Gorillaz - Humanz
Aug 6, 2017
This was the deluxe album; six tracks longer than other; two shorter than the vinyl version. The album had some good points, but the intro and interludes were not necessary, and the whole work felt too long. One through five and nineteen down were good, but the middle was hit or miss, except fourteen.

BEST – 1, 5, 14, 19, 20, 25

01. Intro: I Turned My Robot off – 8 – Good length for an intro; nothing crazy or offensive.
02. Ascension – 7.5 – Good beat.
03. Strobelite – 6.5 – There was nothing special about the music; the lyrics were repetitious. Too ‘eighties’ for me.
04. Saturnz Barz – 7.5 – Like music and lyrics, referring to one as Saturn, ‘breaking rings.’
05. Momentz – 8.5 - Simple beginning, excellent song about time. Feels like grand, with constant changes. De La Soul contributed.
06. Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath – 7 – Reminds me of the Dr. Pepper ad with dozens wearing the same “I’m Different” shirt, which pissed me off every time I saw it. The sample was from a Steve Martin routine.
07. Submission – 6.5 – I wasn’t crazy about the beginning, and when it picked up, it reminded me of “B.O.B.” The music and lyrics at 2:46 felt pulled directly from Outkast at :50, probably because both songs have the same lyrical meter, are rhyming “power,” and the performer sounds like a weaker Andre 3000 in that moment.
08. Charger – 7 – Okay, but Grace Jones doesn’t add anything for me. The story behind her contributions to this song should kill more points.
09. Interlude: Elevator Going Up – 5 - 5 seconds; 5 points.
10. Andromeda – 6
11. Busted and Blue – 7 - Slower
12. Interlude: Talk Radio – 5 – Just an intermission.
13. Carnival – 7 – Average song, simple lyrics.
14. Let Me Out – 8 – Good song and energy.
15. Interlude: Penthouse – 5
16. Sex Murder Party - 6 – Too repetitious.
17. She’s My Collar – 7 – A better song
18. Interlude: The Elephant – 5
19. Hallelujah Money – 9 – Excellent political satire, beautiful song and masterful lyrics. This track is far better than most of the other political songs that we have come across. The words could have been different, and it still would have been a strong 8. Great religious feel.
20. We Got the Power - 8 – It’s like after Track 19, I’m hearing a completely new and better album.
21. Interlude: New World – 7 – Even this interlude was good; an actual song instead of someone talking nonsense.
22. The Apprentice – 7.5 - A clean-sounding song that worked well with the different guest verses and voices.
23. Halfway to the Halfway House – 7.5
24. Out of Body – 7.5
25. Ticker Tape – 8 – The mention of ticker tape makes me wonder if this is another subtle political song.
26. Circle of Friends – 7.5

COVER – 5. Just another album cover with photos of the band members; nothing special.
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