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Dabzilla -
Wish the movie existed.
This is the longest record I've ever listened too, and despite this, nothing seems connect the tracks sonically. For such a long album, it's scope is so small. Focusing on each track more than the whole experience. Evan though it isn't as grand as it's predecessors, not a single track misses. There are so many memorable moments that left me awe struck. The length is far too much, but I can't say I was ever bored. Swans seems to explore elements of noise, funk, and folk. ... read more

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Dabzilla -
Mike provides some of his silliest lyrics while still tapping into some emotional moments.
Dabzilla -
Late at night I find myself wanting to give this another attempt, just to see where I stand with this record. Expecting complete torture, and yet I didn't. I kind of liked it. But even weirder, I found myself not indulged in its chaotic energy. Many people find themselves attracted to this from its udder absurdity, but no. I genuinely like this. IT SOUNDS GOOD TO MY EARS!

Yes the lyrics are udder nonsense, but that adds to the appeal. They have a fun charm to them and help amplify this wacky ... read more
Dabzilla -
I normally feel comfortable giving an album a score after a first listen, but this album is so inexplicable. The energy is so eerie and yet nothing particularly scary is happening. Everything is just so off-putting. And from the looks of it, that's the point, yet I still feel like I'm missing something. Like there's this one piece of a puzzle I can't find. I'm not overpowered with its unsettling energy just intrigued. Everything seems to be in the right place, but I still can't find it. I ... read more
Dabzilla -
Everything works except those horrible vocals.

The fast paced and aggressive nature of this album works perfectly. The Intense drumming and guitar riffs overpower the listener with this album's chaotic energy. The guitar solos are wild and mesmerizing. The whole atmosphere and nature of this is perfect...except for one thing.

These god forsaken vocals SUCK. They're annoying and are accompanied with cringe-worthy lyrics. He tries to spit out as many words as possible in the worst flow ... read more
Dabzilla -
Despite taking a while to start doing anything interesting, this is one of the most odd and wild releases this year.

The first two tracks are very underwhelming. The Kurt Cobain inspired vocals don't seem to work very well without the aid of a loud instrumental. The following track has some screamed vocals, that don't seem to fit and just sound off-putting. "Sneaky Devil" is very messy and has quit a few flaws, but serves as the turning point of the record. Everything past that ... read more
Oct 12, 2020
I'm trying to put together a list of scary album covers for a youtube video, and I'm needing some recommendations for this list - what are some scary (unnerving, gross, uncanny) album covers you've seen? Your recommendations will be credited in the video btw. Thanks in advance!
Oct 11, 2020
@Dabzilla - No dying! Tie-dye'ng? Your swirl of genres is interesting. I gotz ta keep my eyeholios on you, bruh! - @daFigz™
Oct 11, 2020
@Dabzilla - Thanks for the follow my eclectic lover of multiple music genres! Paz out! - @daFigz™
Oct 3, 2020
When I uhhhhh rap faster than before
Sep 20, 2020
What's your favorite album to listen in the Fall/Autumn season? It's for a list
Sep 19, 2020
There's something very eerie about Things Fall Apart by the roots. expecially the last few songs.
Sep 7, 2020
Baby one more time by britney spears
Aug 29, 2020
I would say for scariest maybe Spiderland by Slint?
Aug 26, 2020
There Existed An Addition To Blood by clipping.
Aug 24, 2020
Heyo! I know you’ve probably been asked this a bunch but what’s your least favorite album? I’m making my first community list, and I’d like to know your input :)
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40-- Bad
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10-- Unlistenable
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