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The Roots - Game Theory
I wanted to review this album in depth, because I think for a while i've realized that this is my favorite album ever. I was just not willing to admit it because of the idea that I know someone who agrees that this is one of the best albums, and I didn't want it to look like I was copying them. Im over that.

There is something so satisfying about this album. It's so easy to listen to, it's so unique, it's so diverse in themes, it's so well produced, it's so well performed. It's absolutely the ... read more

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Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
Not a lot of moments in music where something genuinely unexpected happens, so stuff like this is fun. Maybe I look like a hypocrite liking this and disliking the Quadeca album but like, I don't care. Good job Yachty. You made some art hoe review bait. And I'm taking that bait. Credit to Rollo_P for putting it like that.
Boldy James & RichGains - Indiana Jones
First time he has necessarily "missed" since the Versace Tape. Yea, 7 albums ranging from good to great. Not to mention the 3 great albums he had before that. If thats not impressive then idk what is.
Benny The Butcher - Tana Talk 3
In a world where every coke rap album wants to be Only Built For Cuban Linx, this does a good job of understanding that while it can't be as good or better, it can always be 2nd best. People will debate on which Griselda album to give people to start with, but I feel like if youre gonna get into this, you gotta dive into their best immediately, like having cinder blocks tied to your shoes and being thrown into a large body of water, forced to sink into it completely. Thats what I did, and look ... read more
Mr. Lif - I Phantom
The Definitive Jux label is home to numerous underground classics from some real top tier lyricists and producers, and this album isnt an exception. Maybe its not as lyrically unique as The Cold Vein with Vast Aires metaphors. Maybe it's not as crazy as Aesop Rocks extreme lyrical talent. And maybe this isnt the best El-P production ever, but thats hardly a problem. This thing is still very well written and well performed on Mr. Lifs end, aswell as each feature we hear from, like Aesop Rock, ... read more
Drake - Views
Wow, this one comes with a story.

For all my life, people around me have listened to rap of many different types. My mom was really into DMX, 2pac, Biggie, N.W.A., things like that. Her boyfriends were mostly into more modern stuff like Jeezy, 50 Cent, some other trap artists, and J Cole specifically. Some time in 2015, I decided I wanted to get deeper into the genre. I started listening to a lot of my moms CDs. She had Get Rich or Die Tryin, and I listen to it a lot, but something I wanted ... read more


thanks bro, i'm arguably the biggest UGHH head on the site. I added most of the releases from Futurewave and alotta those dudes
Yeah Blowout Comb is the perfect jazz-rap album to me
thanks, I say the same to you!
Lol yea I’ve seen your account before. You’ve got some pretty based ratings bro
Holy shit bruh all your 100s are such big Ws especially Soul On Ice and Stress
Fr classic ass album


beautiful musics
stan killer mike

im in college now so things will be slow
if i delete a review i just didnt like it

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stuff i need to get to at some point. if you wanna recommend me stuff drop it in the replies.
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just for me to compare. i think what this list proves is the fact that denzels lows, like specifically early mixtape vibes, arent as good as vinces start. however, it also proves that comparing them ...
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