Chicago - Chicago
Apr 11, 2017
First off, this is written for the Steven Wilson 2017 remix version. Wilson's adept touch and mastery of studio production is beyond reproach. So, it's with great enthusiasm that I give a favorable nod to this Chicago release. The high spot of this recording exists in James Pankow's exquisite 'Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon' song cycle. To me, it imparts a Progressive Rock vibe in its stunning display of musicality. Spellbinding. My suggestion: Find it. Buy it today! Borrow it permanently. Give it a good listen. Then, spin it again. Wilson's remix is breathtaking in how it brings to life the beauty of this band's music. PS: I can still vividly recall playing live the trombone part for 25 or 6 to 4! You know… Small kid time?!!?
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