Bodhisattya Pal - Astronomer's Dilemma
Jan 22, 2021
I do my best to accept invitations from AOTY members to preview a recording. Regardless of the genre, style et al., I give the recording a listen. Often I take notes. Sometimes the music is so distorted I find it intolerable and remove the sound from my room. @BodhisattyaPal invited me to listen to Astronomer's Dilemma and listen I have. Bravo for taking on this creative endeavor. I don't feel you need to apologize for songs sung in a language other than English. While I enjoyed the percussive backing track, the lyrical delivery was weak. What I hear is the embodiment of the creative flow hatched before it's ready to leave the womb of your brain's right side.
The songs need to be able to breathe, giving the EP time to fully mature. My gut feeling reminds me that the creative process takes time. Here the music needs to age properly. The courage to release your work is palpable. The error is finding yourself so anxious that you prematurely let your project go. I also like the album cover very much. The question I have is about the album cover. Do the various symbols tie-in to the lyrical content? I don't speak Hindi, so I have no way to figure my question out other than to ask. The title, too, seems nebulous. Does the sum of these parts equal the album they embellish? Keep on it, bruh. You are moving in the right direction. Peace. - @daFigz™ #ShitGetsReal
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Jan 22, 2021
Firstly very very thankful I am for your response and review sir. As you ask about the cover. The album is about the inner conflicts of human mind between chasing dreams and peace in stability, in an allegory of an astronomer. Thus the title is also Astronomer's Dilemma. The cover shows a portion of his table with his books, a photo with his wife, a vase, a clock. It consists a an unknown planet where the astronomer is probably present, and an earth like planet where he thoughts his love is present. As it's a conceptual album, all the songs are linked with a story and the cover art too. Thanks again for your time.
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