The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs [Reissue]
Feb 24, 2020
By this album, I was pretty much over my initial crush of the Magnetic Fields. And while I still enjoy both Stephen Merritt's vox and lyrical witticism, I'd found more solace in other bands of the same ilk. There is a malignate monotony that runs throughout this three-disc LP. Consequently I find myself returning to this disc to savor any one of the three discs but no more than a single spin of my choice selection. Frankly, this sexual orientation identity is so yesterday's news for anyone of you forward thinking types that it doesn't... No, it shouldn't matter with which gender your are sexually drawn towards. I mean, damn, that's your business so keep it to yourself. Nothing stands out as memorable for me. Yet, I do find that this disc set deserves it's slot in my library. Maybe it's the synth-pop style or the chamber pop sound that compels me to write again about this album. Heck, I dunno. If I had to chose I'd chose to listen to Future Bible Heros over this LP. Just sayin'. Word. - daFigz™
Feb 25, 2020
I want to listen to this so bad but the run time really scares me
Feb 25, 2020
@Space Vacation, it's worth it, trust me
Feb 25, 2020
@Aoaystheory I'm truly the worst with long albums but if it's worth it... I will try to grind through it! >.<
Feb 26, 2020
@Space Vacation - I just played the 1st disc and finally stopped it because Merritt and company were driving me mad. Someone in here,... DearSongs I think estimated there are at least 20 decent tracks out of 69. Less than 1/3 of the entire record. Frankly, I'd prefer to scrape tartar off my tooth with a linoleum knife.
Feb 26, 2020
@daFigz now I don't know what to think!
Feb 27, 2020
@Space Vacation - Merritt to my ears can grow so repetitious because of virtually every song sounding the same. He reminds me of two artists. Jonathan Richman and Neil Hannon [The Divine Comedy] but for distinctly different reasons. Richman sounds like a busker sitting on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery in the rain strumming away at his acoustic guitar while singing his sappy songs. Neal Hannon (who I much prefer over either Merritt or Richman [who can ESAD]) because his baroque pop is clever, hip, and urban. So, if you take my comment about there being approx. 20 songs of substance on this 3 disc goof-fest borrow it from the public library. Let me suggest you look into Future Bible Heros 'Memories Of Love' ('97) which still possesses Merritt's influence and style but at a more sophisticated level. [Grins] Stream track 14 from Vol. 1, 'How F&^(ing Romantic' to better appreciate my criticism. - daFigz™
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