to this or I would've been ... read more
funeral - sickinthehead
This was the 800th project I've heard!!!

And it's not very good! It's trying so hard to be hard, but it ends up boring. The production isn't very interesting, sounding barebones without much going on. The only song I did enjoy was "MASK" which actually had a pretty fire beat and a decent performance from funeral. Other than that song, everything else fell pretty flat and was quite boring.

Accidentally gave this a 4 LMAO

funeral - dejected, pt1
Great features from everyone, funeral pulls his weight on each track and glides over the beats really nicely. Wish it was a bit longer, but it's a good project for what it is. A bit more of an emotional approach too which I appreciate.
funeral - familyfriendly
Funeral EP binge!!

The title track is a top-tier funeral track, which is incredibly fun and enjoyable. Mrkrabs is a bit meh, I like the beat but I don't think funeral slides over it as well as he does on the previous song, and I don't think slowing down toward the end was a great move.

ericdoa - dancinwithsomebawdy
Washes kickstand, even tho both are absolute bangers. Such an incredibly groovy and fun song, with cool lyrical elements too. Super excited for his next album!!!
​polearm - ​therapy
A 12-minute album with 12 tracks, what could go wrong!?

Well, a lot. First of all, the production on here isn't the fun polearm craziness that I've come to know him for, and it's not bad, just not very interesting. Instrumentals are usually pretty disinteresting, his vocals are fine but don't have a ton of charm to them. Most often the tracks end right when they start to get interesting, the biggest example being EYES//HOME which could've easily been a minute longer, but I don't really like ... read more

tuv - bloom.
A bit surprised by this. This EP came out when I took a break from reviewing so I forgot all about it, but here I am. Not a lot of things to say, production is decent, especially on the first track which is quite fun and bubbly and reminds me of Drain Gang a bit. His vocals are, as usual, his biggest weakness. They rarely work that well, and when they do they're just decent and not really anything all that special. On "cold" which I actually think is tuv's best song, his vocals are ... read more
brakence - fifthenigma
Really great feels from this brakence project.

Early brakence has always been a bit iffy for me, I'm not too big on his early singles (at least the ones on Spotify), plain and simply I find them to be sort of awkward, especially some of hypnagogia. Everything post hypnagogia is great. This EP though defied expectation. I thought it was gonna be like the later singles that I didn't really care for, and it is similar in sound, but I like that this EP feels a bit more simple and effective.

The ... read more

blackwinterwells - WOLFY
Blackwinterwells decided to make a more horror-themed project under the pseudonym WELLSY and to very mixed success. She makes her voice gritty and raspy, and it does not work well at all. Her voice throughout the whole mixtape feels forced and awkward, and it sounds like someone trying to imitate a CORPSE voice. The lyrics also feel pointlessly edgy sometimes.

The features are pretty hard most of the time. The beats are nice and well-made, but there are some songs where they feel a bit bland. ... read more

Pentagrvm - Warlock
Two songs with blackwinterwells & kuru. This pair can make interesting music, the second song "Summoning Circle" has a beat that goes crazy hard and I love it, but the first track "Soul Gem" is a pretty boring cloud rap track. If they came together to make a collab album, there would be legitimate potential for a 9/10 project, but with only 2 songs, this thing feels like it needs much more to be good.
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