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Dabzilla -
Edit: I fucking listened to it. ToasterQueen, mind speeding up that assassination?

There are Some aspects I can't say are 0 worthy, maybe like a 10/100. But even those somewhat tolerable moments are completely blown away from the fucking garbage he spews across his hour long album. He has the edge of a baby. Saying a bunch of curse words and sex references is the only thing he can do. Not that he's good at it, but it's all he can physically accomplish. His direct disrespect for hip hop makes ... read more

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Dabzilla -
I haven't reviewed in a bit since I've been trying to do one of SFTB, but haven't had the time, so I decided to just give out a short review of one of my personal favorites in the meantime.

Genres: //Electropop/Art-Pop/Psychedelic-Pop/Alternative-HIp-Hop//

This is the greatest thing Gorillaz has ever done. Gorillaz has always been more song-oriented when it comes to albums; always focusing on individual ideas with a general sonic direction of a record, but here, Gorillaz craft a synthpop ... read more
Dabzilla -
Discog Dive: Swans: Gothic Rock Era

Genres: //Post-Punk/Gothic-Rock/Experimental-Rock/Noise-Rock//

An ever entrancing cosmic power consumes all that lies before all that is. No aspect of reality remains not consumed. The antithesis of existence. A grand entity that only serves as a force of expansion and absence. The final frontier that lays before all of existence. One that will never be overcome or understood, but eternally feared and appreciated for its cosmic beauty.

“The Great ... read more
Dabzilla -
Discog Dive: Swans: Gothic Rock Era

Genres: //Post-Punk/Gothic-Rock/Neofolk//

In the second part in the two-part series of which has no name comes an underwhelming yet respectable release from Swans. As an avid lover of their previous record, I am marginally disappointed with this. It does little to satisfy the themes and sound of “White Light From the Mouth of Infinity” and fails in many respects to stand as a solid record within the face of their other ‘90s ... read more
Dabzilla -
Discog Dive: Swans: Gothic Rock Era

Genres: //Post-Punk/Gothic-Rock/Neofolk//

A world is slowly constructed with one careful stroke of paint at a time. Trees grow from their shallow roots and become mighty giants that permeate within forests of accompanying giants to be burned down and replaced. Animals live and die in a euphoric bliss of endless survival. Seas and land change and shape endlessly; their fate unreachable. No malice, no hate, no desire, no greed. This world slowly becomes more ... read more
Dabzilla -
Discog Dive: Swans: Gothic Rock Era


This is without a doubt the most hated Swans record and that just goes to show how great Swans really is. Sitting at the turning point of a decade, 'The Burning World' is the evolution Swans made to further their folksy sound. Many of these sounds had been played with by their previous record, but here we see them in full throttle. It ditches the years of mastery in noise rock for a very serene and more grounded experience. ... read more


Aug 3, 2021
Ok Ive just listened to the Magnolia Electric Co and I have to say I liked that album more than I expected I would
Jul 29, 2021
what the farewell transmission owl doin???
Jul 29, 2021
Submissions will close 8/6.
Jul 28, 2021
Nice songs:ohia pfp
Jul 28, 2021
helllo dabzilla, me and another aoty user flamingo made an ambient album. i thought you might like it, lmfao, but i dont know. if you want to check it out here it is:
Jul 25, 2021
The funny thing is that I live in Brazil and have to do reviews in both English and Portuguese even though my followers are more European/North American than Brazilian.
Jul 25, 2021
how many times do you listen to an album that you rated
Jul 20, 2021
desculpa! eu acabei de fazer um unf spree para eliminar os seguidores fantasmas, então acabei deixando de seguir todos e apenas segui quem me segue de volta🥴

btw gosto muito acompanhar suas reviews, são ótimas como sempre!
Jul 18, 2021
No way man! Jesus all the way.
Jul 17, 2021
It will be as soon as I take the time to fix my laptop


I restructure my ratings every few months to keep things fresh and that's what I'm doing right now.

I delete a lot of reviews

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